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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 1/2010

Issue 1/2010

Special Issue: Structures in Fire; Guest Editor: Venkatesh Kodur

Table of Contents ( 16 Articles )

01-01-2010 | Editorial Note | Issue 1/2010

Guest Editorial: SiF’08 Special Issues 1 & 2 Journal of Fire Technology

Venkatesh Kodur

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

A New Method to Analyze the Membrane Action of Composite Floor Slabs in Fire Condition

Na-Si Zhang, Guo-Qiang Li

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

A Simple Method to Predict Temperatures in Steel Joints with Partial Intumescent Coating Fire Protection

Xianghe Dai, Yong Wang, Colin Bailey

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Column Web Panel at Elevated Temperature

Michal Strejček, František Wald, Zdeněk Sokol

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Numerical Modelling of the Influence of Joint Typologies on the 3D Behaviour of a Steel Sub-Frame Under a Natural Fire

Aldina Santiago, Luís Simões da Silva, Paulo Vila Real

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Ultimate Behavior of Idealized Composite Floor Elements at Ambient and Elevated Temperature

K. A. Cashell, A. Y. Elghazouli, B. A. Izzuddin

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Numerical Modelling of Thin-Walled Stainless Steel Structural Elements in Case of Fire

Nuno Lopes, Paulo Vila Real, Luís Simões da Silva, Jean-Marc Franssen

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Effect of Location of Restraint on Fire Response of Steel Beams

Mahmud Dwaikat, Venkatesh Kodur

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Experimental Testing and Analytical Prediction of the Behaviour of Timber Bolted Connections Subjected to Fire

Peter Moss, Andrew Buchanan, Massimo Fragiacomo, Carla Austruy

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Gypsum Plasterboards in Fire

Andrea Frangi, Vanessa Schleifer, Mario Fontana, Erich Hugi

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Assessment of Eurocode 5 Charring Rate Calculation Methods

Paulo B. Cachim, Jean-Marc Franssen

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Furnace Testing of Full-Scale Gypsum Steel Stud Non-Load Bearing Wall Assemblies: Results of Multi-Laboratory Testing in Canada, Japan, and USA

Samuel L. Manzello, William L. Grosshandler, Tensei Mizukami

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Effect of Aspect Ratio on Fire Resistance of Hollow Core Concrete Floors

Jeremy J. Chang, Peter J. Moss, Rajesh P. Dhakal, Andrew H. Buchanan

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

The Influence of Pressure in the Pore System on Fire Spalling of Concrete

Robert Jansson, Lars Boström

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Effect of Heating and Cooling on Axially Restrained RC Columns with Special-Shaped Cross Section

Bo Wu, Yi-Hai Li, Shu-Liang Chen

01-01-2010 | Issue 1/2010

Fire Induced Spalling in High Strength Concrete Beams

M. B. Dwaikat, V. K. R. Kodur

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