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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 1/2012

Issue 1/2012

Special Issue: Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012

Guest Editorial: The Significance of Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics

Erica D. Kuligowski

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012

Human Factors Associated with the Selection of Lifts/Elevators or Stairs in Emergency and Normal Usage Conditions

M. J. Kinsey, E. R. Galea, P. J. Lawrence

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012

How Do People with Disabilities Consider Fire Safety and Evacuation Possibilities in Historical Buildings?—A Swedish Case Study

Kecklund Lena, Andrée Kristin, Bengtson Staffan, Willander Sara, Siré Elena

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012

Evacuation of Children: Movement on Stairs and on Horizontal Plane

A. R. Larusdottir, A. S. Dederichs

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012 Open Access

Emergency Door Capacity: Influence of Door Width, Population Composition and Stress Level

W. Daamen, S. P. Hoogendoorn

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012

Automation of Tracking Trajectories in a Crowded Situation

Saman Saadat, Kardi Teknomo, Proceso Fernandez

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012

A Multi-Grid Model for Evacuation Coupling with the Effects of Fire Products

Zhi-Ming Fang, Wei-Guo Song, Jun Zhang, Hao Wu

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012

Basics of Software-Tools for Pedestrian Movement—Identification and Results

C. Rogsch, W. Klingsch

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012

Addressing the Needs of People Using Elevators for Emergency Evacuation

Richard W. Bukowski

01-01-2012 | Issue 1/2012

Stay or Go? Human Behavior and Decision Making in Bushfires and Other Emergencies

P. F. Johnson, C. E. Johnson, C. Sutherland

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