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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 1/2014

Issue 1/2014

Special Issue: Wildland-Urban Interface Fires

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

01-01-2014 | Editorial | Issue 1/2014

Even Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Guillermo Rein

01-01-2014 | Obituary | Issue 1/2014

Phil DiNenno: 1953–2013

The Most Important Fire Protection Engineer of His Generation
Craig Beyler

01-01-2014 | Editorial | Issue 1/2014

Special Issue on Wildland–Urban Interface (WUI) Fires

Samuel L. Manzello

01-01-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Characterization of Fuel Properties and Fire Spread Rates for Little Bluestem Grass

K. J. Overholt, J. Cabrera, A. Kurzawski, M. Koopersmith, O. A. Ezekoye

01-01-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Development of Test Methods for Assessing the Fire Hazards of Landscaping Mulch

Craig Beyler, Josh Dinaburg, Chris Mealy

01-01-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Ignition of Mediterranean Fuel Beds by Several Types of Firebrands

D. X. Viegas, M. Almeida, J. Raposo, R. Oliveira, C. X. Viegas

01-01-2014 | Issue 1/2014

New Correlation Between Ignition Time and Moisture Content for Pine Needles Attacked by Firebrands

Panpan Yin, Naian Liu, Haixiang Chen, Jesse S. Lozano, Yanlong Shan

01-01-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Initial Reconnaissance of the 2011 Wildland-Urban Interface Fires in Amarillo, Texas

Alexander Maranghides, William Mell, Karen Ridenour, Derek McNamara

01-01-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Characterizing Firebrand Exposure from Wildland–Urban Interface (WUI) Fires: Results from the 2007 Angora Fire

Samuel L. Manzello, Ethan I. D. Foote

01-01-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Fire Performance Properties of Solid Wood and Lignocellulose-Plastic Composite Deck Boards

Thomas Z. Fabian

01-01-2014 | Issue 1/2014

Applications of the Equivalent Gap Fraction Criterion Method for Fire Whirl Risk Evaluation and Prevention in a Real Fire Disaster

Rui Zhou

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