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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/1997

Issue 2/1997

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

01-05-1997 | Editorial Commentary | Issue 2/1997

Editorial: Debugging Fire Risk

John M. Watts Jr.

01-05-1997 | Issue 2/1997

Effect of Dissolved Gases on Spray Evaporative Cooling with Water

J. A. Milke, S. C. Tinker, M. diMarzo

01-05-1997 | Issue 2/1997

Multisensor/Multicriteria Fire Detection: A New Trend Rapidly Becomes State of the Art

G. Pfister

01-05-1997 | Issue 2/1997

Cooking Oil: A Home Fire Hazard in Alberta, Canada

Mahendra S. Wijayasinghe, Thomas B. Makey

01-05-1997 | Issue 2/1997

The Evolution of HAZARD, the Fire Hazard Assessment Methodology

Walter W. Jones

01-05-1997 | Note | Issue 2/1997

Validation of Ceiling Jet Flows in a Large Corridor with Vents Using the CFD Code JASMINE: Errata and Additional Remarks

Heimo Tuovinen, Leonard Y. Cooper

01-05-1997 | Issue 2/1997

News and Meetings

01-05-1997 | Issue 2/1997

Announcing ... ...the Winner of the 1997 Harry C. Bigglestone Award

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