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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/2008

Issue 2/2008

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-06-2008 | Issue 2/2008

Steady State Ceiling Jet Behavior under an Unconfined Ceiling with Beams

Vahid Motevalli, Zheng P. Yuan

01-06-2008 | Issue 2/2008

Scale Modeling of the Transient Thermal Response of Insulated Structural Frames Exposed to Fire

Jonathan Perricone, Ming Wang, James Quintiere

01-06-2008 | Issue 2/2008

Fire Dynamics Simulator (Version 4.0) Simulation for Tunnel Fire Scenarios with Forced, Transient, Longitudinal Ventilation Flows

Esther Kim, John P. Woycheese, Nicholas A. Dembsey

01-06-2008 | Issue 2/2008

An Overview of Design Fires for Building Compartments

Alex Bwalya

01-06-2008 | Issue 2/2008

New Approaches for Increasing the Incubation Period of Spontaneous Combustion of Coal in an Underground Mine Panel

D. D. Tripathi

01-06-2008 | Book Review | Issue 2/2008

Review of “Fire Debris Analysis” by Eric Stauffer, Julia Dolan, and Reta Newman, Academic Press, 2007. (Hardbound, 672 pages, ISBN-10: 0-12-663971-1, USD 99.95)

Elizabeth C. Buc

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