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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/2009

Issue 2/2009

Special Issue on Smoke Control in Buildings and Tunnels; Guest Editors: Jorge A. Capote and Daniel Alvear

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

01-06-2009 | Issue 2/2009

Introduction to this Special Issue

Jorge A. Capote, Daniel Alvear

01-06-2009 | Issue 2/2009

Driving Forces for Smoke Movement and Management

Frederick W. Mowrer

01-06-2009 | Issue 2/2009

Comparison of FDS Prediction of Smoke Movement in a 10-Storey Building with Experimental Data

G. Hadjisophocleous, Q. Jia

01-06-2009 | Issue 2/2009

Application of FDS to Adhered Spill Plumes in Atria

N. Tilley, B. Merci

01-06-2009 | Issue 2/2009

Performance Assessment of Pressurized Stairs in High Rise Buildings

C. Bellido, A. Quiroz, A. Panizo, J. L. Torero

01-06-2009 | Issue 2/2009

Scale Tests of Smoke Filling in Large Atria

J. A. Capote, D. Alvear, O. V. Abreu, M. Lázaro, P. Espina

01-06-2009 | Issue 2/2009

Findings of the International Road Tunnel Fire Detection Research Project

A. Kashef, Z. G. Liu, G. Lougheed, G. Crampton, K. Yoon, G. Hadjisophocleous, K. H. Almand

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