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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/2010

Issue 2/2010

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-04-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Recent Advances in Cigarette Ignition Propensity Research and Development

Hillel R. Alpert, Richard J. O’Connor, Ron Spalletta, Gregory N. Connolly

01-04-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Assessment of Fire Dynamics Simulator for Heat Flux and Flame Heights Predictions from Fires in SBI Tests

Jianping Zhang, Michael Delichatsios, Matthieu Colobert

01-04-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Further Validation of a Numerical Model for Prediction of Pyrolysis of Polymer Nanocomposites in the Cone Calorimeter

Jianping Zhang, Michael Delichatsios

01-04-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Investigations on the Characteristics of Radiative Heat Transfer in Liquid Pool Fires

Chih-Hung Lin, Yuh-Ming Ferng, Wen-Shieng Hsu, Bau-Shei Pei

01-04-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Investigation of Sprinkler Sprays on Fire Induced Doorway Flows

Jeremiah P. Crocker, Ali S. Rangwala, Nicholas A. Dembsey, David J. LeBlanc

01-04-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Hot Surface Ignition of Performance Fuels

Scott Davis, Sean Kelly, Vijay Somandepalli

01-04-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Fire Resistance of Steel C-Joist Floor Assemblies

Mohamed A. Sultan

01-04-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Evaluation of the Ignition of Diesel Fuels on Hot Surfaces

Alan Shaw, William Epling, Christy McKenna, Beth Weckman

01-04-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Rapid Detection and Suppression of Mining Equipment Cab Fires

Maria I. De Rosa, Charles D. Litton

01-04-2010 | Issue 2/2010

A Full-Scale Prototype Multisensor System for Damage Control and Situational Awareness

Christian P. Minor, Kevin J. Johnson, Susan L. Rose-Pehrsson, Jeffrey C. Owrutsky, Stephen C. Wales, Daniel A. Steinhurst, Daniel T. Gottuk

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