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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/2011

Issue 2/2011

Special Issue: Wildland Fires in Fire Safety Engineering

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

01-04-2011 | Editorial | Issue 2/2011

Guest Editorial: Wildfires, Fire Science and Fire Safety Engineering

Guillermo Rein

01-04-2011 | Short Communication | Issue 2/2011

Short Communication on Research Response to the Black Saturday (7th February 2009) Victorian Bushfires, Australia

R. P. Thornton

01-04-2011 | Invited Review | Issue 2/2011

Eruptive Behaviour of Forest Fires

D. X. Viegas, A. Simeoni

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011

Analysis on Downwind Distribution of Firebrands Sourced from a Wildland Fire

Hai-Hui Wang

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011 Open Access

Ignition of Combustible Fuel Beds by Hot Particles: An Experimental and Theoretical Study

Rory M. Hadden, Sarah Scott, Chris Lautenberger, A. Carlos Fernandez-Pello

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011 Open Access

Protecting Lives and Property in the Wildland–Urban Interface: Communities in Montana and Southern California Adopt Australian Paradigm

Robert W. Mutch, Michael J. Rogers, Scott L. Stephens, A. Malcolm Gill

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011

A Case Study of a Community Affected by the Witch and Guejito Wildland Fires

Alexander Maranghides, William Mell

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011

Fuel Moisture Thresholds in the Flammability of Calluna vulgaris

G. Matt Davies, Colin J. Legg

01-04-2011 | Invited Paper | Issue 2/2011

Physical Phenomena and Length Scales Governing the Behaviour of Wildfires: A Case for Physical Modelling

Dominique Morvan

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011

Effective Heat of Combustion for Flaming Combustion of Mediterranean Forest Fuels

J. Madrigal, M. Guijarro, C. Hernando, C. Díez, E. Marino

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011

Effect of Wind and Slope When Scaling the Forest Fires Rate of Spread of Laboratory Experiments

Yolanda Pérez, Elsa Pastor, Alba Àgueda, Eulalia Planas

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011

Metrological Tool for the Characterization of Flame Fronts Based on the Coupling of a Heat Flux Approach with Image Processing Data

S. Rudz, K. Chetehouna, O. Séro-Guillaume

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011

Preventing and Reducing Bushfire Arson in Australia: A Review of What is Known

John Beale, Warwick Jones

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011

The 2009 Smouldering Peat Fire in Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park (Spain)

Luis Moreno, Maria-Emilia Jiménez, Héctor Aguilera, Patricia Jiménez, Almudena de la Losa

01-04-2011 | Issue 2/2011

Modelling Soil Moisture Deficit and Moisture Content of Ground Vegetation: Progress Towards Development of a Fire Weather Index System Appropriate to the UK

Vladimir Krivtsov, Colin Legg

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