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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/2012

Issue 2/2012

Table of Contents ( 20 Articles )

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

A Life-Cycle Cost Comparison of Exit Stairs and Occupant Evacuation Elevators in Tall Buildings

David T. Butry, Robert E. Chapman, Allison L. Huang, Douglas S. Thomas

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Biodegradability of Firefighting Foams

Bernard Król, Krystyna Prochaska, Łukasz Chrzanowski

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Measurement of Flame Emissivity of Hydrocarbon Pool Fires

S. Sudheer, S. V. Prabhu

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Systematic Analysis of Witness Statements for Fire Investigation

Justin A. Geiman, James M. Lord

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Implementing High Reliability Fire Detection in the Residential Setting

Walter W. Jones

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Questionnaire on Firefighters’ Protective Clothing in China

Dongmei Huang, Hua Yang, Zhengkun Qi, Lei Xu, Xudong Cheng, Liming Li, Heping Zhang

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Fire Department Attended and Unattended Fires: Estimates from the 2004–2005 National Sample Survey and Comparison with Previous Surveys

Michael A. Greene, Craig D. Andres

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Evaluating Firestops as a Smoke Seal

Soonil Nam, Geary Yee

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Effect of Transient Creep Strain Model on the Behavior of Concrete Columns Subjected to Heating and Cooling

Thomas Gernay

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Statistical Analysis of Dangerous Chemical Accidents in China

Kang Sun, Hongmin Yang

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Sensitivity Study on Using Different Formulae for Calculating the Temperature of Insulated Steel Members in Natural Fires

Chao Zhang, Guo-Qiang Li, Yong-Chang Wang

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Urban Fire Situation in Indonesia

Heru Sufianto, Anthony R. Green

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Novel Methods for Flame Pulsation Frequency Measurement with Image Analysis

Ying-chun Wu, Xue-cheng Wu, Shou-xiang Lu, Jia-qing Zhang, Ke-fa Cen

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Impact of Air Velocity on the Detection of Fires in Conveyor Belt Haulageways

Inoka Eranda Perera, Charles D. Litton

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Experimental Study on the Burning Behavior of Pool Fires in Rooms with Different Wall Linings

Annemarie Poulsen, Grunde Jomaas

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

A Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Diagnostic for Studying the Fire Suppression Mechanism of Aqueous High Expansion Foams

Eric A. Fallows, James W. Fleming

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Study of a Video Image Fire Detection System for Protection of Large Industrial Applications and Atria

Zhigang Liu, George Hadjisophocleous, Guofeng Ding, Choon Siong Lim

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

A Simplified Approach for Predicting Temperature Profile in Steel Members With Locally Damaged Fire Protection

M. M. S. Dwaikat, V. K. R. Kodur

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Quantified in Large-Scale Fire Experiments

Per Blomqvist, Margaret Simonson McNamee, Petra Andersson, Anders Lönnermark

01-04-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Assess the Fire Resistance of Intumescent Coatings by Equivalent Constant Thermal Resistance

Guo-Qiang Li, Chao Zhang, Guo-Biao Lou, Yong-Chang Wang, Ling-Ling Wang

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