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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/2013

Issue 2/2013

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

The Influence of Construction Detailing on the Fire Performance of Polystyrene Insulated Panels

P. C. R. Collier, G. B. Baker

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Video Image Detection and Optical Flame Detection for Industrial Applications

Daniel T. Gottuk, Joshua B. Dinaburg

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Development and Evaluation of Fire Barriers to Reduce Fire Hazards on large mining Equipment

Maria I. De Rosa, Charles D. Litton

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Heat Fluxes and Flame Lengths from Fires Under Ceilings

Brian Y. Lattimer, Christopher Mealy, Jesse Beitel

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Advanced Modeling of Composite Slabs with Thin-Walled Steel Sheeting Submitted to Fire

Daphne Pantousa, Euripidis Mistakidis

01-04-2013 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2013

Thermal Performance of Composite Panels Under Fire Conditions Using Numerical Studies: Plasterboards, Rockwool, Glass Fibre and Cellulose Insulations

Poologanathan Keerthan, Mahen Mahendran

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Assessment of Physical Phenomena Associated to Fire Doors During Standard Tests

J. A. Capote, D. Alvear, O. Abreu, M. Lazaro, Y. Boffill, A. Manzanares, M. Maamar

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Fire Extinguishing Agents for Protection of Occupied Spaces in Military Ground Vehicles

Steven E. Hodges, Steven J. McCormick

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Wall Smoke Deposition from a Hot Smoke Layer

Siamak Riahi, Craig L. Beyler, JudithAnn Hartman

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Representation of the Impact of Smoke on Agent Walking Speeds in Evacuation Models

E. Ronchi, S. M. V. Gwynne, D. A. Purser, P. Colonna

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Guest Editorial Fire Technology

Fire Safety in Tunnels
Haukur Ingason

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Critical Velocity for Smoke Control in a Tunnel Cross-Passage

Ying Zhen Li, Bo Lei, Haukur Ingason

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Fire Evacuation in Underground Transportation Systems: A Review of Accidents and Empirical Research

K. Fridolf, D. Nilsson, H. Frantzich

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Fixed Fire Protection Systems in Tunnels: Issues and Directions

Jack R. Mawhinney

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Assessment Methods of Fire Damages in Concrete Tunnel Linings

Roberto Felicetti

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Ten Years of Increased Hydrocarbon Temperature Curves in French Tunnels

Nicolas Taillefer, Pierre Carlotti, Catherine Larive, Christophe Lemerle, Romuald Avenel, Pierre Pimienta

01-04-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Pulsations During Fires in Tunnels

Anders Lönnermark, Nick T. Neumann

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