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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/2014

Issue 2/2014

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

A Framework for Risk-Informed Performance-Based Fire Protection Design for the Built Environment

A. Alvarez, B. J. Meacham, N. A. Dembsey, J. R. Thomas

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

Enhancing Building Fire Safety Performance by Reducing Miscommunication and Misconceptions

Haejun Park, Brian J. Meacham, Nicholas A. Dembsey, Mark Goulthorpe

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

Predicting Spill Plumes with the Fire Risk Zone Model B-RISK

Roger Harrison, Colleen Wade, Michael Spearpoint

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

An Experimental Study of Automatic Water Cannon Systems for Fire Protection of Large Open Spaces

Yibing Xin, Sai Thumuluru, Fenghui Jiang, Rachel Yin, Bin Yao, Kenian Zhang, Binghai Liu

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

Heat Release Rate of Heavy Goods Vehicle Fire in Tunnels with Fixed Water Based Fire-Fighting System

M. K. Cheong, W. O. Cheong, K. W. Leong, A. D. Lemaire, L. M. Noordijk

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

Individual Stair Ascent and Descent Walk Speeds Measured in a Korean High-Rise Building

Jun-Ho Choi, Edwin Richard Galea, Won-Hwa Hong

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

Effect of Right-Hand Traffic Rules on Evacuation Through Multiple Parallel Bottlenecks

Hua Yang, Richard K. K. Yuen, Xudong Cheng, Heping Zhang

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

Application and Limitations of a Method Based on Pyrolysis Models to Simulate Railway Rolling Stock Fire Scenarios

Eric Guillaume, Anycée Camillo, Thomas Rogaume

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

Evaluation of Fire Protection Performance of Eight Countries Based on Fire Statistics: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis

Mei Peng, Lu Song, Li Guohui, Li Sen, Zhang Heping

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

A Study on People’s Attitude to the Use of Elevators for Fire Escape

Y. J. Liao, S. M. Lo, J. Ma, S. B. Liu, G. X. Liao

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

Burning Characteristics of Automotive Tires

Mark T. Gratkowski

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

A New Method for the Detection of Ignitable Liquid Residues on Arsonist Suspects Hands

Dan Muller, Aharon Levy, Ran Shelef

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

Conditions that Allow the Flow of Air into a Closed Gas System Through Appliance Control Valves

John M. Freeman Jr., John L. Schumacher, Dennis E. Shelp, Zachary J. Jason

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

Liquid Fuel Spill Fire Dynamics

Christopher Mealy, Matthew Benfer, Dan Gottuk

01-03-2014 | Issue 2/2014

A Semi-Markov Fire Growth Model

Arun Veeramany, Elizabeth J. Weckman, Mahesh D. Pandey

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