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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/2016

Issue 2/2016

Special Section: Fire Hazards in Energy Systems

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

01-03-2016 | Editorial | Issue 2/2016

Special Issue in Fire Hazards in Energy Systems

Georgios Boustras, Guillermo Rein

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Fire Behaviour of Less-Combustible Dielectric Liquids in a Nuclear Facility

Denis H. Hellebuyck, Patrick van Hees, Tommy Magnusson, Fredrik Jörud, Daniel Rosberg, Marc L. Janssens

01-03-2016 | Short Communication | Issue 2/2016

Fire Test of Profile Plank for Transformer Pit Fire Protection

Johan Lindström, Michael Försth

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Theoretical Flammability Diagrams for Oxy-combustion

Tingguang Ma, Michael Larranaga

01-03-2016 | Short Communication | Issue 2/2016

Fire Behaviour and Performance of Photovoltaic Module Backsheets

Piergiacomo Cancelliere, Claudio Liciotti

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Fire Hazards and Overheating Caused by Shading Faults on Photo Voltaic Solar Panel

Anbu Pandian, Kamal Bansal, D. John Thiruvadigal, S. Sakthivel

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Experimental Study on the Combustion Characteristics of Primary Lithium Batteries Fire

Mingyi Chen, Yaping He, Chuang De Zhou, Yuen Richard, Jian Wang

01-03-2016 | Short Communication | Issue 2/2016

The Efficiency of Heptafluoropropane Fire Extinguishing Agent on Suppressing the Lithium Titanate Battery Fire

Qingsong Wang, Guangzheng Shao, Qiangling Duan, Man Chen, Yongqi Li, Ke Wu, Bangjin Liu, Peng Peng, Jinhua Sun

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Polyamide 6 and Polyurethane Used as Liner for Hydrogen Composite Cylinder: An Estimation of Fire Behaviours

D. Quang Dao, J. Luche, T. Rogaume, F. Richard, L. Bustamante-Valencia, S. Ruban

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Thermal History Resulting in the Failure of Lightweight Fully-Wrapped Composite Pressure Vessel for Hydrogen in a Fire Experimental Facility

L. Bustamante Valencia, P. Blanc-Vannet, D. Domergue, L. Heudier, D. Jamois

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Fire Probabilistic Risk Assessment and its Applications in the Nuclear Power Industry

Clarence Worrell, Christopher Rochon

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Assessment of the Burning Rate of Liquid Fuels in Confined and Mechanically-Ventilated Compartments using a Well-Stirred Reactor Approach

Tarek Beji, Bart Merci

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Doorway Flows Induced by the Combined Effects of Natural and Forced Ventilation in Case of Multi-compartments Large-Scale Fire Experiments

Hugues Pretrel, Amine Koched, Laurent Audouin

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Pulsation Behavior of Pool Fires in a Confined Compartment with a Horizontal Opening

Xiao Chen, Shouxiang Lu, Xiaomin Wang, Kim Meow Liew, Changhai Li, Jiaqing Zhang

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Ignition and Flame Propagation of Externally Heated Electrical Wires with Electric Currents

Xiaowei Wang, Hao He, Luyao Zhao, Jun Fang, Jinjun Wang, Yongming Zhang

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Effects of Air Inlet Configuration on Forced-Ventilation Enclosure Fires on a Naval Ship

Bosi Zhang, Jiaqing Zhang, Xiaomin Wang, Shouxiang Lu, Changhai Li, Ruiyu Chen

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Thermal Breakage of Tempered Glass Façade with Down-Flowing Water Film Under Different Heating Rates

Guangzheng Shao, Qingsong Wang, Han Zhao, Yu Wang, Jinhua Sun, Linghui He

01-03-2016 | Issue 2/2016

Fire Safety of Grounded Corrugating Stainless Steel Tubing in a Structure Energized by Lightning

Bryan Haslam, Donald Galler, Thomas W. Eagar

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