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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/2017

Issue 2/2017

Table of Contents ( 22 Articles )

27-12-2016 | Editorial | Issue 2/2017

Special Section on Structure Ignition in Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fires

Samuel L. Manzello, Stephen L. Quarles

13-04-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Review of Pathways for Building Fire Spread in the Wildland Urban Interface Part I: Exposure Conditions

Sara E. Caton, Raquel S. P. Hakes, Daniel J. Gorham, Aixi Zhou, Michael J. Gollner

18-05-2016 | Issue 2/2017

A Review of Pathways for Building Fire Spread in the Wildland Urban Interface Part II: Response of Components and Systems and Mitigation Strategies in the United States

Raquel S. P. Hakes, Sara E. Caton, Daniel J. Gorham, Michael J. Gollner

21-04-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Laboratory Investigation of Fire Transfer from Exterior Wood Decks to Buildings in the Wildland–Urban Interface

Laura E. Hasburgh, Donald S. Stone, Samuel L. Zelinka

08-10-2015 | Issue 2/2017

Full-Scale Experimental Investigation to Quantify Building Component Ignition Vulnerability from Mulch Beds Attacked by Firebrand Showers

Samuel L. Manzello, Sayaka Suzuki, Daisaku Nii

13-04-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Analysis of Fire Hazard in Campsite Areas

Miguel Almeida, José Raul Azinheira, Jorge Barata, Kouamana Bousson, Rita Ervilha, Marta Martins, Alexandra Moutinho, José Carlos Pereira, João Caldas Pinto, Luís Mário Ribeiro, Jorge Silva, Domingos Xavier Viegas

21-11-2016 | Issue 2/2017

EcoSmart Fire as Structure Ignition Model in Wildland Urban Interface: Predictions and Validations

Mark A. Dietenberger, Charles R. Boardman

23-03-2016 | Issue 2/2017 Open Access

Fire Resistance of Unprotected Ultra Shallow Floor Beams (USFB): A Numerical Investigation

C. Maraveas, K. D. Tsavdaridis, A. Nadjai

28-03-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Delayed Fracture of Glass Bulbs Used in Fire Sprinklers

Roland Huet, Scott Martorano, Nicoli Ames, Ethan Currens

24-05-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Guidance for the Model User on Representing Human Behavior in Egress Models

Erica D. Kuligowski, Steven M. V. Gwynne, Michael J. Kinsey, Lynn Hulse

12-04-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Experimental Studies on the Effects of Spacing on Upward Flame Spread over Thin PMMA

Hui Zhu, Guoqing Zhu, Yunji Gao, Guoxiang Zhao

25-04-2016 | Issue 2/2017

How Important is the Time Factor? Saving Lives Using Fire and Rescue Services

Henrik Jaldell

02-05-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Assessment of Fire Engineering Design Correlations Used to Describe the Geometry and Thermal Characteristics of Externally Venting Flames

Eleni K. Asimakopoulou, Dionysios I. Kolaitis, Maria A. Founti

18-05-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Comparison of the Combustion of Pine Species with Two Sizes of Calorimeter: 10 g vs. 100 g

Nathalie Chiaramonti, E. Romagnoli, P. A. Santoni, T. Barboni

18-05-2016 | Issue 2/2017

A Risk-Based Method of Deriving Design Fires for Evacuation Safety in Buildings

Depeng Kong, Shouxiang Lu, Ping Ping

18-05-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Fire Safety in the Readymade Garment Sector in Bangladesh: Structural Inadequacy Versus Management Deficiency

Zia Wadud, Fuad Yasin Huda

08-06-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Stainless Steel Plate Girders Subjected to Shear Buckling at Normal and Elevated Temperatures

André Reis, Nuno Lopes, Esther Real, Paulo Vila Real

06-06-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Movement on Stairs During Building Evacuations

R. D. Peacock, P. A. Reneke, E. D. Kuligowski, C. R. Hagwood

07-06-2016 | Issue 2/2017

A Study of the Critical Velocity of Smoke Bifurcation Flow in Tunnel with Longitudinal Ventilation

Wei Zhong, Weike Duanmu, Tao Wang, Tianshui Liang

16-07-2016 | Issue 2/2017

The Use of Fractional Factorial Design for Atrium Fires Prediction

P. Ayala, A. Cantizano, E. F. Sánchez-Úbeda, C. Gutiérrez-Montes

18-07-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Tests on the Steel–Concrete Bond Strength in Steel Reinforced Concrete (SRC) Columns After Fire Exposure

Wei-Hua Wang, Lin-Hai Han, Qing-Hua Tan, Zhong Tao

14-07-2016 | Issue 2/2017

Experimental Study on Thermal Buoyancy Influence on the Spill Flame Plume in Dual-Openings Compartment Fires

L. J. Li, S. H. Lin, B. Yao, J. Ji, Z. H. Gao, J. H. Sun

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