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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 2/2019

Issue 2/2019

Special Issue on Advances in Evacuation Modelling

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

31-01-2019 | Acknowledgments | Issue 2/2019

Appreciation to Fire Technology Reviewers of 2018

02-01-2019 | Editorial | Issue 2/2019

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Advances in Evacuation Modelling

Enrico Ronchi, Erica Kuligowski, Steven Gwynne

21-06-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Investigating the Application of a Hybrid Space Discretisation for Urban Scale Evacuation Simulation

Nitish Chooramun, Peter J. Lawrence, Edwin R. Galea

16-06-2018 | Issue 2/2019 Open Access

Effects of Environment Knowledge in Evacuation Scenarios Involving Fire and Smoke: A Multiscale Modelling and Simulation Approach

Omar Richardson, Andrei Jalba, Adrian Muntean

02-07-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Incorporating Individual Behavior, Knowledge, and Roles in Simulating Evacuation

Mei Ling Chu, Kincho H. Law

05-03-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Cognitive Biases Within Decision Making During Fire Evacuations

M. J. Kinsey, S. M. V. Gwynne, E. D. Kuligowski, M. Kinateder

17-07-2018 | Review Paper | Issue 2/2019

Should We Leave Now? Behavioral Factors in Evacuation Under Wildfire Threat

Jim McLennan, Barbara Ryan, Chris Bearman, Keith Toh

21-09-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Modeling Individual and Group Evacuation Decisions During Wildfires

Chantal Nguyen, Kimberly J. Schlesinger, Fangqiu Han, Izzeddin Gür, Jean M. Carlson

23-06-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Incorporating Human Interaction into Stair Egress with an Application to Minimum Stair Width

C. Hagwood, P. A. Reneke, R. D. Peacock, E. D. Kuligowski

30-10-2018 | Issue 2/2019 Open Access

Route Choice and Flow Rate in Theatre Evacuation Drills: Analysis of Walking Trajectory Data-Set

Mineko Imanishi, Tomonori Sano

19-06-2018 | Issue 2/2019 Open Access

Exploring Determinants of Pre-movement Delays in a Virtual Crowd Evacuation Experiment

Nikolai W. F. Bode, Edward A. Codling

06-09-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Setting Wildfire Evacuation Triggers by Coupling Fire and Traffic Simulation Models: A Spatiotemporal GIS Approach

Dapeng Li, Thomas J. Cova, Philip E. Dennison

25-10-2018 | Issue 2/2019

Validating Human Behavior Representation Model of General Personnel During Offshore Emergency Situations

Mashrura Musharraf, Faisal Khan, Brian Veitch

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