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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 3/1997

Issue 3/1997

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

01-09-1997 | Editorial Commentary | Issue 3/1997

Editorial: Evolution of Modern Science

John M. Watts Jr.

01-09-1997 | Issue 3/1997

Magnetometric Method of Investigating Fire Sites

N. N. Bruschlinsky, A. V. Danilov, K. M. Muminov, D. Israilov, V. Stetsuk, M. Kh. Usmanov

01-09-1997 | Issue 3/1997

A Method for Assessing the Risk of Zebra Mussel Dreissena Polymorpha Infestation in Industrial Fire Protection Systems

D. P. Lewis, J. M. Piontkowski, R. W. Straney, J. J. Knowlton, E. F. Neuhauser

01-09-1997 | Issue 3/1997

Ambient and Solar Heating of Propane Containers

Noel de Nevers

01-09-1997 | Note | Issue 3/1997

Standardizing Industrial Fire and Explosion Hazards in Russia

A. Baratov

01-09-1997 | Note | Issue 3/1997

Materials and Fire Threat

Usman Sorathia, Richard Lyon, Richard G. Gann, Louis Gritzo

01-09-1997 | Note | Issue 3/1997

Analysis of the NFPA Fire Safety Evaluation System for Business Occupancies

John M. Watts Jr.

01-09-1997 | Call for Papers | Issue 3/1997

Current Research: New Study on International Concepts in Fire Protection: Call for Information

01-09-1997 | Issue 3/1997

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