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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 3/2003

Issue 3/2003

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

01-07-2003 | Editorial Board | Issue 3/2003

Editorial: Journal Impact Factor

John M. Jr. Watts

01-07-2003 | Issue 3/2003

Appreciation to Referees 2002

01-07-2003 | Issue 3/2003

Full Scale Burn Tests of Television Sets and Electronic Appliances

J.M. Hoffmann, D.J. Hoffmann, E.C. Kroll, M.J. Kroll

01-07-2003 | Issue 3/2003

Analysing the Evacuation Procedures Employed on a Thames Passenger Boat Using the maritimeEXODUS Evacuation Model

S. Gwynne, E.R. Galea, C. Lyster, I. Glen

01-07-2003 | Issue 3/2003

Flame Retardance and Smoke Suppression of Poly(vinyl chloride) Using Multicomponent Systems

Sunil K. Sharma

01-07-2003 | Issue 3/2003

Determination of Flame Emissivity in Hydrocarbon Pool Fires Using Infrared Thermography

Eulàlia Planas-Cuchi, Josep Ma Chatris, Carlos López, Josep Arnaldos

01-07-2003 | Issue 3/2003

Fire Safety Engineering Research and Technology Centre (FireSERT) University of Ulster: Recent Developments

T.J. Shields

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