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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 3/2004

Issue 3/2004

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

01-07-2004 | Editorial Introduction | Issue 3/2004

Distance Learning

John M. Watts Jr.

01-07-2004 | Issue 3/2004

Appreciation to Referees 2003

01-07-2004 | Issue 3/2004

Burning Rate of Liquid Fuel on Carpet (Porous Media)

Tingguang Ma, Stephen M. Olenick, Michael S. Klassen, Richard J. Roby, Jose L. Torero

01-07-2004 | Issue 3/2004

Small and Large Scale Fire Experiments with Electric Cables under Well-Ventilated and Vitiated Conditions

Petra Andersson, Lars Rosell, Margaret Simonson, Viktor Emanuelsson

01-07-2004 | Issue 3/2004

Should Smoke Yield be Regulated for Wall, Ceiling and Floor Linings?

Michael A. Delichatsios, Jane Blackmore, Xijuan Liu

01-07-2004 | Issue 3/2004

On Radiant Network Models of Thermocouple Error in Pre and Post Flashover Compartment Fires

J. Francis, T.M. Yau

01-07-2004 | Issue 3/2004

Ignition Handbook

Craig L. Beyler

01-07-2004 | Issue 3/2004

Industrial Fire Protection Engineering

Craig L. Beyler

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