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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 3/2006

Issue 3/2006

Table of Contents ( 4 Articles )

01-07-2006 | Issue 3/2006

An Evaluation of Total Flooding High Expansion Foam Fire Suppression Systems for Machinery Space Applications

Gerard G. Back, Eric W. Forssell, Alison J. Wakelin, David Beene, Lou Nash

01-07-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Compartment Masonry Walls in Fire Situations

A. Nadjai, M. O'Gara, F. Ali, R. Jurgen

01-07-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Semi-Empirical Model using Radiant Coal Power to Predict Cigarette Ignition Strength as Measured by Extinction Test

Tim S. Sherwood, Jason C. Issac, Ram M. Murthi, Karl E. Wiedemann, Srinivasan Janardhan, Justin S. Jones

01-07-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Fire Resistance Furnace Temperature Measurements: Plate Thermometers vs Shielded Thermocouples

Mohamed A. Sultan

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