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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 3/2007

Issue 3/2007

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-09-2007 | Editorial | Issue 3/2007

Announcing the Winners of the 2007 Harry C. Bigglestone Award

John M. Watts Jr.

01-09-2007 | Issue 3/2007

Assessing the Sprinkler Activation Predictive Capability of the BRANZFIRE Fire Model

Colleen Wade, Michael Spearpoint, Adam Bittern, Kevin (Wei-Heng) Tsai

01-09-2007 | Issue 3/2007

Investigating Tactical Patterns in a Residential Type Structure

Stefan Svensson

01-09-2007 | Issue 3/2007

Fire Emissions of Organics into the Atmosphere

Per Blomqvist, Bror Persson, Margaret Simonson

01-09-2007 | Issue 3/2007

A Fire Safety Evaluation System for Prioritizing Fire Improvements in Old High-rise Buildings in Hong Kong

L. T. Wong, S. W. Lau

01-09-2007 | Book Review | Issue 3/2007

Jean-Marc Franssen and R. Zaharia, Design of Steel Structures subjected to Fire: Background and Design Guide to Eurocode 3. 2nd Edition, University of Liege, Liege, Belgium, 2006, ISBN-2-87456-027-8, 185 pp, 41€

James A. Milke

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