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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 3/2009

Issue 3/2009

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-09-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Planning Rescue Services with Non-Stationary Rescue Units

Anders Dahlgren, Lars Harrie, Anders Axelsson

01-09-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Effects of Leakage in Simulations of Positive Pressure Ventilation

C. M. Beal, M. Fakhreddine, O. A. Ezekoye

01-09-2009 | Issue 3/2009

The Use of CFD Calculations to Evaluate Fire-Fighting Tactics in a Possible Backdraft Situation

Georges Guigay, Daniel Gojkovic, Lars-Göran Bengtsson, Björn Karlsson, Jónas Elíasson

01-09-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Image Frequency Analysis for Testing of Fire Service Thermal Imaging Cameras

Francine Amon, Alfred Ducharme

01-09-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Influence of Obstacles on the Development of Gravity Current Prior to Backdraft

Christian Pérez-Jiménez, Georges Jan Guigay, Bjorn Karlsson, Jonas Eliasson, Andrej Horvat, Yehuda Sinai, Jean-Marc Franssen

01-09-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Evaluation of Surfactant Enhanced Water Mist Performance

Georges LeFort, André W. Marshall, Martial Pabon

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