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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 3/2014

Issue 3/2014

Table of Contents ( 20 Articles )

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Special Issue on Automatic Suppression Systems

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Spray Measurements of an Upright Fire Sprinkler

Xiangyang Zhou, Stephen P. D’Aniello, Hong-Zeng Yu

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Modeling and Simulation of High Pressure Water Mist Systems

Topi Sikanen, Jukka Vaari, Simo Hostikka, Antti Paajanen

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Validation and Assessment of a Water Mist Multi-hole Nozzle Model for Fire Simulations

Luca Iannantuoni, Daniele Ettorre, Giovanni Manzini, Lucio Araneo

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

From Ignition to Suppression, a Thermal View of Flammability Limits

Tingguang Ma, Qingsheng Wang, Michael D. Larrañaga

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Towards Design Options and Trade-offs for Road Tunnels Incorporating Suppression Systems

Anna-Maria Ejrup

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Experimental and Numerical Study of the Interaction Between Water Mist and Fire in an Intermediate Test Tunnel

E. Blanchard, P. Boulet, P. Fromy, S. Desanghere, P. Carlotti, J. P. Vantelon, J. P. Garo

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Large-Scale Water Spray and Water Mist Fire Suppression System Tests for the Protection of Ro–Ro Cargo Decks on Ships

Magnus Arvidson

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Uncertainty in Estimating the Fire Control Effectiveness of Sprinklers from New Zealand Fire Incident Reports

Kevin Frank, Michael Spearpoint, Neil Challands

01-05-2014 | Guest Editorial | Issue 3/2014

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Polyurethane Foam Combustion

David Torvi, Beth Weckman

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Applied Heat Flux Distribution and Time Response Effects on Cone Calorimeter Characterization of a Commercial Flexible Polyurethane Foam

William M. Pitts

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014 Open Access

Radiant Ignition of Polyurethane Foam: The Effect of Sample Size

Rory Hadden, Abubakar Alkatib, Guillermo Rein, José L. Torero

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Evaluating Models for Predicting Full-Scale Fire Behaviour of Polyurethane Foam Using Cone Calorimeter Data

John U. Ezinwa, Luke D. Robson, Matthew R. Obach, David A. Torvi, Elizabeth J. Weckman

01-05-2014 | Editorial | Issue 3/2014

Special Section Devoted to Detection

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Method of Determining Smoke Detector Spacing in High Ceiling Applications

William Kuffner, George Hadjisophocleous

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

An Improved Probabilistic Approach for Fire Detection in Videos

Zhijie Zhang, Tian Shen, Jianhua Zou

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Performance of Dual Photoelectric/Ionization Smoke Alarms in Full-Scale Fire Tests

Thomas Cleary

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Results from a Full-Scale Smoke Alarm Sensitivity Study

Thomas Cleary

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Development of a Sensing Device to Reduce the Risk from Kitchen Fires

Brent Lushaka, Ehab Zalok

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Development of a Traceable Fire Alarm System Based on the Conventional Fire Alarm System

Seung-Wook Jee, Chun-Ha Lee, Si-Kuk Kim, Jae-Jin Lee, Phil-Young Kim

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