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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 3/2018

Issue 3/2018

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

30-03-2018 | Letter to the Editor | Issue 3/2018

Large Outdoor Fires and the Built Environment: Objectives and Goals of Permanent IAFSS Working Group

Samuel L. Manzello, Sara McAllister, Sayaka Suzuki

12-01-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Assessment of Numerical Simulation Capabilities of the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS 6) for Planar Air Curtain Flows

Long-Xing Yu, Tarek Beji, Georgios Maragkos, Fang Liu, Miao-Cheng Weng, Bart Merci

13-01-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Correlation of Burning Rate with Spread Rate for Downward Flame Spread Over PMMA

Luca Carmignani, Blake Rhoades, Subrata Bhattacharjee

17-01-2018 | Issue 3/2018

The Use of Positive Pressure Ventilation Fans During Firefighting Operations in Underground Stations: An Experimental Study

K. Lambert, S. Welch, B. Merci

20-01-2018 | Issue 3/2018

A Method to Assess the Accuracy of Pseudo-Random Number Sampling Methods from Evacuation Datasets

A. Cuesta, D. Alvear, O. Abreu, V. Alonso

25-01-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Experimental and Numerical Characterization of the Influence of a Smoldering Cellulosic Substrate on a Cigarette’s Ignition Propensity Test

Pablo Guindos, Apurva Patel, Torsten Kolb, Peter Meinlschmidt, Friedrich Schlüter, Burkhard Plinke

05-02-2018 | Issue 3/2018 Open Access

Flame Heights and Heat Transfer in Façade System Ventilation Cavities

Karlis Livkiss, Stefan Svensson, Bjarne Husted, Patrick van Hees

19-02-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Quantifying Generalized Residential Fire Risk Using Ensemble Fire Models with Survey and Physical Data

Austin Anderson, Ofodike A. Ezekoye

26-02-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Arc Mapping: A Critical Review

Vytenis Babrauskas

08-03-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Experimental Study on Descent Speed on Stairs of Individuals and Small Groups Under Different Visibility Conditions

Yuchun Zhang, Wei Xie, Shiming Chen, Tao Li

10-03-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Spot Fire Ignition of Natural Fuels by Hot Aluminum Particles

James L. Urban, Casey D. Zak, Carlos Fernandez-Pello

24-01-2018 | Author Correction | Issue 3/2018

Correction to: Fire Recognition Based On Multi-Channel Convolutional Neural Network

Wentao Mao, Wenpeng Wang, Zhi Dou, Yuan Li

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