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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 3/2019

Issue 3/2019

Table of Contents ( 21 Articles )

23-11-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Estimation of Heat Release Rate and Fuel Type of Circular Pool Fires Using Inverse Modelling Based on Image Recognition Technique

Kaiyuan Li, Shaohua Mao, Rui Feng

27-11-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Computer Tomography Based Structure Characterization of Expanded Intumescent Coatings for Fire Protection

Jiyuan Kang, Fumiaki Takahashi, James S. T’ien

05-12-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Influence of the Fabric Properties on the Protective Performance of Flame Resistant Clothing during the Body Movement

Ahmed Ghazy

06-12-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Simulation and Assessment of Fire Evacuation Modes for Long Underwater Vehicle Tunnels

Yong Xu, Shaoming Liao, Mengbo Liu

10-12-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Experimental Analysis of Critical Acceleration Condition for Two-Sided Upward Flame Spread Over Inclined Thin Fuel Surfaces

Yunji Gao, Guoqing Zhu, Hui Zhu, Weiguang An, Mengwei Yu, Jinlei Huang, Yu Xia

11-12-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Study on Water Jet Trajectory Model of Fire Monitor Based on Simulation and Experiment

Jinsong Zhu, Wei Li, Da Lin, Ge Zhao

14-12-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Review and Validation of the Current Smoke Plume Entrainment Models for Large-Volume Buildings

Gabriele Vigne, Cándido Gutierrez-Montes, Alexis Cantizano, Wojciech Węgrzyński, Guillermo Rein

15-12-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Particle Tracking and Detection Software for Firebrands Characterization in Wildland Fires

Alexander Filkov, Sergey Prohanov

17-12-2018 | Issue 3/2019

Three Different Fire Suppression Approaches Used by Fire and Rescue Services

Stefan Särdqvist, Anders Jonsson, Paul Grimwood

01-01-2019 | Issue 3/2019

New Insights into the Investigation of Smoke Production Using a Cone Calorimeter

R. Sonnier, H. Vahabi, C. Chivas-Joly

01-01-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Experimental Study of Fire Plume Above a Fire Source with Simple Harmonic Oscillation in Horizontal Direction

Yasushi Oka, Hideyuki Oka, Masami Iizuka

01-01-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Experimental Investigation on Lateral Temperature Profile of Window-Ejected Facade Fire Plume with Ambient Wind

Fei Ren, Longhua Hu, Xiepeng Sun

03-01-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Experimental Study on the Combustion Characteristics of Polyurethane Under High Pressure and Low Oxygen Environment

Yifei Ma, Wenfeng Du, Bing Wu, Haiyang Wu, Qiming Huang

03-01-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Comparative Analysis of Post-Earthquake Fires in Japan from 1995 to 2017

Keisuke Himoto

03-01-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Numerical Investigation on the Influence of Length–Width Ratio of Fire Source on the Smoke Movement and Temperature Distribution in Tunnel Fires

Jie Ji, Tiantian Tan, Zihe Gao, Huaxian Wan, Jiping Zhu, Long Ding

23-01-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Fire Smoke Transport and Opacity Reduced-Order Model (Fire-STORM): A New Computer Model for High-Rise Fire Smoke Simulations

Serhat Bilyaz, Ofodike A. Ezekoye

06-02-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Temperature Measurement of Glowing Embers with Color Pyrometry

James L. Urban, Michela Vicariotto, Derek Dunn-Rankin, A. Carlos Fernandez-Pello

06-02-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Experimental and Analytical Characterization of Firebrand Ignition of Home Insulation Materials

Savannah S. Wessies, Michael K. Chang, Kevin C. Marr, Ofodike A. Ezekoye

18-02-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Human-Like Sequential Learning of Escape Routes for Virtual Reality Agents

Syed Nasir Danial, Jennifer Smith, Faisal Khan, Brian Veitch

19-02-2019 | Issue 3/2019

Influence of Permeability on the Rate of Fire Spread over Natural and Artificial Pinus radiata Forest Litter

Sofia Figueroa, Juan de Dios Rivera, Wolfram Jahn

15-05-2018 | Publisher Correction | Issue 3/2019

Correction to: Cognitive Biases Within Decision Making During Fire Evacuations

M. J. Kinsey, S. M. V. Gwynne, E. D. Kuligowski, M. Kinateder

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