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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/1997

Issue 4/1997

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

01-12-1997 | Editorial Commentary | Issue 4/1997

Editorial: Evaluating Scientific Evidence

John M. Watts Jr.

01-12-1997 | Issue 4/1997

Analysis of and Potential Correlations Between Fire Test for Electrical Cables, and How to Use This Information for Fire Hazard Assessment

Marcelo M. Hirschler

01-12-1997 | Issue 4/1997

Comparison of the Temperature Distribution in Isolated Steel Columns Tested in Two Furnaces

Z. -F. Pan, R. Schriever, H. M. Bock, M. Korzen

01-12-1997 | Issue 4/1997

Foam Concentrates: Viscosity and Flow Characteristics

Magnus Bobert, Henry Persson, Bror Persson

01-12-1997 | Issue 4/1997

Use of Potassium for Treatment and Control of Zebra Mussel Infestation in Industrial Fire Protection Water Systems

D. P. Lewis, J. M. Piontkowski, R. W. Straney, J. J. Knowlton, E. F. Neuhauser

01-12-1997 | Note | Issue 4/1997

The Swedish Fire Research Board Research Program 1997–1999

Tommy Arvidsson

01-12-1997 | Issue 4/1997

News and Meetings

01-12-1997 | Other Index | Issue 4/1997

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