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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2001

Issue 4/2001

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-10-2001 | Editorial Introduction | Issue 4/2001

Advances in Fire Detection and Suppression

01-10-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Non-Intrusive Measurements in Fire Sprinkler Sprays

John F. Widmann, David T. Sheppard, Richard M. Lueptow

01-10-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Water Spray Protection of Machinery Spaces

Richard L. Hansen, Gerard G. Back

01-10-2001 | Issue 4/2001

A Study of Total Flooding Water Mist Fire Suppression System Performance Using a Transient One-Zone Computer Model

Jukka Vaari

01-10-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Enhanced Deposition, Acoustic Agglomeration, and Chladni Figures in Smoke Detectors

C. L. Worrell, R. J. Roby, L. Streit, J.L. Torero

01-10-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Measurements of Smoke Characteristics in HVAC Ducts

Steven D. Wolin, Noah L. Ryder, Frederic Leprince, James A. Milke, Frederick W. Mowrer, Jose L. Torero

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