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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2002

Issue 4/2002

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-10-2002 | Editorial Introduction | Issue 4/2002

Guest Editorial

Kyriakos Papaioannou

01-10-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Fire Safety Code for Historic Structures

John M. Watts, Robert E. Solomon

01-10-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Monumental Fires

T.P. Tassios

01-10-2002 | Issue 4/2002

The Development of a Fire Safety Evaluation Procedure for the Property Protection of Parish Churches

Alexander G. Copping

01-10-2002 | Issue 4/2002

A Study for the Fire Safety Planning of the Himeji-jo Castle, Main Tower

Yuji Hasemi, Go Mizukami, Tokiyoshi Yamada, Tadahisa Jin

01-10-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Fire Safety Measures in Historic Buildings for University Use

Maurizio Aiello, Fabrizio Astrua, Riccardo Nelva, Roberto Vancetti, Michele Rella

01-10-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Concepts of Wildland Fire Protection of Cultural Monuments and National Parks in Greece. Case Study: Digital Telemetry Networks at the Forest of Ancient Olympia

A.P. Dimitrakopoulos, Dimitrios Mitrakos, Varnavas Christoforou

01-10-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Changes in Sandstones of Historical Monuments Exposed to Fire or High Temperature

Mónika Hajpál

01-10-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Evaluation of the Fire Resistance of 19th Century Iron Framed Buildings

Ine Wouters, Marijkev Mollaert

01-10-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Fire Safety Performance of Japanese Traditional Wood/Soil Walls and Implications for the Restoration of Historic Buildings in Urban Districts

Yuji Hasemi, Noboru Yasui, Michitaka Akizuki, Koichi Kinoshita, Koichi Yamamoto, Masatomo Yoshida, Yoshihide Tamura, Mariko Takeda

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