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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2004

Issue 4/2004

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-10-2004 | Editorial Introduction | Issue 4/2004

Announcing the Winners of the 2004 Harry C. Bigglestone Award

John M. Watts Jr.

01-10-2004 | Issue 4/2004

Extinguishment of Cooking Oil Fires by Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

Zhigang Liu, Andrew K. Kim, Don Carpenter, J. M. Kanabus-Kaminska, Ping-Li Yen

01-10-2004 | Issue 4/2004

Statistical Determination of Ignition Frequency of Structural Fires in Different Premises in Finland

J. Rahikainen, O. Keski-Rahkonen

01-10-2004 | Issue 4/2004

Mechanised Spraying Device—A Novel Technology for Spraying Fire Protective Coating Material in the Benches of Opencast Coal Mines for Preventing Spontaneous Combustion

R.V.K. Singh, V.K. Singh

01-10-2004 | Issue 4/2004

New Additive for Low Viscosity of AFFF/AR Concentrates—Study of the Potential Fire Performance

Marie-Laure Carruette, Henry Persson, Martial Pabon

01-10-2004 | Issue 4/2004

Flame Retardant Smoke Suppressant Protection for Poly Vinylchloride

Sunil K. Sharma, N. K. Saxena

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