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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2005

Issue 4/2005

Table of Contents ( 4 Articles )

01-10-2005 | Issue 4/2005

Smoke Detector Response and the Use of Antistatic Materials: An Empirical Study

J. R. Qualey III, S. Penney

01-10-2005 | Issue 4/2005

Species Transport from Post-Flashover Fires

Brian Y. Lattimer, Uri Vandsburger, Richard J. Roby

01-10-2005 | Issue 4/2005

On the Use of Reliability Interval Method and Grey Relational Model for Fire Safety Ranking of Existing Buildings

S. M. Lo, B. Q. Hu, M. Liu, K. K. Yuen

01-10-2005 | Issue 4/2005

Fire Spread Between Vehicles in Tunnels: Effects of Tunnel Size, Longitudinal Ventilation and Vehicle Spacing

R. O. Carvel, A. N. Beard, P. W. Jowitt

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