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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2006

Issue 4/2006

Special Issue on Large Fires in Tunnels

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

01-10-2006 | Guest Editorial | Issue 4/2006

Large Fires in Tunnels

Haukur Ingason

01-10-2006 | Issue 4/2006

Numerical Simulation of the Howard Street Tunnel Fire

Kevin McGrattan, Anthony Hamins

01-10-2006 | Issue 4/2006

Fire Spread and Flame Length in Large-Scale Tunnel Fires

Anders Lönnermark, Haukur Ingason

01-10-2006 | Issue 4/2006

A Theoretical Model of Major Fire Spread in a Tunnel

Alan N Beard

01-10-2006 | Issue 4/2006

Large Scale Fire Tests in the Second Benelux Tunnel

Tony Lemaire, Yvonne Kenyon

01-10-2006 | Issue 4/2006

Concrete for Tunnel Linings Exposed to Severe Fire Exposure

Lars Boström, Claus K. Larsen

01-10-2006 | Erratum | Issue 4/2006

Semi-Empirical Model using Radiant Coal Power to Predict Cigarette Ignition Strength as Measured by Extinction Test

Tim S. Sherwood, Jason C. Issac, Ram M. Murthi, Karl E. Wiedemann, Srinivasan Janardhan, Justin S. Jones

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