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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2008

Issue 4/2008

Special Section on Fire Detection: Papers from SUPDET 2007. Guest Editor: Soonil Nam

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

01-12-2008 | Editorial Notes | Issue 4/2008

Introduction to This Special Issue

Soonil Nam

01-12-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Home Smoke Alarms: The Data as Context for Decision

Marty Ahrens

01-12-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Public Perceptions of High-rise Building Emergency Evacuation Preparedness

Mia Zmud

01-12-2008 | Issue 4/2008

A Relative Time Analysis of the Performance of Residential Smoke Detection Technologies

E. L. Milarcik, S. M. Olenick, R. J. Roby

01-12-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Study of Water Droplet Behavior in Hot Air Layer in Fire Extinguishment

Y. F. Li, W. K. Chow

01-12-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Fire Resistance of Wood Joist Floor Assemblies

Mohamed A. Sultan

01-12-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Chemical Composition of Overhaul Smoke After Use of Three Extinguishing Agents

Russell L. Dills, Charles Hagood, Marc Beaudreau

01-12-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Helping People on Their Own Terms: Developing Inclusive Emergency Procedures

Steven M. V. Gwynne

01-12-2008 | Issue 4/2008

Effect of Ventilation System on Smoke and Fire Spread in a Public Transport Interchange

Zhang Lin, T. T. Chow, C. F. Tsang, K. F. Fong, L. S. Chan, W. S. Shum

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