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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2011

Issue 4/2011

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Guest Editorial: Thermo-Structural Response of Composites Exposed to Fire

Brian Y. Lattimer, Adrian P. Mouritz

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Thermal Response of Composite Materials to Elevated Temperatures

Brian Y. Lattimer, Jason Ouellette, Javier Trelles

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Hybrid Progressive Damage Prediction Model for Loaded Marine Sandwich Composite Structures Subjected to a Fire

James Lua

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Fluid-Structure Simulations of Composite Material Response for Fire Environments

Changsong Luo, Wei Xie, Paul E. DesJardin

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Mechanical Property Degradation of Naval Composite Materials

A. P. Mouritz, S. Feih, Z. Mathys, A. G. Gibson

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Mechanistic Approach to Structural Fire Modeling of Composites

Steven E. Boyd, John V. Bausano, Scott W. Case, John J. Lesko

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Compressive Response of Composites Under Combined Fire and Compression Loading

Liu Liu, John W. Holmes, George A. Kardomateas, Victor Birman

01-10-2011 | Editorial | Issue 4/2011

Introduction to CIB W14 Special Issue

George V. Hadjisophocleous

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Optimization of Emergency Ventilation Strategies in a Roadway Tunnel

Ahmed Kashef, Hamed H. Saber, Lixin Gao

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Instrumentation Design for HRR Measurements in a Large-Scale Fire Facility

Yoon J. Ko, Richard Michels, George V. Hadjisophocleous

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Mechanical Characterization of Fibre Reinforced Polymers Materials at High Temperature

E. U. Chowdhury, R. Eedson, L. A. Bisby, M. F. Green, N. Benichou

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Assessment of the Use of Fire Dynamics Simulator in Performance-Based Design

E. Zalok, G. V. Hadjisophocleous

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Predicting the Fire Resistance of Wood–Steel–Wood Timber Connections

Lei Peng, George Hadjisophocleus, Jim Mehaffey, Mohammad Mohammad

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Survey Results of Combustible Contents and Floor Areas in Canadian Multi-Family Dwellings

Alex Bwalya, Gary Lougheed, Ahmed Kashef, Hamed Saber

01-10-2011 | Issue 4/2011

An Experimental Study of Smoke Movement in Multi-Storey Buildings

Yan Wang, Ehab Zalok, George Hadjisophocleous

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