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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2013

Issue 4/2013

Table of Contents ( 5 Articles )

01-10-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Study on Whirling Flames in Enclosure Fires

Aiping Chen, Xiaoxing Cui, Wei Wang

01-10-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Effect of Weathering of Coal and Organic Dusts on Their Spontaneous Ignition

Kulbhushan Joshi, V. Raghavan, Ali S. Rangwala

01-10-2013 | Issue 4/2013 Open Access

Analysis of One and Two-Story Single Family Home Fire Dynamics and the Impact of Firefighter Horizontal Ventilation

Stephen Kerber

01-10-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Evaluation of the Onset of Flashover in Room Fire Experiments

Annemarie Poulsen, Alex Bwalya, Grunde Jomaas

01-10-2013 | Issue 4/2013

Effect of Load Ratios on the Behavior of Asymmetric Slim Floor Beams Exposed to Fire

Sooyoung Park, Heungyoul Kim, Kappyo Hong

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