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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2014

Issue 4/2014

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Advanced Methods for Determining the Origin of Vapor Cloud Explosions Case Study: The 2006 Danvers Explosion Investigation

Scott G. Davis, Derek Engel, Filippo Gavelli, Peter Hinze, Olav R. Hansen

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Correlation Between Fire Attendance Time and Burned Area Based on Fire Statistical Data of Japan and China

Lu Lu, Chen Peng, Jiping Zhu, Kohyu Satoh, Deyong Wang, Yunlong Wang

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Influences of Talc on Fire Performance of Low Density Polyethylene

Yong Wang, Jun Zhang

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Position of Maximum Ceiling Temperature in a Tunnel Fire

Ying Zhen Li, Haukur Ingason

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Study on Installation of Wire Netting with Intumescent Coating at Openings of Buildings to Reduce Fire Spread by Radiation

Meng-Feng Hung, Ying-Ji Chuang, Ching-Yuan Lin

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

A Simplified Mathematical Model for Predicting the Vertical Temperature Profiles in Enclosure Fires Without Vertical Opening

Man Yuan, Shouxiang Lu, Yang Zhou, Jiaqing Zhang

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014 Open Access

Colour Change in Heated Concrete

Izabela Hager

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

A Flame Detection Synthesis Algorithm

Shidong Wang, Yaping He, Jujia Zou, Baobin Duan, Jian Wang

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Fuzzy Risk Assessment for Life Safety Under Building Fires

De-peng Kong, Shou-xiang Lu, Quan-sheng Kang, Siu-ming Lo, Qi-miao Xie

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Characterization of Firefighter Smoke Exposure

Thomas Z. Fabian, Jacob L. Borgerson, Pravinray D. Gandhi, C. Stuart Baxter, Clara Sue Ross, James E. Lockey, James M. Dalton

01-07-2014 | Invited Paper | Issue 4/2014

On the Use of Real-Time Video to Forecast Fire Growth in Enclosures

Tarek Beji, Steven Verstockt, Rik Van de Walle, Bart Merci

01-07-2014 | Erratum | Issue 4/2014

Erratum to: Predicting the Fire Resistance of Wood–Steel–Wood Timber Connections

Lei Peng, George Hadjisophocleous, Jim Mehaffey, Mohammad Mohammad

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