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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 4/2016

Issue 4/2016

Special Issue on Operation Tomodachi

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-07-2016 | Editorial | Issue 4/2016

Special Issue on Operation Tomodachi—Fire Research

Samuel L. Manzello, Sayaka Suzuki

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Structural Fire Experimental Capabilities at the NIST National Fire Research Laboratory

Matthew Bundy, Anthony Hamins, John Gross, William Grosshandler, Lisa Choe

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Critical Factors Governing the Residual Response of Reinforced Concrete Beams Exposed to Fire

Venkatesh K. Kodur, Ankit Agrawal

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Flexural Capacity of Composite Beams Subjected to Fire: Fiber-Based Models and Benchmarking

Kristi L. Selden, Amit H. Varma

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Fire Resistance of Timber Panel Structures Under Standard Fire Exposure

Jun-ichi Suzuki, Tensei Mizukami, Tomohiro Naruse, Yasuhiro Araki

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

The Effect of Wind on Burning Rate of Wood Cribs

Sara McAllister, Mark Finney

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Ignition of Wood Fencing Assemblies Exposed to Continuous Wind-Driven Firebrand Showers

Sayaka Suzuki, Erik Johnsson, Alexander Maranghides, Samuel L. Manzello

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Experimental Study on Flame Height and Radiant Heat of Fire Whirls

Ritsu Dobashi, Tetsuya Okura, Ryosuke Nagaoka, Yasuhiro Hayashi, Toshio Mogi

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Fire Spread Caused by Combustible Facades in Japan

Yuhei Nishio, Hideki Yoshioka, Takafumi Noguchi, Manabu Kanematsu, Tatsuo Ando, Yoshihiro Hase, Tetsuya Hayakawa

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Experimental Study on Near-Limiting Burning Behavior of Thermoplastic Materials with Various Thicknesses Under Candle-Like Burning Configuration

Yuji Nakamura, Koki Kizawa, Shohei Mizuguchi, Aki Hosogai, Kaoru Wakatsuki

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Post-Earthquake Fire Performance of Buildings: Summary of a Large-Scale Experiment and Conceptual Framework for Integrated Performance-Based Seismic and Fire Design

Brian J. Meacham

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Modeling of the Drift and Accumulation of Tsunami-Driven Combustible Objects: Towards Tsunami-Induced Fire Spread Simulation

Tomoaki Nishino, Yugo Imazu

01-07-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Examination of Extinguishment Method with Liquid Nitrogen Packed in a Spherical Ice Capsule

Hiroyuki Torikai, Miho Ishidoya, Akihiko Ito

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