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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 5/2015

Issue 5/2015

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Tibor Z. Harmathy

Jack Watts, John Gales

01-09-2015 | Letter to the Editor | Issue 5/2015

Backward Reaction Force on a Fire Hose, Myth or Reality?

Francisco Vera, Rodrigo Rivera, César Núñez

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Professional Recognition of Fire Safety Engineering is Needed in the European Construction Sector

Michael Strömgren, Robert Jönsson

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Ventilation Fan Fires: Overheated Windings Lead to Failed Thermal Limit Switch

Kevin H. Lewis, Sebastian Scheiff, Tracy Challman, Danielle Murphy, Andrew Thoresen

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Globules and Beads: What Do They Indicate About Small-Diameter Copper Conductors that Have Been Through a Fire?

Scott A. Wright, John D. Loud, Richard A. Blanchard

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Thermal Characterization of Electrical Wires and Insulation Operated in Variable Frequency Mode

Dorindo E. Cardenas, Ofodike A. Ezekoye

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Effect of Moisture on Ignition Time of Polymers

Natallia Safronava, Richard E. Lyon, Sean Crowley, Stanislav I. Stoliarov

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Forensic Analysis on the Cause and Origin of the 2009 Indoor Shooting Range Fire in Pusan, Korea

Youngjin Cho, Youngsu Kong, Seunghun Sa, Changho Choi, Donghwan Kim, Jaemo Goh, Namkyu Park, Donmook Choi

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Early Stage of Elevated Fires in an Aircraft Cargo Compartment: A Full Scale Experimental Investigation

Jie Wang, Song Lu, Yang Hu, Heping Zhang, Siuming Lo

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

A Post-use Evaluation of Turnout Gear Using NFPA 1971 Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and NFPA 1851 on Selection, Care and Maintenance

Meredith McQuerry, Stacy Klausing, Deena Cotterill, Elizabeth Easter

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015 Open Access

Real-Time Monitoring and Assessment of Thermal and Toxicological Risk Associated with Fire Retardant Textiles in a Full-Size Simulation of an Engulfment Flash Fire

Christopher E. Mackay, Timothy E. Reinhardt, Stephanie N. Vivanco, Steve McClure, Jeff Vercellone

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Horizontal Flame Spread Characteristics of Rigid Polyurethane and Molded Polystyrene Foams Under Externally Applied Radiation at Two Different Altitudes

Yang Zhou, Huahua Xiao, Weigang Yan, Weiguang An, Lin Jiang, Jinhua Sun

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Experimental Study on the Influence of Different Transverse Fire Locations on the Critical Longitudinal Ventilation Velocity in Tunnel Fires

Wei Zhong, Zhaozhou Li, Tao Wang, Tianshui Liang, Zhen Liu

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Study of De-stratification and Optical Effects Observed During Smoke/Mist Interactions

R. Morlon, P. Boulet, G. Parent, S. Lechêne, E. Blanchard, C. Rebuffat, P. Fromy, J. P. Vantelon, D. Borgiallo

01-09-2015 | Issue 5/2015

Effect of Bracing Systems on Fire-Induced Progressive Collapse of Steel Structures Using OpenSees

Jian Jiang, Guo-Qiang Li, Asif Usmani

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