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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 6/2016

Issue 6/2016

Table of Contents ( 26 Articles )

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Simulation of an Attic Fire in a Wood Frame Residential Structure, Chicago, IL

Craig G. Weinschenk, Kristopher J. Overholt, Daniel Madrzykowski

01-11-2016 | Short Communication | Issue 6/2016

Arc Faulting in Household Appliances Subjected to a Fire Test

Donald J. Hoffmann, Erik M. Swonder, Michael T. Burr

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016 Open Access

Characterizing a Firefighter’s Immediate Thermal Environment in Live-Fire Training Scenarios

Joseph M. Willi, Gavin P. Horn, Daniel Madrzykowski

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Fire-Related Mortality in Sweden: Temporal Trends 1952 to 2013

Anders Jonsson, Marcus Runefors, Stefan Särdqvist, Finn Nilson

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

A Multi-national Survey of Low-Energy and Smoking Materials Ignition Fires

Austin Anderson, Marc Janssens

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Theoretical Analyses and Experimental Simulations on Smoke Movement in Enclosures with Underfloor Heating

Aiping Chen, Liang Zhou, Pu Li

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Burning Rates of Wood Cribs with Implications for Wildland Fires

Sara McAllister, Mark Finney

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

A Multi-observable Approach to Address the Ill-Posed Nature of Inverse Fire Modeling Problems

Michael Price, André Marshall, Arnaud Trouvé

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Experimental and Computational Study of the Temperatures Field Around a Chimney Roof Penetration

M. Neri, P. Leppänen, S. Bani, M. Pentti, M. Pilotelli

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016 Open Access

Cold Climate Fire Risk; A Case Study of the Lærdalsøyri Fire, January 2014

Torgrim Log

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Perimeter Column Boundary Conditions in Structural Fire Modelling

Angus Law

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Influence of a Ceiling on Fire Plume Velocity and Temperature

Rachel Wasson, Mohammad N. Nahid, Brian Y. Lattimer, Thomas E. Diller

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Temperature Rise of a Protected Steel Column Exposed to Fire from Two Adjacent Sides

Peijun Wang, Jinhuan Xia, Qiudi Du

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Smoke Production and Fractal Structure Properties of Soot from n-Heptane Pool Fires Under Low Pressures

ShenLin Yang, Song Lu, Xudong Cheng, Rong Zheng, Richard Kwok Kit Yuen

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Experimental Analysis of Chimneys in Wooden Roofs

M. Neri, D. Luscietti, A. Fiorentino, M. Pilotelli

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Structural Performance of Prestressed Composite Members with Corrugated Webs Exposed to Fire

Hyun Kang, Deuck Hang Lee, Jin-Ha Hwang, Jae-Yuel Oh, Kang Su Kim, Heung-Youl Kim

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016 Open Access

Case Study and Computational Modelling of the Impact of Fire Retardant on Fire Spread for Metal Building Insulation

Peter Senez, Adrian Milford, Keith Calder

01-11-2016 | Editorial Note | Issue 6/2016

Editorial Note

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Simulations of Smoke Flow Fields in a Wind Tunnel Under the Effect of an Air Curtain for Smoke Confinement

Long-Xing Yu, Tarek Beji, Setareh Ebrahim Zadeh, Fang Liu, Bart Merci

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry Investigation of the Bidirectional Natural Convection Flow Through a Horizontal Vent

Kevin Varrall, Hugues Pretrel, Samuel Vaux, Olivier Vauquelin

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Characteristics of Externally Venting Flames and Their Effect on the Façade: A Detailed Experimental Study

Eleni K. Asimakopoulou, Konstantinos Chotzoglou, Dionysios I. Kolaitis, Maria A. Founti

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Thermal and Mechanical Computational Study of Load-Bearing Cold-Formed Steel Drywall Systems Exposed to Fire

Ilias D. Thanasoulas, Iason K. Vardakoulias, Dionysios I. Kolaitis, Charis J. Gantes, Maria A. Founti

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Large Eddy Simulations of the Ceiling Jet Induced by the Impingement of a Turbulent Air Plume

Setareh Ebrahim Zadeh, Georgios Maragkos, Tarek Beji, Bart Merci

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Application of FDS to Under-Ventilated Enclosure Fires with External Flaming

Guoxiang Zhao, Tarek Beji, Bart Merci

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Investigation of Fire Extinguishment in Large Facilities based on Physical Scaling, Modeling and Testing

Hong-Zeng Yu

01-11-2016 | Book Review | Issue 6/2016

Hurley and Rosenbaum: Performance-Based Fire Safety Design, CRC Press and SFPE, Boca Raton, 2015 (ISBN: 9781482246551)

David Barber

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