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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 6/2017

Issue 6/2017

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

26-06-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Deep Belief Network For Smoke Detection

Arun Singh Pundir, Balasubramanian Raman

21-07-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Evidential Sensor Fusion of Long-Wavelength Infrared Stereo Vision and 3D-LIDAR for Rangefinding in Fire Environments

Joseph W. Starr, B. Y. Lattimer

15-07-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Smoke Movement in a Sloping Subway Tunnel Under Longitudinal Ventilation with Blockage

Kai Zhu, Long Shi, Yongzheng Yao, Shaogang Zhang, Hui Yang, Ruifang Zhang, Xudong Cheng

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017 Open Access

Egress Efficacy of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis During Simulated Evacuations

Richard M. Kesler, Alexandra E. Klieger, Morgan K. Boes, Elizabeth T. Hsiao-Wecksler, Rachel E. Klaren, Yvonne Learmonth, Robert W. Motl, Gavin P. Horn

03-08-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Characterization of Emissions from Liquid Fuel and Propane Open Burns

Johanna Aurell, David Hubble, Brian K. Gullett, Amara Holder, Ephraim Washburn, Dennis Tabor

10-10-2017 | Book Review | Issue 6/2017

Fitzgerald and Meacham: Fire Performance Analysis for Buildings, 2nd Edition

Casey Grant

12-10-2017 | Obituary | Issue 6/2017

In Memoriam: Professor Margaret Law MBE BSc CEng FIFireE FSFPE

Peter Johnson, Barbara Lane

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