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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 6/2018

Issue 6/2018

Table of Contents ( 21 Articles )

06-06-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Experimental Study on Downslope Fire Spread over a Pine Needle Fuel Bed

Zhuo Yang, Hongmin Zhang, Linhe Zhang, Haixiang Chen

06-07-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Ellipsoidal Solid Flame Model for Structures Under Localized Fire

Miguel R. Manco, Murilo A. Vaz, Julio C. R. Cyrino, Alexandre Landesmann

09-07-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Characteristics of Firebrands Collected from Actual Urban Fires

Sayaka Suzuki, Samuel L. Manzello

11-07-2018 | Issue 6/2018 Open Access

The J-Value and Its Role in Evaluating Investments in Fire Safety Schemes

Danny Hopkin, Michael Spearpoint, Ruben Van Coile

11-07-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Effect of Temperature Exposure on the Flexural Mechanical Behavior of Two Pultruded Composites

Daniela Gomes Schmidt, José Roberto Moraes d’Almeida

16-07-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Smouldering Combustion in Loose-Fill Wood Fibre Thermal Insulation: An Experimental Study

Anne Steen-Hansen, Ragni Fjellgaard Mikalsen, Ulla Eidissen Jensen

20-07-2018 | Issue 6/2018

High Temperature Mechanical Properties of High Strength Structural Steels Q550, Q690 and Q890

Lei Huang, Guo-Qiang Li, Xin-Xin Wang, Chao Zhang, Lisa Choe, Michael Engelhardt

16-08-2018 | Correction | Issue 6/2018

Correction to: High Temperature Mechanical Properties of High Strength Structural Steels Q550, Q690 and Q890

Lei Huang, Guo-Qiang Li, Xin-Xin Wang, Chao Zhang, Lisa Choe, Michael Engelhardt

20-07-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Persistence of Sonic Deposition on Smoke Alarms in Forensic Fire Investigations

Patrick Havey, Jeffrey T. Jaquay, Maclain M. Holton, Nasir Hussain, Stephen M. Olenick

21-07-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Analysis of Structures in Fire as Simplified Skeletal Frames Using a Customised Beam Finite Element

Richard Shaun Walls, Celeste Viljoen, Hennie de Clercq

21-07-2018 | Issue 6/2018

An Experimental Study of Ascent and Descent Movement of People on Long Stair with High Occupant Density

Junmin Chen, Yulu Hao, Jianyu Wang, Peng Wang, Xiang Liu, Peng Lin

23-07-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Imaging Through Fire Using Narrow-Spectrum Illumination

Christopher M. Smith, Matthew S. Hoehler

02-08-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Variability and Error Rates in Fire Alarm Audibility Measurements and Calculations

Patrick Havey, Michel Munoz, Michael S. Klassen, Maclain M. Holton, Stephen M. Olenick

10-08-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Enhanced Oil Spill Clean-Up Using Immersed Thermally Conductive Objects

Kemal S. Arsava, Vasudevan Raghavan, Ali S. Rangwala

13-08-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Predicting Mechanical Strength of In-Use Firefighter Protective Clothing Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Moein Rezazadeh, Christopher J. Bespflug, David A. Torvi, Scott D. Noble, Mackenzie Fulton

01-09-2018 | Issue 6/2018

A Finite Element Model for the Simulation of the UL-94 Burning Test

Julio Marti, Sergio R. Idelsohn, Eugenio Oñate

14-09-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Experimental Study of the Fire Behaviour on Flat Roof Constructions with Multiple Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

J. Steemann Kristensen, G. Jomaas

21-09-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Acoustically Enhanced Water Mist Suppression of Heptane Fueled Flames

Adam N. Friedman, Peter I. Danis, Gregory J. Fiola, Christopher A. Barnes, Stanislav I. Stoliarov

24-09-2018 | Issue 6/2018

Experimental Study on Fire Behaviors of Kerosene/Additive Blends

Xuehui Wang, Yaping He, Tiannian Zhou, Qinpei Chen, Chao Ding, Jian Wang

26-09-2018 | Issue 6/2018 Open Access

Levoglucosan as a Tracer for Smouldering Fire

Dan Madsen, Hafiz Abdul Azeem, Margareta Sandahl, Patrick van Hees, Bjarne Husted

31-07-2018 | Brief Communication | Issue 6/2018

Normalizing Fire Prevention Technology and a Ground Fixed Station for Underground Mine Fires Using Liquid Nitrogen: A Case Study

Bobo Shi, Guanghua Zhou, Lingjun Ma

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