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Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics 4/2020

Issue 4/2020

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Interaction of Stationary Disturbances with Tollmien—Schlichting Waves in a Supersonic Boundary Layer

S. A. Gaponov, N. M. Terekhova

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Statistical Description of Intermittency in the Transition Region at the Low Degree of Flow Turbulence

M. V. Ustinov

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Collapse Dynamics of Hemispherical Cavitation Bubble in Contact with a Solid Boundary

A. V. Postnikov

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Effect of Convection on Crystal Growth of Calcium Phosphate in a Thermostat under Terrestrial and Space Conditions

A. I. Fedyushkin

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Experimental Study of Stable Circular Hydraulic Jumps

A. Asadi, S. M. Malek Jafarian, A. R. Teymourtash

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Control of a Detonation Wave in a Channel with Obstacles Using Preliminary Gas Mixture Preparation

T. A. Zhuravskaya, V. A. Levin

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Water Waves: Theory and Experiments

I. M. Mindlin

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Numerical Investigation of the Transient Nature of a Laminar Separation Bubble in Hypersonic Flow

A. A. Kane, R. K. Peetala

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Solution of Falkner—Skan Equations for Hypersonic Flows

I. I. Lipatov, K. T. Ngo

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Numerical Simulation of Flow around Rigid Rotor in Forward Flight

I. V. Abalakin, V. G. Bobkov, T. K. Kozubskaya, V. A. Vershkov, B. S. Kritsky, R. M. Mirgazov

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Experimental Investigation of Transonic Buffet Control on a Wing Airfoil Using Tangential Jet Blowing

K. A. Abramova, A. V. Petrov, A. V. Potapchik, V. G. Soudakov

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Hydrodynamic Instability of Vertical Motions Excited by Spatially Periodic Distributions of Heat Sources

M. V. Kalashnik, M. V. Kurgansky

01-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Experimental Study on Unsteady Characteristics of Shock and Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions

X. G. Lu, S. H. Yi, L. He, D. D. Gang, H. B. Niu

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