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Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics 6/2017

Issue 6/2017

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

A hybrid technique for the solution of unsteady Maxwell fluid with fractional derivatives due to tangential shear stress

Nauman Raza, Iqra Shahid, M. Abdullah

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Dissipative-convergent intermittency in dynamics of tidal waves in estuaries

V. N. Zyryanov, M. K. Chebanova

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Self-oscillatory regimes of the penetration of vertical free turbulent jets through a liquid surface

V. P. Karlikov, A. T. Nechaev, S. L. Tolokonnikov

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Pulsating flow past a spanwise rib in a channel at moderate Reynolds numbers

E. I. Kalinin, A. B. Mazo, A. V. Malyukov, V. M. Molochnikov, D. I. Okhotnikov

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Three-dimensional pressure fluctuation fields in the vicinities of cantilevered cylindrical obstacles

A. Yu. Golubev, G. A. Potokin

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Investigation of flows induced by subsonic turbulent jets and their relation with the effect of static pressure reduction in a jet

L. A. Benderskii, S. Yu. Krasheninnikov, A. K. Mironov

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Investigation of the effect of heavy gas injection into a supersonic boundary layer on laminar-turbulent transition

S. A. Gaponov, Yu. G. Ermolaev, N. N. Zubkov, A. D. Kosinov, V. I. Lysenko, B. V. Smorodskii, A. A. Yatskikh

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Stability of the evaporation and condensation surfaces in a porous medium

G. G. Tsypkin

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

HF-plasmatron experiment and numerical simulation of heat transfer in underexpanded dissociated-nitrogen jets

A. N. Gordeev, A. F. Kolesnikov, V. I. Sakharov

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Flutter of infinite elastic plates in the boundary-layer flow at finite Reynolds numbers

V. O. Bondarev, V. V. Vedeneev

01-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Radiative gasdynamics of the nose surface of the Apollo-4 command module at its superobrital reentry

S. T. Surzhikov

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