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Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics 7/2020

Issue 7/2020

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

01-09-2020 | Issue 7/2020

Small Perturbations of the Diffusion-Vortex Flows of a Newtonian Liquid in a Half-Plane

D. V. Georgievskii

01-09-2020 | Issue 7/2020

Fluid Kinetic Energy Asymptotic Expansion for Two Variable Radii Moving Spherical Bubbles at Small Separation Distance

S. V. Sanduleanu

01-09-2020 | Issue 7/2020

Stability of an Elastically Supported Cylinder in a Circular Viscous Fluid Flow

A. G. Petrov, M. A. Yudin

01-09-2020 | Issue 7/2020

System of Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates on the Isentropic Surface behind a Detached Bow Shock Wave

G. B. Sizykh

01-09-2020 | Issue 7/2020

To the Theory of Hypersonic Flow around a Thin Delta Finite-Swept Wing at a Large Attack Angle

V. N. Golubkin

01-09-2020 | Issue 7/2020

Structure of a Temperature Front in a Fractured Porous Medium

A. A. Afanasyev

01-09-2020 | Issue 7/2020

Vortex Stationary Karman Structures in Flows of a Rotating Incompressible Polymer Fluid

A. M. Blokhin, R. E. Semenko

01-09-2020 | Issue 7/2020

Macroscopic Model of Two-Phase Compressible Flow in Double Porosity Media

M. B. Panfilov, Zh. D. Baishemirov, A. S. Berdyshev

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