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Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics 8/2020

Issue 8/2020

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-12-2020 | Issue 8/2020

Collapse of Capillary-Gravitational Waves and the Generation of Cumulative Jets

N. D. Baykov, A. G. Petrov

01-12-2020 | Issue 8/2020

On Vortex Generation by a Rotating Cylinder

D. A. Gadzhiev, A. M. Gaifullin, A. V. Zubtsov

01-12-2020 | Issue 8/2020

Unsteady Flow of a Viscous Electrically Conductive Fluid between Rotating Parallel Walls with Blowing (Suction) of the Medium and a Magnetic Field

A. A. Gurchenkov

01-12-2020 | Issue 8/2020

Computation of the Linear and Nonlinear Stability of a Two-Layer Couette Flow

Yu. Ya. Trifonov

01-12-2020 | Issue 8/2020

On the Numerical Modeling of Water Flows in Porous Media under Near-Critical Conditions

A. A. Afanasyev

01-12-2020 | Issue 8/2020

Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in a Centrifugal Separator

Z. M. Malikov, M. E. Madaliev

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