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Fossil Energy


About this book

The word sustainability shares its root with sustenance. In the context of modern society, sustenance is inextricably linked to the use of energy. Fossil energy currently represents nearly 85% of global energy consumption. This Second Edition of “Fossil Energy” provides an authoritative yet concise reference on all aspects of this key resource: mining, producing, refining, and usage. Most of the 15 peer-reviewed articles from the First Edition have been updated and, in some instances, extensively revised. In addition, the volume includes four new chapters covering hydraulic fracturing, process simulation tools used in pollution mitigation, and policy options such as carbon pricing and cap-and-trade for reducing carbon emissions. Written by recognized international authorities in the field, this volume represents an essential resource for scientists and engineers working on the development of energy resources, fossil or alternative, and reflects the essential role of energy supplies in supporting a sustainable future.

Table of Contents

Fossil Energy: Introduction
Ripudaman Malhotra
Oil and Natural Gas: Global Resources
Peter J. McCabe
Petroleum and Oil Sand Exploration and Production
James G. Speight
Oil Shale Processing, Chemistry, and Technology
Vahur Oja, Eric M. Suuberg
Hydraulic Fracturing
Fred Aminzadeh
Petroleum Refining and Environmental Control and Environmental Effects
James G. Speight
Internal Combustion Engines, Developments in
Timothy J. Jacobs
Alaska Gas Hydrate Research and Field Studies
S. L. Patil, A. Y. Dandekar, S. Khataniar
Gas to Liquid Technologies
Marianna Asaro, Ronald M. Smith, Burtron H. Davis
Natural Gas Power
Raub W. Smith, S. Can Gülen
Coal and Peat: Global Resources and Future Supply
Mikael Höök
Coal and Other Mining Operations: Role of Sustainability
Sandip Chattopadhyay, Devamita Chattopadhyay
Coal Preparation
Gerald H. Luttrell, Rick Q. Honaker
Coal to Liquids Technologies
Marianna Asaro, Ronald M. Smith, Burtron H. Davis
CO2 Reduction and Coal-Based Electricity Generation
János Beér
Pulverized Coal-Fired Boilers and Pollution Control
David K. Moyeda
Mitigation of Airborne Pollutants in Coal Combustion: Use of Simulation
Bradley R. Adams
CO2 Capture and Sequestration
Abhoyjit S. Bhown, Grant Bromhal, Gabriel Barki
Policy Instruments for Mitigating Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Adam Rose, Brandt Stevens
Fossil Energy
Prof. Ripudaman Malhotra
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