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From Grand Challenges to Great Solutions: Digital Transformation in the Age of COVID-19

20th Workshop on e-Business, WeB 2021, Virtual Event, December 11, 2021, Revised Selected Papers


About this book

This book constitutes revised selected papers from the 20th Workshop on e-Business, WeB 2021, which took place virtually on December 11, 2021.

The purpose of WeB is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss findings, novel ideas, and lessons learned to address major challenges and map out the future directions for e-Business. The WeB 2021 theme was “From Grand Challenges to Great Solutions: Digital Transformation in the Age of COVID-19.”

The 8 papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 24 submissions. The contributions are organized in topical sections as follows: digital innovation and transformation, and e-commerce and social media.

Table of Contents


Digital Innovation and Transformation

Drivers of Technological Innovation in SMEs During Covid-19 Times: An Analysis in the Caribbean Region Using ICONOS Program Database
Technological innovation is still a challenge for SMEs in emerging countries, mainly due to the lack of financial, structural, capital, and proper managerial resources. Covid-19 presented a scenario that increased difficulties for companies, especially of this kind, and at the same time presented a necessity-driven impulse to look for innovative solutions. This study aimed to analyze the drivers of technological innovations of SMEs of the Caribbean Region, during what was considered locally the most critical period of covid-19 pandemic. Data was obtained from ICONOS program, a local government initiative that support the systemic development of innovations and support to consolidate organizational and regional competitive advantage. A sample of 28 innovation projects – in which 11 are already active and functional - was considered, using coding to establish the main relations and topics emerging from the different proposals. Results show covid-19 was considered both as an antecedent and as a parameter for market orientation, suggesting a rapid response from these companies when facing economic and social changes. Healthcare, education, and agriculture were found as key sectors. Potential competitive advantages were designed on three major aspects: usability, accessibility, and sustainability. The majority of the cases presented a market pull innovation flow, predominantly focusing on covid-19 related needs and consequent solutions.
Danielle Nunes Pozzo, Andrea Porras-Paez
Benefits of Business Intelligence Systems and Multiple National Cultures During Covid-19
Infobesity presents a challenge in the information age, necessitating business intelligence systems for conducting business. The information age is also characterized by organizations spread across culturally different countries, which gain performance benefits from multiple national cultures. We study the effect of Business Intelligence Systems and Multiple National Cultures within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic that resulted in the erosion of market value of firms. We propose that though firms that used Business Intelligence Systems or benefitted from Multiple National Cultures exhibited better performance, the concurrent occurrence of these two phenomena resulted in a weakened effect on performance. Our econometric analysis of Fortune 500 firms finds strong support for our theory. We make significant contributions to the e-Business literature within the information systems discipline and to broader inter-disciplinary management research.
Ankur Jaiswal, Abhishek Kathuria, Prasanna P. Karhade
Exploring Freelancer Attributes with Peer Endorsements
Online freelancing markets connect buyers with workers globally to assign various categories of tasks. A worker’s quality on the platform could be assessed by their past performance (reputation systems), skills, and experience. However, these methods cannot provide insights about the worker quality in case of newly acquired skills or new workers participating on the platform. An endorsement system can be particularly instrumental in such cases by gathering and sharing endorsements of skills given to a worker by other workers. We investigate how endorsements received by a worker from their peers relate to their attributes. Drawing on social value orientation theory, we determine worker category from the past endorsement activity. Next, we apply the decision tree induction method to extract the worker attributes that are related to endorsement decisions across all worker categories. Finally, we frame our propositions based on the extracted rules.
Sambit Tripathi, Amit Deokar, Prasanna Karhade
Effects of COVID-19 on Critics’ Rating Behavior
Since the beginning of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we begin to accept this unusual time of living as the “new normal”. Under unprecedented circumstances and stressors, the effects of COVID-19 may have not only shifted our ways of living but may also have had a noticeable impact on human behavior and emotions online. This study aims to investigate changes in critics’ rating behavior due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using Rotten Tomatoes, which is one of the most trusted movie critic websites, we analyzed 44,459 critic reviews to discover the changes in movie critic opinions from before to after the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. To capture the changes in reviews of movie critics, we analyzed the effects of COVID-19 on critic movie ratings and sentiments. This research finds that while COVID-19 is perceived to have negatively affected all our lives, critic movie ratings during the COVID-19 pandemic are slightly more positive than before the pandemic. Moreover, in analyzing movie critic reviews, there is no significant impact of COVID-19 on the change in the sentiment of movie critics. This research enlightens online movie platforms of the rating behavioral changes of movie critics before and during the pandemic.
Thomás Peña, Tianxi Dong, Tianjie Deng

E-commerce and Social Media

A Study Investigating Factors Affecting User Ratings in Mobile Games
Mobile applications have become popular in the world, and they are widely used for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, games, education, etc. Mobile gaming applications are the most popular apps on the App Store. This study analyses the relationship between different game characteristics and user ratings using signaling theory which helps app developers in designing their gaming apps. This study will determine the role of the price as well as in-app purchases of the mobile game in influencing the user rating of a mobile gaming application which can ultimately affect the success of the game. The results of the study can help developers plan their monetization strategy when they release a new game in the market.
Smriti Srivastava, Dan J. Kim
An Insight into Social Media Continuance Use: Through Systematic Literature Review
This study investigates social media’s continuous use through a systematic literature review. Through the theoretical lens of the chronological stage model, the study proposes a research model and will empirically validate the continuous and increasing use of social media. This study is thus expected to augment our IS research community by providing theoretical explanations on the social media provided affordances. Thereby, expected to help practitioners to identify a trend of social media use, to be able to predict the future need, which we believe will drive the underlying force of social media’s continuous use.
Debalina Bera, Dan J. Kim
An Empirical Study of Brand Concept Recall as a Predictor of Brand Loyalty for Dyson
Brand loyalty factors are generally explained by product/service features like design and usability. However, consumers may be attracted to superficial functionality and design, but easily switch brands when another company’s product/service with higher functionality and a more fashionable design appears. If a consumer remains loyal to a brand, it is because they understand, sympathize with, and value the brand’s concept. Accordingly, the present study hypothesized that consumers who recall a brand concept are more likely to exhibit loyalty than consumers who recall specific features, such as design. From the results of an online survey of consumers with Dyson vacuum cleaners in the Japanese market, the factors of brand loyalty were evaluated using structural equation modeling. As a result, no significant effect was confirmed for the design, which is generally claimed to be highly evaluated in this brand. In contrast, the brand concept claimed in this study was confirmed to have a significant positive effect. Companies should first reaffirm the importance of brand concepts. There are still many product/service brands that are equipped with functions and designs, while the brand concept remains ambiguous. Hence, the concept recall index should be emphasized in brand management.
Takumi Kato
Pixel Importance: The Impact of Saturation and Brightness on the Spread of Information on Social Media
Social media engagement has been extensively studied, but there is an opportunity for greater understanding of how content embedded as an image or video may encourage certain behavior on social media. A pilot study is conducted to examine the effect of pixel level complexity measurements of saturation and brightness on the sharing behavior of individuals. The findings encourage a full study and will include an experimental study to use a multimethod approach for strengthening the final findings.
Timothy Kaskela, Bin Zhu, Sayali Dhamapurkar
From Grand Challenges to Great Solutions: Digital Transformation in the Age of COVID-19
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