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2023 | Book

Frontier Computing

Theory, Technologies and Applications (FC 2022)

Editors: Jason C. Hung, Neil Y. Yen, Jia-Wei Chang

Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore

Book Series : Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering


About this book

This book gathers the proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Frontier Computing, held in Tokyo, Japan, on July 12–15, 2022, and provides comprehensive coverage of the latest advances and trends in information technology, science, and engineering. It addresses a number of broad themes, including communication networks, business intelligence and knowledge management, Web intelligence, and related fields that inspire the development of information technology. The respective contributions cover a wide range of topics: database and data mining, networking and communications, Web and Internet of things, embedded systems, soft computing, social network analysis, security and privacy, optical communication, and ubiquitous/pervasive computing. Many of the papers outline promising future research directions, and the book benefits students, researchers, and professionals alike. Further, it offers a useful reference guide for newcomers to the field.

Table of Contents

A Teaching Framework Based on Big Data of Students’ Learning Behaviors: A Case Study of Academic Performance Prediction

The online education is accelerating the transformation and innovation of the education industry with the rise of smart education. Learning behavior data analysis has promoted the development of education informatization. Using these learning behavior big data, a technology framework is proposed to improve teaching quality. Then, taking academic performance prediction as a case study, we provides an effective strategy to predict students’ academic performance. Through the case study, we learn more about the weak points in the students’ learning processes based on the analysis of learning behaviors.

Dian Li, Shujie Ding, Weidong Wang, Haoru Su, Yichen Wang
Efficient Approximate Calculations and Application of Network Centrality

Network centrality describes the importance of vertices based on their position in the network. In financial-social-network-analysis, network centrality is used to characterize the influence of the employee’s social status. Research has shown the impact of network centrality of senior executives on various aspects of their companies. In this paper, we proposed k-closeness centrality and k-harmonic centrality as alternative approximations of closeness centrality. Considering that the scalability of existing approaches cannot leverage on nowadays abundant computational resources, we propose algorithms for big data platforms to compute the above centrality. On the Pregel framework, we designed the parallel distributed algorithms for the proposed network centralities based on the BSP model. Experiments on the BoardEx, a state-of-art financial-social-network, verified the feasibility and scalability of the proposed algorithms. We integrated our algorithms and other network centralities-related algorithms into a toolbox on Pregel for researchers. The experiment showed that the proposed network centralities effectively rank the vertices in social networks. 3-harmonic network centrality shows its good performance as it is effective in social network analysis and has good computation efficiency.

Dongning Rao, Yulu Ye, Zhuoyi Lin, Wenzhi Ding
An Improved Method for Chinese Relationship Extraction

In the field of information extraction, Chinese relationship extraction has become a problem which deserves the attention in both academia and industry. Unlike English, the semantic relations in Chinese are more complex with ambiguity. In order to perform more accurate Chinese relationship extraction, this paper discards the traditional pipeline-level extraction method and adopts a joint-level extraction method, proposing an RSO model. On the whole, the RSO model is divided into an encoding module, a subject entity extraction module and an object entity extraction module, which solve some problems in Chinese relationship extraction. The encoding module incorporates the four layers of the RoBERTa model that work best for textual tasks. The subject entity extraction module and the object entity extraction module use the concept of pointer annotation. Finally, the performance of RSO is compared with related work on the Chinese relationship extraction dataset, proving the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed model.

Zhuo Su, Bo Liu, Jianqiang Li, Yan Pei
A Case Study of Cluster Analysis of the Whole Slide Images

Machine learning has achieved great success in image recognition and has been widely used in many fields, especially the data mining of massive image features in the era of big data. Clustering analysis is an important task in machine learning. This paper takes clustering in pathological section image recognition as an application case and discusses the application effects of different clustering models. Firstly, the relevant algorithms used are introduced, including K-means and Gaussian mixture model, hierarchical clustering algorithm and Louvain algorithm. Secondly, it is very important to evaluate the effectiveness of clustering results. In this paper, Silhouette score and V-measure are selected as indicators to evaluate the clustering algorithm, that is, the clustering methods determined by different data structures are not suitable for various data models. The cluster analysis of 5000 colorectal cancer tissue patches was carried out by python programming. Through the analysis and discussion of clustering results, the goodness of fit and clustering results of different models are compared and analyzed.

Zhixin Dong, Haifeng Mei
A Fundus Image Myopia Diagnosis Model Based on Homogeneous Multimodal Feature Fusion

High myopia is one of the leading causes of fundus diseases. If it can be found and treated in time, the risk of fundus lesions in children's growth will be reduced, and the growth rate of patients with visual disabilities will be effectively controlled. Vascular, as one of the significant features in fundus images, are often used as additional elements to help ophthalmologists diagnose. Hence, in this paper, based on the idea of homogeneous multimodality, we design a neural network model with two branches that simultaneously processing the vascular feature image and original fundus image therefore to automatic detect high myopia based on the fundus images, and hope to make a great difference in clinical practice. Extensive comparative experiments were conducted between our method and other general classification models through a private retinal fundus data set. The results show that our method achieves the best performance of 93.4% in accuracy.

Peng- Ceng Wen, Yu Guan, Jian- Qiang Li, Tariq Mahmood, Yin-Zheng Zhao
Cooperative Learning Clustering in the Programming Courses

Cooperative learning is an effective way of learning and is critical for programming learning. Through cooperative learning, group members will cooperate with each other, teach each other. Clustering methods in the classroom, students are often grouped by themselves, or teachers are grouped through experience. But is there any more efficient way to clustering students? This study proposes a social network analysis clustering method, with an experimental group and a control group in a freshmen programming course. It was found that there was a significant improvement in learning effectiveness. For female students learn in the programming course, female students were more likely to find other girls for cooperative learning. Female students in the experimental group had better social performance. Judging from the cooperation and interaction of the overall students in the first semester and the second semester, the roommates who live together become a good choice for cooperative learning teammates.

Wen-Chih Chang, Yu-Jia Fan, An-Ray Chang
GAN-Generated Data for BCI: Current State of Affairs and Challenges

The performance of brain-computer interfaces highly depends on the quality and amount of data gathered and used to implement its classifier module. To facilitate the development of brain-computer interfaces, generative adversarial networks have been used in recent years and in various applications to generate data and complement real brain activity recordings obtained from subjects. As data acquisition often involves exhaustive experiment trials, artificially generating part of the necessary data can be seen as a milestone in the development of brain-computer interfaces but, nevertheless, this remains a rather uncommon practice. In this work, I discuss the challenges that might be keeping this practice from becoming widely used and propose a project focused on addressing some of those challenges.

Eduardo Carabez
Communication-Efficient Federated Learning with Model Pruning

In this work, we propose a new model pruning method for federated learning to mitigate the local computation and communication bottlenecks of connected devices, while maintaining a similar accuracy as the original model. The main purpose of this work is to design a communication-efficient federated learning to accelerate learning by reducing communication overhead and latency. In the proposed method, the model pruning method presented by the convergence rate and loss function of federated learning is mathematically analyzed. The experimental results show that the proposed method can improve the communication efficiency of the federated learning by reducing a large amount of model parameters transmitted while maintaining the accuracy via jointly optimizing the pruning ratio and device selection.

Min-Kuan Chang, Yu-Wei Chan, Ting-En Wu

Smart Computing for Emerging Technologies and Applications

The Gait Planning Design for Biped Robot

In this paper, the problems of the gait planning for biped robot are explored. For gait planning, the parameters are established based on the postures of static walking and dynamic walking. According to the equilibrium state, every angles and positions of biped robot joint can be obtained by inverse kinematics.An embedded system is realized to validate the proposed gait planning algorithm. To reduce the angle error between the calculation and real result, high torque digital servo motor is used. The posture parameters are adjusted according to the different situations. The experimental results are demonstrated via the developed biped robot and it shows the feasibility and the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

Shun-Hung Tsai, Kuan-Yo Chen, Yu-Liang, Dong-Yuan Lyu, Hung-Yi Lin, Luh-Maan Chang

The International Workshop on Advanced Information Technology (ADINTECH 2022)

Self-reconfiguring Pseudo Random Address Generator for Secure Infrared Communication

We propose a method for generating secret addresses for sensors used for Infrared communication in a many-sensor-based hazard prevention security system. Using the generated secret addresses, the address of transmitting sensor node changes its value to pretend to have an appearance of a random address so that it incapacitates the attackers from the cyber-threats. We modified the standard Infrared communication protocol to meet our target system requirements, in which 16-bit address is used to identify the transmitting sensor nodes. The proposed address generator utilizes two cryptographically proven S-boxes and feeds the un-linear output of the S-boxes back to be combined with the previously updated input, which naturally reconfigures the seed value of the address generator. We analyze the statistical results of self-reconfigured random addresses for 2000 sensor nodes and the data shows cryptographic reliability.

Sangook Moon, Jae Cheol Lee

The International Workshop on Big-data, IoT, Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (BICTA 2022)

Path Based Subgraph Searching in Distributed Environments

In this paper, we propose a distributed processing method for efficiently performing subgraph search in an environment that these graph data are distributed and stored. We use statistics of the data graph to determine the search order. The query graph is divided into triplets through the determined search sequence. The di-vided queries are searched in parallel on the distributed graph of each slave ac-cording to the search order, and the local search results searched in each slave are joined and returned. The performance evaluation verifies the superiority of the proposed method through performance evaluation with the existing method.

Kyoungsoo Bok, Minyoung Kim, Hyeonbyeong Lee, Dojin Choi, Jongtae Lim, Jaesoo Yoo
An Analysis of Students Needs for Online Learning Classes Using Text Mining

A learning form was changed a way from face-to-face to non-face-to-face by COVID-19 in the world. Students had to take classes through the Internet, and teachers had to record and provide learning contents like videos to students or perform remote learning using zoom. It means that students can choose the lectures they want or need because online learning methods can be support for various types, contents, and subjects. This research aims to analyze what students want or need to study for their classes. For this purpose, we conduct a survey and analyze it using text mining.

Hwa-Young Jeong

International Conference on Machine Learning on FinTech, Security and Privacy (MLFSP 2022)

A Study on Spatial Correlation Econometrics Analysis of the Establishment for Bank Branches

In light of spatial level investigation, which coupled with demographic attributes data of Taiwan’s towns and cities. The possible spatial aggregation phenomenon, with the distribution of random or scattered, and then analyzes the locations of distributed spatial aggregation to find out the characteristics of each region in Taiwan. By spatial autocorrelation analysis, the scope of empirical analysis results with the global Moran's I and local indicators of spatial association (LISA) which are based on the districts of towns and cities in Taiwan. To explore the spatial clustering phenomenon of the number of branches of financial institutions in Taiwan, it is found that the analysis results of the demographic attribute data of Sex ratio, the population density, old-age dependency ratio, aging index, and total population in Taiwan’s towns and cities based on the global spatial autocorrelation analysis illustrate clustered distribution in spatial, and the spatial relationship is positive with greater than negative correlations, which means that Taiwan’s 7760 villages are presented in concentrated distribution; and with the spatial autoregressive model has the most explanatory power. Furthermore, through the method of regional autocorrelation analysis comprehend the relationship between the elderly population and the spatial unit (the spatial unit and its adjacent units) with the bank branches establish. The aggregation strength correlation is divided into four quadrants: “HH”, “LL”, “HL”, and “LH”. It is found that the establishment of branches of financial institutions in the “HH” related areas of the elderly population is insufficient.

Yu-Yu Yen, Jui -Hung Kao, Cheng-Hu Chow
A Study on the Application of Geospatial Analysis to the Assessment of Infant Nursery Service Resources and Potential Needers

Under the circumstance of low birth rate, Taiwan's public childcare is seriously insufficient, coupled with the high cost of private childcare, and private childcare is also concentrated in some districts, resulting in uneven distribution of childcare centers. This study uses the concept of spatial proximity and the geographically weighted regression of influencing factors to explore the current situation of spatial proximity of daycare institutions in Taipei City with limited data. The evaluation results serve as a reference for other counties and cities to implement relevant policies. The results of the study found that the distribution of childcare service bases in Taipei City is uneven, whether it is the services provided by the public sector or private services. For example, the uneven distribution of numbers, in addition to the uneven distribution of numbers in the administrative districts, there are two childcare institutions set up in a single district of some administrative districts, so there are also obvious differences in the distribution of bases at the village level. Or the geographical distribution is relatively concentrated. Judging from the distribution map of childcare institutions, the bases of childcare institutions are obviously concentrated in urban areas with convenient transportation, and there may be no strongholds in mountainous areas due to the influence of terrain. If you look at a single administrative region, the distribution of the strongholds is not very evenly dispersed, but relatively concentrated in a few. Therefore, we will review the current bases and the possibility of adding new ones.

Horng-Twu Liaw, Fang-Hsing Liu, Kuan-Wen Lio
Analysis of the Frailty and High-Risk Posture of the Elderly Based on Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Under the circumstance of low birth rate, Taiwan's public childcare is seriously insufficient, coupled with the high cost of private childcare, and private childcare is also concentrated in some districts, resulting in uneven distribution of childcare centers. This study uses the concept of spatial proximity and the geographically weighted regression of influencing factors to explore the current situation of spatial proximity of daycare institutions in Taipei City with limited data. The evaluation results serve as a reference for other counties and cities to implement relevant policies.

Yu-Yu Yen, Yu-Han Chiu, I.-Wei Chiang, Horng-Twu Liaw


Influence of Psychological Stress Disorder Based on Convolutional Neural Network on Rescuers

In response to some special difficulties in rescue work, such as complex environmental risks, variable accident causes, casualties and frequent accidents during the rescue process, an effective method is proposed to improve the psychological stress disorder of the personnel in the rescue work, thereby reducing the rescue work. Casualties of personnel, creative ideas for enhancing the combat effectiveness of rescue work. This article studies the impact of psychological stress disorder based on convolutional neural networks on rescuers, analyzes the related factors of psychological stress disorder based on relevant literature data, and provides a theoretical basis for the questionnaire survey in the following, through the questionnaire survey the results show that the discharge of gas during rescue and the treatment of flood accidents have a direct impact on the trance; the treatment of fire accidents, the treatment of gas and coal dust accidents, and the treatment of flood accidents have a direct impact on the autonomic disorder; the treatment of fire accidents has a direct impact on anxiety, the state has a direct impact; the handling of gas and coal dust accidents has a direct impact on the physical and mental disorders; the exploration in the suffocation area has a direct impact on the reaction disorders.

Yingqin Li
Economic Policy Uncertainty, Innovation Investment and Enterprise Value in the Context of the Internet

Because of the rapid growth of the Internet, innovation and development appear to be particularly important. How should companies respond when ecnomic policy uncertainty (EPU) continues to rise? The paper examines regulatory effects of EPU and enterprise innovation input, as well as the uncertainty and change of economic policy on the connection between enterprise innovation input and the worth of the company. It shows that EPU has an incentive impact on a business’s innovation input, while EPU and its changes have a negative regulatory impact on the positive correlation between the contribution of innovation and the value of the company. Further study shows in enterprises of weak financing constraints and strong internal control the reverse adjustment of the positive link between innovation investment and company value is more obvious due to EPU and its changes. Through the analysis and test of sample data, we hope to improve the innovation behavior of enterprises, increase the value of enterprises and improve economic benefits, and provide some references for macroeconomic regulation.

Liang Ma
Executive Equity Incentives, Real Earnings Management and Audit Fees Based on Big Data Analysis

Big data analysis refers to the process of using a tool to analyze a large amount of target data to obtain corresponding conclusions. With the advent of the digital age, big data analysis is playing an increasingly important role in corporate governance. The agency problem is a common problem in corporate governance. The company can link the personal interests of the executives with the overall interests of the company by providing equity incentives to the executives. It can promote senior executives to work harder and better conduct behaviors that are beneficial to the company’s overall and long-term interests, thereby reducing agency costs, improving company performance, and promoting company development. However, executive equity incentives may also deviate from the original intention of the company’s shareholders, which will have a negative impact on the company. In order to satisfy the exercise conditions of equity incentives and realize their own interests, senior executives may make some behaviors that are detrimental to the interests of shareholders, which is not conducive to the company’s business growth. This article starts from a domestic and international perspective, this article summarizes the current scholars’ research on the relationship between executive equity incentives, real earnings management and audit fees based on different data, with a view to exploring new research directions and providing references for other scholars’ research.

Chengyan Wang, Jihui Sun
Evaluation of Design Units Based on Grey Target Theory and Cumulative Prospect Theory

With the continuous increase in the scale of power grid project construction, the role of design units in project construction has become more and more obvious. The fierce market competition has led to certain challenges in the selection of design units and system collaboration management. Deepening the evaluation of engineering construction design units can provide a certain reference for scientific analysis of the overall level and business capabilities of enterprises. Therefore, this paper uses gray target theory and cumulative prospect theory to systematically analyze the main work content of participating design units, and builds an evaluation system for design units. The management experience summary and improvement measures of the design unit provide a reference.

Can Zhu, Tianyou Chen, Yue Zhou, Shengyan Wang, Tingfeng Gao
Prediction Calculation of Stock Composite Index Closing Price Based on Grey Correlation Analysis Method

To aim at the trend prediction of the fluctuation of composite index on slotted-tube cavity, a method of composite index closing price prediction based on gray correlation analysis and ANFIS was proposed. Firstly, the principal component of the influencing factors of Shanghai composite index closing price was calculated on grey correlation analysis. Then, in order to work out the mapping relationship between influencing factors and the closing price of Shanghai Composite Index, ANFIS method is adopted in this paper. The test results show that the average relative error about the closing price in Shanghai index is 6.56%, and the calculation of the grey correlation analysis method is also improved in convergence speed and calculation precision. Therefore, the method based on grey correlation analysis and ANFIS can use relevant data of the Shanghai index speculation known its closing price change trend, the stock prediction research field has a certain application prospect.

Tao Chen
A Digital Library Management System Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Now we are living in the 21st century, the level of science and technology is developing rapidly, with the development of information technology, the management mode of library is constantly innovating, digital library into our life, improve the efficiency of our life, the traditional library original way of reading into digital science and technology. In the library operation management, digital technology can make the library of books as well as indoor environment three-dimensional and virtualization, We can do selective reading normally on the computer. The invention of virtual modernization technology helps in all fields, but when faced with a great opportunity there are also many challenges, the library staff need higher level to meet the application of digital technology, we need to take a positive attitude and solve the problems we face.

Yi Fu, Yu Zhai
Tourism Poverty Performance Evaluation Factor Analysis Model Based on Big Data Cloud Computing

Rural tourism has become an effective way to eliminate poverty and realize rural revitalization because of its driving effect on rural economy. Based on the rural tourism has rich resources of poverty county as the research object, focus on villagers’ perception of the micro perspective, rural tourism poverty alleviation of poverty county economic performance, social and cultural performance, environmental performance three dimensions for big data analysis, using the factor analysis model of rural tourism poverty alleviation carding performance analysis and empirical research, To explore the performance evaluation and improvement path of rural tourism in poverty-stricken counties under the background of rural revitalization strategy. This is of great significance for discussing the orderly connection between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in poverty-stricken counties, promoting the upgrading and adjustment of rural tourism industry structure, and finally realizing rural revitalization.

Danhong Chen, Meilin Li, Shiyi Zhou, Yongling Liu
Improvement of University Human Resources Informatization Capabilities Under the Support of New-Generation Information Technologies Such as 5G + AI

At present, there are still some deficiencies in the informatization capability of human resources in universities in my country. Human resource managers in universities lack informatization awareness, lack of efficient talent recruitment methods and informatization professionals, and there are problems such as hidden dangers in human resources data and information in universities. We should enhance the informatization awareness of human resource managers, integrate 5G + AI and other new-generation information technologies into recruitment, strengthen information technology training for human resource managers, and improve the human resource performance management model, in order to promote universities The improvement of human resources information ability.

Yuhua Wei, Sili Wu
Design of Rural Internet Celebrity Culture Information Management System Based on Back Propagation

BP -Back Propagation is a structure with strong nonlinear mapping capability and flexibility. It is composed of forward calculation and reverse calculation, which effectively reduces the error caused by calculation. The factors considered in the construction of the information management database of rural internet celebrity culture are more the benefits that internet celebrity culture can bring. Therefore, this paper mainly designs the rural internet celebrity culture information management system based on the influence and other factors in the internet celebrity information management system, Reduce the error by calculating the mean square deviation and error coefficient, and realize the function of making reasonable planning for the development of rural internet celebrity Culture in the system.

Qinghai Wu, Zhiheng Zhang
Rural Internet Celebrity Culture Online Communication System Based on Data Mining Algorithm

In the online communication Big data age system, how to attract target customers to the products pushed by the platform has become a difficult problem for many communication systems. This paper studies the online communication system of rural internet celebrity culture based on the analysis of association rules in data mining algorithm. Data mining can be used in many fields such as information management, query optimization, decision support and so on, Using the information in the database to calculate the frequency, so as to achieve the effect of accurate push, is the most important problem in the study of rural internet celebrity Culture online communication system.

Qinghai Wu, Zhiheng Zhang
The Logic Rules for the Safety of Automatic Drive

In a few years, there are some automotive issues happened and some wanton injury issues by bad drivers. How to make the vehicles or passengers safer becomes an importance case we have to research. It is interesting for us to find the way according to V2X principle. V2X system make it possible. This article gives us the logic rules for the safety of automatic drive. Also it suggest we install the 3rd monitor on the vehicle. It give us the reason and how to make the decision.

Yongdong Li
The Development of Intelligent English Learning System Based on Web Technology

Web-based learning courses are also a kind of teaching plan, but different from existing courses, it emphasizes student-centered learning and aims to create a learning environment where learning serves students. The purpose of this article is to study the development of an intelligent English learning system based on Web technology. Based on the goals and characteristics of English learning and Web client technology. Created an intelligent English learning system based on Web technology. In order to meet the requirements of outstanding practicality of English learning, students’ personalized and autonomous learning, and completion of teaching goals, and in order to adapt to the development trend of website management autonomous development and the diversification of students’ choice of courses, this system adopts the overall design of user roles, and the function completion adopts modules. Designed to maintain relative independence between each part. System test results show that 72.35% of teachers and students who have used this system are satisfied with the system's functions.

Youqiong Song, Tao Song
Design, Material Selection and Manufacture of Cubesat Based on Solidworks Software

Traditional, satellite mission is a relatively popular project in the space industry. Nevertheless, the development and application of Cubesat which is a nanosatellite have also attracted attention and flourished in recent years (Chen 2018) [4]. In this report, the design, material selection and manufacturing process were presented in detail. Moreover, both the secondary and primary research were undertaken in this study. In addition, the SolidWorks Software is regarded as the main tool to help produce both three-dimensional and two-dimensional components drawing. In the meanwhile, this study was also based on a number of existing literatures published by other experts in terms of practical Cubesat missions. Thus, the fundamental overview of Cubesat design and fabrication process mentioned in this report may lay a foundation for future study and research in this field.

Ludan Zhang
Developing CUBESATS for a SpaceX’s Launcher

In recent years, Cubesat has been developed and applied by leaps and bounds, and has also attracted extensive attention. This paper mainly introduces the design idea, material selection and manufacturing scheme of satellite cube. Thus, the fundamental overview of Cubesat design and fabrication process mentioned in this report may lay a foundation for future study and research in this field.

Binqi Liu, Chenxiao Yang
The Influence of Tooth Width on the Bending Strength of Arc Curve Cylindrical Gear Based on UG Environment

In this paper, based on the basic meshing theory of circular arc gear transmission pair, the whole gear meshing model is simplified into a theoretical model of a single tooth pair when the finite element method is used for discretization, and the boundary depth and boundary width of the model are reasonably determined and set. Using Workbench 13.0 software in ANSYS, based on the calibration values of relevant parameters of Gleason cutter head, in UG/Open Grip environment to expand the influence of tooth width parameters on gear bending strength mechanism analysis, analysis obtained when the modulus, tooth number, pressure angle, tooth line shape is certain, To a certain extent, the larger the width parameter of the gear, the stronger the bearing capacity of the gear, but the uneven distribution of the tooth load also increases, prone to load concentration, resulting in the decline of the actual bearing capacity, the occurrence of partial tooth fracture and other failure forms.

Rui Tang, Yun Ling
Moving Target Detection and Tracking Technology Based on Genetic Algorithm

Detecting and tracking moving targets is a hot topic in current computer vision research. It has integrated cutting-edge science and technology in many fields such as image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, morphology, and automatic control technology. The use of fields such as visual navigation is also becoming more common. This paper aims to study the moving target detection and tracking technology based on genetic algorithm. On the basis of analyzing the image preprocessing technology, the classical moving target detection method and the operation steps of the genetic algorithm, the genetic algorithm is used as the best search strategy to obtain the target. In order to verify the tracking accuracy of the proposed algorithm, this paper selects 5 data sets and conducts experimental tests on them. The results show that all targets in test set 4 and test set 5 are moving, and the targets always move in the same direction, and the field of view Wide and unobstructed, the tracking accuracy is high.

Dandan Fan, Tao Liu
Construction of Smart Classroom Model for English Learning in the Internet-Based Era: A Multimodal Perspective

The rapid development of information technology is gradually promoting the formation of the Internet-based language learning ecology. However, the current teaching mode with teachers playing the dominant role in most colleges and universities in China is relatively lagging behind, which has led to time-consuming and inefficient English teaching that emphasizes input and ignores output. In view of this situation, it is imperative to construct and implement a multi-faceted, human-computer interactive smart classroom for English learning under the theoretical framework of multimodal discourse. The author selected the third-year students of the Business English major (enrolled in 2019) from a university in Anhui Province as the research objects, with Business English Translation as the experimental course, carried out the teaching experiment of pre-test/post-test non-equivalent groups design, and reached the following research conclusion: Multimodal smart classroom model helps to enhance students’ autonomous learning ability on web-based platforms, facilitate the transformation of teachers’ classroom roles and identities, and ultimately promote the effective occurrence of English learning activities.

Xiaochun Zhou, Man Li
Risk Management and Prevention of Enterprise Project Investment and Financing Under the Background of Big Data and Internet of Things

Big data and the Internet of Things are new trends in the development of information technology today, and they have also become important technical means indispensable for enterprise competition. Competition among enterprises is fierce. In order to improve their competitiveness and survivability, enterprises must broaden their financing channels. However, there are many uncertain factors in actual work. Some companies have problems such as weak risk management awareness, lack of professional talents, and imperfect social network infrastructure construction in the process of project investment and financing. Therefore, how to prevent corporate project investment and financing risks has become a topic of concern to major companies. This article uses questionnaire surveys and data analysis methods to better understand the views of L company's managers and other project staff on project investment and financing risk management through questionnaire surveys. From the analysis of the survey results, it can be seen that the importance of the respondents to the risk ranking is not uniform, the source of the risk is more complex. So, we can say that risk factors require special attention and need to be effectively avoided to manage and control project investment and financing risks. In addition, many of the interviewees believe that risk identification and decision-making argumentation are more important in risk prevention measures. The development of the research provides a good reference for risk control.

Xuanyou Chen, Yanyi Deng
Risk and Return of Securities Investment in the Context of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

The advent of the era of big data has had a huge impact on all sectors of society. In recent years, my country's Internet technology has developed rapidly and its penetration rate has become higher and higher. In economic life, securities investment is an important and common financial behavior. The analysis of its risks and returns is a behavior that investors are more concerned about. To this end, this article proposes investment analysis and income analysis under artificial intelligence, with the purpose of improving the accuracy of the analysis. This article mainly uses experimental method, case analysis and comparative method to explain the risks and returns of securities investment. The experimental results show that when the risk value is 0, people tend to invest conservatively. Portfolio theory shows that choosing multiple securities for portfolio investment can effectively reduce risks.

Xuanyou Chen, Yanyi Deng
Public Supervision System of Power System Enterprises in Electric Power System Reform Under the Internet Background

With the development of the power industry, the pressure on the production and operation of power companies will increase in the future, and power grid companies must improve their operating capabilities and the quality of power supply services. This article starts from the current situation of the new power reform policy. In response to the problems of single power regulatory body, imperfect regulatory system, and unclear powers of regulatory agencies faced by the improvement of regulatory adaptability of power grid companies in my country. Emphasize the importance of the public and power regulatory agencies participating in supervision. Analyze the current public supervision demands of power grid enterprises from two aspects of service quality and power supply quality, and propose public supervision measures under the new situation. Consider the role of public supervision of power grid enterprises in reducing supervision costs, ensuring supervision quality, and improving supervision systems.

Zhipeng Zhang, Yu Lu, Minglei Jiang, Shengyao Shi, Xin Li, Peng Liu
Grid Digital Infrastructure Development System Under the Background of Internet

In order to clarify the development form of digital new infrastructure, take Jilin Power Grid as an example, using SWOT analysis method. Discuss the development and implementation environment of Jilin Power Grid. The results show that with the support of relevant policies, Jilin Power Grid has initially established a digital new infrastructure industry foundation, and through cooperation with technology companies, jointly promote the development of the power grid digital new infrastructure. However, there are also limitations such as a weak talent base, lack of industry standards and regulations, and high investment costs.

Shengyao Shi, Yu Lu, Qian Miao, Zhipeng Zhang, Xin Li
Appearance Design of Power Supply and Consumption Equipment in Ancient City

In order to keep the ancient city of Kashi simple and elegant characteristics, basing on stealth design, using the idea of adapting the appearance to the local environment of the scenic spot, and being combined with the historical features of the ancient city of Kashi,in the meantime, on the basis of full investigation and discussion by folklore experts, we design the appearance and layout of power distribution equipment and power consumption equipment, analyze the basis of design and give the way to realize the fusion of modern architectural electricity and the style of ancient city.

Dayong Huo
Analysis and Design of Imago Leading Model of Skill Representation of Yoga Athlete Based on Spatial Skeleton Timing Diagram

With the continuous advancement of social economy, sports, especially yoga, have attracted increasing attention. Yoga can cultivate the moral character, nourish the nature, and train one’s endurance. How to make the best of yoga is crucial. Based on the space skeleton timing diagram (SSTD), the differences in representation imago leading are analyzed by consolidating the skill representation of yoga athletes to design and establish a leading model and conduct analysis so as to explore the rationality, effectiveness, and safety of yoga and provide effective support for the popularization of yoga.

Lingmin He
Application of Topsis Method in Comprehensive Evaluation of Equipment Camouflage Ability

Topsis method is an effective multi-objective decision making method. Its principle is to evaluate the finite evaluation objects according to the approximate degree of ideal solution. The utilization of original data is relatively full and the loss of information is less. It can quantitatively reflect the merits and demerits of different attributes. It is intuitive, concise and reliable. It avoids the subjectivity of traditional methods such as fuzzy evaluation or expert scoring to determine the index weight. This paper applies this method to evaluate the camouflage ability of equipment comprehensively. The comprehensive evaluation ranking of camouflage ability of each batch is given, which with strong objectivity, applicability and operability. It can effectively avoid the difficulty of integrating multiple evaluation parameters into a single performance measurement in traditional evaluation methods. It provides a new way for comprehensive evaluation of camouflage ability of equipment.

Xuexin Zhang, Min Liu, Shaoying Sun
Research into Curriculum Construction Platform of Computer Major Based on Intelligent Algorithm

Under the development background of educational curriculum reform, personalized curriculum design has become the key content of current reform of the computer major. In this context, this research carries out a design of a curriculum construction platform for the computer major based on intelligent algorithm. Through the user curriculum design module and personalized curriculum design optimization module design, the technological innovation of computer related discipline curriculum construction is realized. Based on the data collected of teachers and students’ subject behaviors and combined with data modeling, intelligent algorithms and other means, it is possible to realize the differentiated construction of subject curriculums and the purpose of personalized education.

Hui Xie, Li Wei
Under the Information Age: Impacting of Digitalization on Innovation Performance of Manufacturing Companies

The development trend of enterprise digitization in the information age has higher platform, openness and sharing. Manufacturing companies need to completely redeploy the collaborative ability of digital resources to achieve the sharing of digital resources with the same frequency of supply and demand. With the help of AIoT and platform to collect, absorb, exchange and utilize global digital innovation resources, they can maintain a good information sharing mechanism and interactive relationship, facilitate the integration and coordination of data information and business processes in all links of the enterprise value network, realize strategic agility and organizational flexibility, and then find effective information, innovation routes and development opportunities from the internal and external environment, and innovate the way of value creation. Using the sample data of manufacturing companies and the method of hierarchical regression, this paper empirically tests the theoretical model and research hypothesis. The results show that digital development can significantly promote the improvement of enterprise innovative performance. The combination of digitization technology and industrial innovation were accelerated under this background of times of network information, this study conclusion provides theoretical supplement and practical guidance for manufacturing enterprises to promote digital construction to improve enterprise performance.

Yaling Wang
Multidimensionality of Digital Media Art Based on Maya MEL Language

In today's society with the rapid development of science, economy, information and other technologies and the ever-changing tide of change, the design of contemporary art is also affected by many factors. Its growing trend attracts more and more people into an era of gradual diversification. Art design is no longer limited to one direction, but cross-border cooperation with other industries to implement innovative and directional integrated design. The purpose of this paper is to study the multi-dimensionalization of digital media art based on Maya MEL language. Based on the analysis of Maya MEL technology, the attributes of digital media art and the characteristics of multi-dimensional digital media art, the design system of digital media multi-dimensional art is designed. And invite users to rate the satisfaction of each performance of the system. The results show that the five users are satisfied with the system's interactivity, 3D animation effect and ease of operation.

Lei Guo
Music Performance Score Database on Account of Fusion Algorithm

In the context of constant iteration of the algorithm, the fusion algorithm continues to innovate and develop, and this algorithm is making efforts for the sustainable development of the social economy. The iterative development of fusion algorithm provides an opportunity for the algorithm to update, brings a powerful tool for the social economy to constantly bring forth the new, and brings advanced theoretical benefits for the society to remove obstacles. The design and development of music performance score database on account of fusion algorithm has brought benefits to the field of music performance score. It is because of the development of fusion algorithm that music performance score may have a more powerful theoretical basis. This article studies the fusion algorithm on account of the music playing a song of the definition of database design and development, the principle and the related content, this paper expounds the music playing a song data, design and development of the relevant contents of the database design and development of the fault tolerance of music playing a song system, an inclusive has very obvious advantages. Through the data test, the results show that the design and development of music performance music score database on account of fusion algorithm has obvious advantages compared In the context of traditional music performance music score database. The system convenience, reliability, efficiency and robustness of music performance music score reach 84.28%, 91.04% and so on. 93.26% and 98.11% efficiency.

Jing Yun
User Portrait Based on Artificial Intelligence

With the development of Internet technology, various applications of smart devices and mobile devices have appeared one after another, and people have been inseparable from the use of smart devices. The information generated in device applications has also grown exponentially, making it difficult for businesses to accurately deliver product information to users. Therefore, this paper uses artificial intelligence technology to build a user portrait recommendation system, analyzes user characteristics by intelligently mining user data, recommends information that suits users’ needs, and applies the system to online shopping to recommend products to users according to their purchasing preferences, and introduce prediction algorithms to predict user needs, improve the accuracy of product recommendations, and help merchants achieve refined recommendations.

Tongqing Yuan
Digital Culture Communication Based on Recommendation Algorithm

Chinese traditional culture contains the wisdom and experience of the concept of governing the country, and contains the moral principles taught by the ancients. Carrying forward and developing the excellent traditional Chinese culture is of great significance for enhancing cultural self-confidence. The purpose of this paper is to study digital cultural communication based on recommendation algorithms. Combined with the particularity of the existence of digital culture, the recommendation technology is studied, aiming at the problems existing in collaborative filtering recommendation technology, an improvement method is proposed, and a recommendation algorithm for digital cultural resources is proposed. Combined with the digital cultural resource recommendation algorithm, a digital cultural resource recommendation engine is designed and implemented. Through the realization of the algorithm, using the data in the “Digital Cultural Resource Database” of the scientific research achievement of the Key Laboratory of Cultural Informatization, the digital cultural resource recommendation algorithm is compared with the traditional collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm, and the MAE mean absolute deviation is used as the main According to the experimental data, the MAE values of the improved collaborative filtering digital culture recommendation algorithm are all lower than 0.15 points, and the conclusion is drawn that the improved recommendation algorithm has higher recommendation quality.

Ying Gao, Kun Jiao, Xiaoyin Yin, Rui Han
Financial Data Management System Based on Genetic Algorithm

With the rapid development of CS and T and NT, great changes have taken place in the technology of financial MS. The traditional financial management architecture can not adapt to the distribution of management units and the large capacity of management data in the current information MS. This paper discusses the principle of GA, analyzes the key problems in the application of GA and the improved GA, summarizes the basic functional requirements of FD MS and the security requirements of FD analysis MS, and tests the FD analysis MS. The results show that the background data of the S runs well, the whole process S works normally, and the test results are consistent with the expected use case results.

Hongzhen Liu, Sheng Li
Action Image Recognition and Classification System Based on SIFT Algorithm

With the rapid development of high-tech, image processing technology is becoming more and more mature. However, some images taken in real life usually increase the difficulty of image recognition due to excessive noise, low pixels, image deformation and other reasons, and at the same time, the number of images is increasing, which makes the current recognition and classification system makes the recognition efficiency of images slow and the classification accuracy low. Action images often produce afterimages during the shooting process. In order to improve the matching and recognition rate of this type of image, this paper takes action images as the research object, and designs an action image recognition and classification system that can achieve high recognition accuracy. The SIFT algorithm is introduced into the system to improve the performance of the system to process images. Through the application of the system in action image recognition, it is found that the SIFT algorithm proposed in this paper has a good image classification effect.

Shuncheng Yang, Ning Zhou
Automatic Recognition and Correction System of Running Action Based on Computer Vision Technology

With the increasing improvement of living standards, healthy long-distance running has become one of the current ways of aerobic physical exercise. Long-distance running is beneficial to many bodily functions such as neck, spine, and heart, but inappropriate long-distance running can easily damage the joints of the human body. In order to make more fitness athletes run with a healthy and reasonable posture, this paper studies the automatic recognition and correction system of running movements based on computer vision technology. Based on the analysis of human motion detection methods and human motion recognition methods, an automatic recognition and correction system for running actions is designed. In order to understand the accuracy of the system in the recognition of wrong actions, this paper compares the designed system with the traditional system. The results show that the system designed in this paper has good accuracy and can control the deviation within a reasonable range.

Tao Liu, Dandan Fan
Intelligent Application of Digital Information Technology Based on Top-N Recommendation Method

With the rapid development of the Internet in China and the further improvement of the penetration rate of mobile phones, the base of mobile phone netizens is increasing day by day. The news client has appeared on the media stage as a new thing. With the sharp increase in the amount of data, traditional collaborative filtering algorithms have problems of sparsity and cold start. Based on this, this study proposes an improved item-based collaborative filtering model. Firstly, descriptive statistical analysis is carried out on the user's historical data to grasp the basic situation of the user's reading news information. After that, a user-item matrix based on implicit scoring is constructed. The item similarity is calculated by the cosine similarity formula, and the top 5 pieces of information with high interest are selected to recommend to users. Use precision and recall to evaluate recommendation performance. In addition, the mode method and Top-N recommendation method are used to solve the problem of user cold start. Finally, the follow-up research points need to be paid attention to, so as to promote the further development of news client recommendation.

Liyan Hu
Intelligent Analysis Method of Sports Training Posture Based on Artificial Intelligence

Before the rise of high technology, people rely on the naked eye to observe sports training skills, but with the development of AI technology, various high-definition camera capture machines have been developed that can record the movements of athletes, so that athletes can learn from the video. The shortcomings of the training methods (TM) are found in the images. This method can analyze and compare the athletes’ postures by scientifically quantitatively analyzing the sports characteristics of the athletes. Combined with the principles of human physiology, it proposes methods to improve the sports movements to assist the athletes’ training, so as to remove the traditional sports (TS). The training is purely based on experience. The sports training auxiliary analysis system constructed in this paper helps trainees adjust their training postures and movements, realize intuitive sports analysis and instruct, and enhance the level and grades of athletes.

Meng Xie
Theoretical and Practical Analysis of the Construction of Cultural Heritage Corridors Based on the Background of Computer Technology

The cultural heritage corridor is specially designed for a large range within the scope of world heritage protection; new thinking and new thinking have comprehensively protected the traditional linear cultural heritage. In view of the severe reality that cultural heritage corridors have been destroyed many times, the construction of “cultural heritage corridors” is the focus of regional protection. Under the guidance of traditional corridor theory, it has constructed its own Under this framework, computer programming is used to assist the display of the main line heritage of the corridor and the overall pattern of the corridor, and then various measures are taken to ensure the smooth development of the construction of cultural heritage corridors, so as to provide similar cultural heritage corridors provide effective reference for the protection of cultural relics.

Min Zhang
Development of Hybrid Recommendation Model for Online Shopping Based on Machine Learning

With the development of cloud computing, big data and other information technologies, e-commerce platforms have rapidly emerged as the main front of consumer transactions, online reviews have shown explosive growth. Online review data contains lots of valuable information, through text mining techniques to analyze this information, to help the company design more attractive products for online sales and develop a more complete marketing strategy. In this paper, the data of online shopping reviews, star ratings and “helpfulness ratings” published by consumers on Amazon are used as the research object. Firstly, based on the sentiment analysis of commodity evaluation text, we can obtain the average sentiment intensity of each product’s features. Secondly, the utility index is defined by considering time factor and reviews’ values, with the calculated results, K-means clustering method is adopted to classify reviews and identify significant features of informative reviews. Finally, through lasso algorithm, this paper filter out influential words and their influence coefficients. Sensitivity analysis have shown that the model is significant and robust.

Saiyi Zhou
Design of Computer Aided LT System Based on Improving GLR Algorithm

With the rapid development of the Internet, human social life and social economy have entered a new era of informatization, digitalization and globalization, which makes the importance of education more and more prominent. With the emergence of “Internet +”, tremendous changes have taken place in all industries, and “Internet + education” is gradually becoming a development trend. Online education platforms are attracting more and more attention, and more schools and students are willing to learn through online LPs. In the teaching of various schools, teachers teach students in all aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing through online platforms, which enables students to learn more conveniently and efficiently. With the progress and development of science and technology, the era of knowledge explosion has been ushered in, and the knowledge is being updated faster and faster. Contemporary students must be trained to be lifelong learners to adapt to this age of knowledge explosion. Therefore, autonomous learning ability is becoming more and more important. Computer-aided teaching provides teachers and students with real text, pictures, audio and video and other rich teaching resources. The characteristics of timely feedback of learning results in computer-aided teaching enable students’ independent learning. But the survey and results show that we must admit that there are still many schools that are reluctant to accept student-centered teaching models and are still using teacher-centered teaching models. According to a survey, more than 80 percent of high school students say that their opportunities to develop their independent learning ability in class are extremely limited, and many teachers do not know what or how to do it. After nine years of primary and secondary education, students are used to the traditional teaching mode when they enter high school. They rely entirely on teachers to organize, plan and evaluate their English learning, without realizing that they are the center of classroom teaching. Therefore, it is urgent to provide a practical teaching mode of using computer-aided teaching to cultivate students’ independent learning for classroom teaching. The paper uses literature research method and questionnaire analysis method to elaborate the basic concepts of LR algorithm and GLR algorithm, and analyzes the feasibility and effectiveness of computer-aided language teaching (LT) by issuing questionnaires (66 questionnaires and 64 valid questionnaires).

Chenxi Li
Optimization Strategy of Logistics Distribution Efficiency Based on Hybrid Ant Colony Algorithm

The progress of science and technology has driven the prosperity of online shopping, making the logistics industry a part of my country’s economic composition. However, while the technology is developed and the transportation is convenient, there are also some problems in logistics distribution, such as poor service quality and low distribution efficiency, which cause users to be dissatisfied with logistics. To solve this problem, this paper introduces the hybrid ant colony algorithm to analyze the strategies to improve the efficiency of logistics distribution. By comparing the optimal path length and search time of the distribution path before and after optimization of the algorithm, it is found that the hybrid ant colony algorithm can help the distribution personnel to plan the optimal distribution plan and path. The three indicators of informatization level, human resources investment, and logistics management concept have the greatest impact on distribution efficiency. Therefore, this paper proposes strategies to optimize distribution efficiency from these three perspectives.

Jingchao Hou, Yali Bai
A Model of the Influence of Network Language on Chinese Language and Culture Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

As an important manifestation of network culture, the generation and dissemination of network buzzwords are of great significance to reflect the development of network culture. Network culture is not a single culture, but a collection of many cultures. Behind the complexity lies the cultural choice and cultural integration of network culture, as well as the competition and compromise among different cultural ideologies. This paper mainly studies the influence of network language on the development of Chinese language and culture in the new media environment. In this paper, a neural network language analysis model based on particle swarm optimization is proposed. By using the superposition attention mechanism in cyclic neural network, the network language data information is extracted to judge the influence of network language on Chinese language.

Qing Yuan, Xiaoxue Zhao, Mengbing Fan
Modeling Technology of Aerobics Intelligent Network Teaching System Based on VR Technology

In recent years, online teaching has developed rapidly. The limitation of space is broken through online teaching. Students have more time to plan their own course arrangements and improve the efficiency of time utilization. Aerobics courses can relieve the huge pressure brought by students in the face of their studies, and can also relax their body and mind, and develop good exercise habits. Therefore, it is of certain significance to promote college students’ exercise courses. This paper analyzes the modeling technology of the aerobics intelligent NT(network teaching) system based on VR technology, and finds that the application of VR technology to the intelligent NT of aerobics has a very good effect. Immersive advantages. The influence of aerobics on students cannot be replaced by other courses. Aerobics is a sport worthy of promotion in universities. In this paper, the VP technology is applied to the modeling of aerobics intelligent NT system, which can greatly improve the efficiency of aerobics intelligent NT. The final results of the study show that the average score of the EG(experimental group) in the five groups is 71.36, and the score of the CG(control grop) is 70.36. It can be seen that the intelligent NT system has a certain help in improving the efficiency of students’ course learning.

Yigang Mao
AI-Based Adult Education Model

Due to the great success of machine learning algorithms represented by deep learning and its applications in machine vision and language cognition, coupled with the abundant and continuous data resources brought by cloud computing technology and big data analysis, artificial intelligence education has entered a new century at an unprecedented speed. Today, all levels of human society are undergoing tremendous changes. All social parties need corresponding means to carry out intelligent teaching, but how to take the road of artificial intelligence and education?, there is still no systematic discussion. In view of this, the purpose of this paper is to study the adult education model based on artificial intelligence. On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of adult education and the status quo of adult education, in order to understand whether artificial intelligence technology is suitable for application in adult education, this paper develops. The experimental research of adult education based on artificial intelligence technology is carried out to verify the effectiveness of teaching design and teaching strategies, and to build an adult education model. After data analysis, it is found that the learners’ learning motivation and learning efficiency have improved to a certain extent, indicating that the teaching mode supported by artificial intelligence technology has a certain role in promoting adult education.

Yuping Gao
Application of CORS Measurement Technology in Engineering Measurement

CORS is widely used in engineering survey due to its simple operation, low cost, high accuracy, strong real-time performance, and wide coverage. On this basis, the paper first summarizes the composition, characteristics, advantages, classification and application value of CORS system, and discusses the application of CORS technology in practical engineering, in order to have some reference significance for the innovation and promotion of this technology.

Liping Zhou
Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Technology in Wetland Research

This paper analyzes the application of remote sensing and geographic information system technology in wetland research, in order to give full play to the role of modern science and technology in promoting ecological improvement and geographical research.

Lei Hong
Analysis of Space-Time Characteristics of Power Load on Offshore Platform Based on Clustering by Fast Search and Find of Density Peaks (CFSFDP)

Compared with the general microgrids, offshore platforms are more significantly influenced by the load for their special working conditions which are mainly induction machines. It is necessary to analyze the load characteristics of offshore platforms. To solve the problems that the traditional CFSFDP clustering algorithm has poor results when dealing with unbalanced load data and the decision encloses certain subjectivity, an improved density peak clustering algorithm is utilized in this paper. We define a density measurement method based on the idea of K-nearest neighbor (KNN), and select the clustering center based on the maximum-minimum distance algorithm. Numerical experiment results show that compared with the traditional algorithm, the proposed method is more accurate and has a higher purity of results, which can be better used to analyze the load characteristics of offshore platforms.

Xuebin Wang, Lei Wang, Jingyu Ma, Wenle Song, Wei Zhao, Xiaokai Wang, Chenyang Li, Yuejie Xu
Design of Fuzzy System for Garbage Classification Based on Optimization Algorithm

The configuration of garbage collection facilities has a direct impact on the sorting effect. Although the configuration scheme of garbage collection facilities in the pilot city is very perfect, it is not applicable to college campuses at present. The composition of domestic waste on campus varies with the function of the area, so North China University of Technology is divided into six types of functional areas. The addition and location of domestic waste collection facilities are optimized by using linear planning, and at the same time, suitable proportional parameters are found based on multi-dimensional scale analysis, and regional waste classification standards specific to universities are designed and obtained. The optimized allocation plan of domestic waste collection facilities is proposed for North China University of Technology. The configuration scheme of garbage collection facilities proposed by the actual situation of the campus is compared with the configuration scheme of existing garbage collection facilities in China and verified by using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, which proves that the configuration scheme of garbage collection facilities proposed in this paper is more feasible in colleges and universities.

Zixuan Ge, Yaxun Dai, Junying Wang, Ning Wang, Bingbing Shi, Ying Zhang
Awareness Behavior Algorithm of Garbage Classification Based on Multiple Linear Regression Model

With China's higher education moving into the mass stage, the scale of colleges and universities is expanding, and the amount of domestic waste in colleges and universities is increasing. Taking Caofeidian Campus of North China University of Technology as an example, this paper combines questionnaires and field surveys to construct a theoretical model of the factors influencing the awareness behavior of students and faculty members on waste separation within colleges and universities based on the theory of planned behavior. A multiple linear regression model was used to analyze the influence of individual characteristics, cognition, attitude, subjective norms and perceptual behavior control on the awareness behavior of students and faculty members in colleges and universities, especially to investigate the moderating role of macro environment. Based on the results of the study, suggestions are made to strengthen the propaganda, improve the system to enhance infrastructure construction and strengthen supervision in order to improve the awareness behavior of waste separation among students and faculty and promote the construction of low-carbon campus.

Zixuan Ge, Yaxun Dai, Bingbing Shi, Ning Wang, Junying Wang, Ying Zhang
Fuzzy Computing Model of Music Emotion on Account of Machine Learning Algorithm

Music as a for people to appreciate the art form, had a great technical challenge for its classification, because music emotion relative to the immobilized, formatted transaction is different, music emotion is fuzzy, the boundary is not clear, a music track tend to have a variety of emotional experience, in order to solve the problem of music classification, fuzzy kernel clustering algorithm will be mapped to high-dimensional music sample Feature space can better identify and extract features, so as to continue clustering more accurately. It is difficult to distinguish the emotional features of a musical track which has both excited feelings and missing feelings. To solve this problem, a fuzzy computing model of musical emotions based on machine learning algorithm is proposed. This paper studies the content and principle of fuzzy computing model of music emotion based on machine learning algorithm, expounds the main content of fuzzy computing model of music emotion, and talks about the effect of fuzzy computing model of music emotion based on machine learning algorithm on fuzzy computing processing field. The data show that the error rate of the music emotion fuzzy calculation model based on machine learning algorithm is only 0.1 than that of other models.

Jinghan Shang, Ning Yang, Fei Shao
Construction of TCM Syndrome Model Based on Multiple Information Processing Methods

Objective: To construct a common traditional Chinese medicine composite syndrome model based on multiple information processing methods. Methods: 1132 cases of colorectal cancer were collected by epidemiological investigation, and the case information of colorectal cancer patients was modeled by cluster analysis, BP neural network, SVM support vector machine and random forest method. Results: Among the syndrome models constructed by BP neural network, support vector machine and random forest, random forest had the best effect, and the recognition rate of each syndrome type was respectively: spleen deficiency and qi stagnation (65.1%), spleen and kidney yang deficiency (83.3%), kidney essence deficiency (92.3%), accumulation of damp and heat (97.7%), and deficiency of both qi and blood (96.3%). Conclusion: The common TCM complex syndrome model was successfully constructed, and the random forest method has the highest accuracy in judging syndrome types. The application of random forest modeling method can provide new ideas and methods for the standardization of TCM syndrome research.

Guojian Lin, Hanting Huang, Jiancheng Chen, Sijie Xu, Chenlin Yang
Online Loan Default Prediction Model Based on Deep Learning Neural Network (NN)

With the rapid development of China's economy and the emergence of the concept of advanced consumption, credit has become an important way for enterprises and individuals to solve economic difficulties. Lending has promoted the rapid rise of loan financial business, spawned many credit institutions, followed by increasingly fierce market competition and more diversified loan methods. Compared with other credit institutions, the income that credit can bring to financial enterprises is much higher than that of ordinary loan business, but the credit risk is very high due to the insolvency and other defaults in the loan. Therefore, this paper puts forward the online loan default prediction model based on the deep learning NN. Firstly, it analyzes the main reasons for the online loan default risk, then explains the theoretical basis for the selection of the deep learning NN model, and finally puts forward the planning scheme for the loan default prediction based on the deep learning NN. Through the experimental analysis of online loan default prediction model, the statistical results show that there is no obvious correlation between loan grade and customer default. The number of defaults of customers with higher loan grade is small, but their average loan amount is high and the corresponding loan interest rate is high; In the application of deep learning NN to online loan default prediction, the number of customer defaults in the balanced training set reached 1025038, but the category ratio decreased to 512348:512654, and the test set also decreased, almost reaching the ratio of 1:1. This has little impact on the subsequent model prediction. The online loan default prediction model based on deep learning NN proposed in this paper is of great significance to reduce loan default.

Di Zhao, Yanxiong Han, Lulu Mei
Data Intelligent Reconstruction of the Practice Path of Media Information Ecology Based on Artificial Intelligence

In the digital age, various media information is processed by digital technology, deconstructed into data, stored and circulated on computer networks. On this basis, the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence has given birth to the concept of data intelligence and has had an impact on the media information ecology. Based on media practice driven by artificial intelligence technology, this paper analyzes the practice paths and problems of media information ecology. The paper argues that the media can achieve in-depth user and information understanding through data intelligence centered on algorithm logic. This kind of machine comprehension supports the media to realize intelligent information production, intelligent information distribution and intelligent information management, and reflects the practice path of data intelligent reconstructing media information ecology. With the wide application of data intelligence in specific media business scenarios, the issues of user privacy security and human-machine relationship have gradually emerged, requiring the media not to rely too much on the technical rationality brought by data intelligence, but to pay attention to the key role of human subjective consciousness in the media information ecology.

Xiao Liu
Design and Research of Stock Selection Optimization System Based on Big Data

This article discusses in detail about the design of the stock selection optimization system based on big data. Firstly, according to the user’s stock selection information, the system determines the screening characteristics, to obtain the stock data, such as transaction data, indicator data etc. After that, the stock data is preprocessed, and the preselected stock set is determined based on the screening characteristics and the preprocessed stock data. And then the index calculation is performed based on the data related to several stocks in the preselected stock set with similar screening characteristics. Finally, according to the results of the index calculation and the preset judgment rules, the confidence level corresponding to each stock in the pre-selected stock set is calculated, and then several stocks in the pre-selected stock set are selected and recommended to the user according to the confidence level.

Bin Qie
Real Estate Price Evaluation System Based on BP Neural Network Algorithm

With the increasing emphasis and investment in the real estate industry, the real estate appraisal business has also become an important part of the real estate business and has developed rapidly. However, there are theoretical problems in the current real estate appraisal, ineffective appraisal work, and incorrect estimation methods, all of which are affecting the progress of the real estate appraisal business. Therefore, in-depth research on valuation theory and valuation methods has theoretical significance and value. The purpose of this paper is to study the real estate price evaluation system based on BP neural network algorithm. On the basis of analyzing the commonly used real estate evaluation methods, the BP neural network model is established, and the real estate price evaluation system based on the BP neural network model is designed and implemented. Finally, this paper takes the real estate of a certain tier city as a sample, and imports it into the neural network for training. Through calculation, it is found that the real estate value can be evaluated more accurately and quickly through BP neural network calculation.

Bing Du, Yue Wang
Predictive Analysis of Students’ Mental Health Status Based on BP Neural Network

With the development of society, the psychological problems of students in school are becoming more and more prominent. Academic performance, family relations, interpersonal communication, will bring psychological anxiety to students and cause psychological problems of students. Students want to develop in an all-round way, not only in the acquisition of knowledge, but also in mental health. Colleges and universities generally arrange several psychological counseling teachers for students to consult at any time. In order to help the counseling teachers to understand the psychological status of students, this paper establishes a BP neural network prediction model, and inputs the students’ psychological test data into the model to get the predicted scores. Psychological problem level, psychological counseling teachers can carry out psychological intervention for students with serious psychological problems according to the score, so as to help students relieve psychological pressure and restore students’ psychological health.

Xiaochun Shi
Influence Analysis of the New Media Development on the Educational Resources Balance

The development of educational information makes the mainstream of education (teaching, management, scientific research, social service, etc.) become more and more digital and networked, and the new resources of education are produced all the time. The development of new media has had a profound influence on China’s comprehensive education reform, and its development is becoming a scientific force to promote the disruptive innovation and change of education system. With the continuous advancement of educational information, a variety of educational management, service platform for the construction of education and new media development has been continuously produced. The convergence of massive education data provides a new way for the balanced development of education. In order to explore the influence of the development of new media on the balance of educational resources, it is necessary to construct the model of educational resource balance analysis under the background of new media development, establish the appropriate mathematical model of index system as the basis of educational resource balance assessment, and carry out the traditional teaching observation platform. The establishment of educational resources statistics system, the effective and accurate statistics for the existing educational resources, the construction of educational resources observation platform and observe the students in the new media teaching model of the balance of teaching resources changes. Through the above steps, we can analyze the influence of the balance of educational resources under the development of new media, excavate the influence law, make up the shortcomings of traditional methods, and lay a certain foundation for the future research of educational resources.

Yang Zhang
Online Questioning Model Construction of Online Teaching Platform Based on New Media Communication

In the past, Question Answering System based on Web was used to answer online teaching questions. Because the real-time character of text message communication was not strong, the recall rate of the system was high and the user satisfaction was low. This study construct the online questioning model of online teaching platform based on new media communication, design the complementary operation mechanism of question repository, question answering method and question answering method in the demand module, design the connection between question understanding module and information retrieval module in the function module, and obtain the question according to the question type obtained by question understanding module. Based on different problem retrieval strategies, online questioning model of online teaching platform is constructed. The experimental results show that the students’ overall satisfaction with the model is 94.73%, and the actual recall rate is 71%. The students’ overall satisfaction with the model exceeds the actual recall rate of the model. It shows that the students have high recognition of the function and value of the model. The model is feasible and the answer efficiency is not more than 5 s, which has higher efficiency of answering questions.

Yanan Lin
System Design of Vocal Music Teaching Platform Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality technology-assisted vocal music teaching is a brand-new development path with the progress of my country's science. Its technical advantages can provide vocal music learners with a new method of vocal music art learning. The purpose of this paper is to study vocal music based on virtual reality technology. Optimized design of teaching platform. The significance of applying virtual reality technology to network education is pointed out; the specific application of virtual reality technology in network education is summarized. Based on the teaching design and system design of the courseware, the courseware is produced by using VRML technology. The optimization scheme of virtual reality system is provided, the influencing factors of system performance are expounded, and various optimization schemes are provided, such as the optimization of picture rendering efficiency and effect. The overall performance of the system is improved through the study of optimization principles and optimization schemes, and solutions to performance problems are provided for relevant R&D personnel. Through the statistics of the questionnaire results, it is concluded that 89.8% of the students expect VR technology to be used in music teaching.

Peng Gao
Source Number Enumeration Approach Based on CEEMD

Empirical mode decomposition (EMD) can be used to decompose complex signals into a limited number of intrinsic mode functions (IMFs), and each decomposed IMF component contains local characteristic signals of different time scales of the original signal. Thus, EMD can be used to transform the problem of source number enumeration into a pattern recognition problem, thereby improving the accuracy of source number enumeration. However, EMD is prone to mode mixing, which also affects the accuracy of source number enumeration. To overcome this issue, this research work proposes the replacement of EMD decomposition with the Complementary Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition (CEEMD) to suppress the mode mixing phenomenon. The result of the experimental simulation in this proved that CEEMD achieved a better accuracy of source number enumerations compared to three other approaches namely based on EMD, SORTE and GED.

Shengguo Ge, Siti Nurulain Mohd Rum, Hamidah Ibrahim, Erzam Marsilah, Thinagaran Perumal
Construction of Digital Management System of Five Education Simultaneously for University Students Based on Information Technology

Integrated education mode of Five Education simultaneously is the current development trend of the new era of education reform. For contemporary university students, the pathway of Five Education is extensive and diversified. It is necessary for universities to explore the combination of the Five Educations of university students from four levels, including university, faculty, department and home-university cooperative organization. Universities construct the digital management system of Five Education from the evaluation system, operation system, curriculum system, teaching system, teacher development system and home-university cooperative system. Universities set up the categories, evaluation indexes, evaluation methods and evaluation standards of collected data by using the “Internet + Five Education system. Universities develop a multi-level classification and comprehensive practice management system with the simultaneous development of education and teaching experience as the main line and recreational activities, social services, and professional experience as the auxiliary lines. In this way, the integration model in four dimensions of university, student, Five Education tutor and parents will achieve the educational goal of all-round development of university students.

Jun Luo, Yanfei Wang, Yulan Yu
Multi-modal English Corpus Construction Based on Net Information

The application of multi-modality, a computer-assisted language teaching approach, takes multimedia materials such as audio and video as the main supporters, which promotes the multi-dimensional development of language acquisition in terms of pronunciation, semantics and pragmatics, thus having a great effect on influencing the reform of English teaching in universities at home and abroad. This paper focuses on the construction of multi-modal English corpus based on net information. On the basis of literature review, the relevant theory and research methods of multi-modal English corpus are referred to, and the major content of multi-modal corpus construction of net information is explored in detail. The constructed corpus is tested, and the test results show that the performance of the corpus-based method is 8.47% higher than that of the dictionary-based method, and the performance of a combination of the corpus-based method and the dictionary-based method is 11.56% higher than that of the dictionary-based method alone. By means of numerical analysis, the conclusion is drawn that bilingual corpora can be exploited to serve as an effective supplement to dictionaries.

Yunbo Yuan
Overview on E-Government and Digital City from the Perspective of Blockchain

With the continuous development of Internet technology, cities gradually tend to digital management, based on the digital era of e-government has emerged in an endless stream. This project is based on the investigation of multiple government agencies, the implementation of e-government to solve the business management troubles of the major citizens, broke the time, space and information barriers between different departments, while facilitating the major citizens to handle business, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the staff. However, the convenience is often accompanied by user data security, privacy disclosure and information barriers between departments during the implementation of e-government. In view of the above problems, this paper studies digital city and e-government from the perspective of blockchain. As a top technology, blockchain has four major functions, such as tamper-proof, sharing and distribution, which can also promote the construction of e-government. Based on this, with the help of blockchain technology for research, discussion, and put forward the corresponding information sharing mechanism, digital identity, smart contract. Finally, by comparing the traditional data processing speed and the effectiveness of security mechanism between e-government departments, it further points out the advantages of incorporating blockchain technology, effectively maintaining data security, improving work efficiency, and then promoting the rapid construction and development of digital city.

Yuxuan Zhu
Online Reading Experience of Foreign Literature Based on the Background of Internet Technology

Along with the rapid development of mobile Internet, people’s life style has changed, and the way of reading has gradually shifted from paper books to e-books. Nowadays, the trend of e-books is developing better and better, and more and more readers like to read books in the way of e-books. It is in this context that the online reading platform for foreign literature was born. The purpose of this paper is to study the online reading experience of foreign literature based on the Internet background. The main purpose of this paper is to design the online reading platform by using the hybrid intelligent recommendation algorithm for book recommendation, and choose Spring architecture and MYSQL database to develop and design the platform, and conduct a questionnaire survey on the users who use the platform, the survey results show that more than half of the people who are very satisfied and satisfied with the platform, 74 and 91 people respectively, the proportion of the number of people who said they were satisfied was 24.7% and 30.3%, and the number of people who said they were satisfied was the largest. The number of people who said they were satisfied was the largest. 80 people said they were satisfied, accounting for 26.7%. Overall, the satisfaction level is still relatively high and the user experience is relatively good.

Kuang Shan
Campus Administrative Management Information System Based on J2EE

At present, most domestic school administrations are still accustomed to adopting manual or semi-automatic management methods. The traditional management mode is difficult to adapt to the increasingly complex transaction processing and decision-making. The management efficiency and decision-making of campus administration Correctness is facing severe tests. Therefore, it is particularly important to use computer technology and information network technology to change the traditional management mode, improve the scientificity of business decision-making and the efficiency of administrative office management. This paper designs a campus administrative management information system with J2EE as the platform architecture, and develops and implements the system on the basis of the campus network. The system can manage the teacher’s course information, the student’s student registration information, the school’s announcement information and so on. The system has great use value and can achieve an efficient information management level. According to the results of system running test and concurrent test, it is proved that the system can meet the usage requirements and ensure reliable operation.

Ying Li
Education Model for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in College Students Based on Multi-level Logistic Regression

As domestic economy continues to grow, the innovation & entrepreneurship (I&E) in college students have become mainstream. Because college students lack practical experience in choosing I&E after graduation, they have not received proper theoretical education in school. Hence, college students have no clear planning for I&E, which ultimately leads to failure in this regard. In this paper, the multi-level Logistic regression model is used to establish an I&E education model for college students based on the multi-level Logistic regression. The connection weight of the multi-level Logistic regression model is adjusted according to the model weight value. The effectiveness of this education model is analyzed. According to the research results, new insights can be provided for improving I&E education of college students in application-oriented specialties by analyzing the status quo and influencing factors of their I&E capabilities.

Yu Zhang
Biological Fermentation Process Control on Account of Swarm Intelligence Algorithm

Biological fermentation industry is one of the modern industrial units in industrial economy. This technology has been applied in many aspects such as medical equipment and food on a large scale, and has been found to have excellent development potential and development dynamics. However, biological fermentation is a technology with various processes and complicated procedures, among which there are many influencing factors and the correlation between them is very huge. It is very difficult to fully grasp and conform to process objectives. This paper studies the control of biological fermentation process based on swarm intelligence algorithm, and describes the related content of biological fermentation process control. The test shows that the control research of biological fermentation process based on swarm intelligence algorithm improves the scientific and accuracy of biological fermentation process control simulation.

Shixiong Liu, Hui Chen, Zixuan Xu, Dacheng Liu
A Ground Elevation and Canopy Height Retrieval Framework with ICESat-2 Photon-Counting LiDAR Data

The new generation of satellite-based photon-counting LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) has high instrument sensitivity, which makes it possible to obtain high-resolution and high-precision data, and it shows great application potential in large-scale topographic mapping. However, it is easy to be disturbed by the measuring environment. In the raw data, a lot of solar background noise, atmospheric radiation noise and instrument current noise are mixed around the signal photons. The low SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) makes it a challenge to remove noise photons from the data. According to the spatial distribution characteristics of photons, a Quadtree Isolation based photon-counting data noise removal algorithm with no input parameters is proposed. Experimental results show that the algorithm’s performance is better than that of the modified DBSCAN method.

Guoping Zhang, Shuai Xing, Qing Xu, Pengcheng Li, Xinlei Zhang, Dandi Wang, Kun Chen, Mofan Dai
Design of Intelligent Campus Guidance System Under the Background of Internet

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of colleges and universities in China, the campus space of colleges and universities is becoming more and more complex. In order to meet the needs of different groups of colleges and universities, campus guidance signs become more and more important. However, at present, with the continuous emergence of various emerging technologies and new equipment, especially the promotion and popularization of Internet technology in people’s life, mobile terminal equipment dominated by mobile phones and tablets are becoming more and more intelligent. The campus guidance signs of colleges and universities are also developing from traditional guidance signs to intelligence. The effective combination of campus guidance sign system and multimedia mobile terminals can not only be convenient, efficient It not only carries out campus guidance quickly, but also increases the user’s sense of experience and promotes the construction of smart campus in Colleges and universities. This paper studies the knowledge of University oriented logo design under the background of Internet, and expounds the importance of University oriented logo design to college students. The test shows that the research on University oriented logo design under the background of Internet has effectively improved the direction orientation of college students, and has a good design effect.

Junxiao Gao
Intellective Site System of University Library on Account of Elevated Apriori Algorithm (AA)

University libraries mostly use OPAC system to provide book retrieval service for readers. Through the retrieval system, readers can only get the call number of books and the info of the library where the books are located. Due to the lack of understanding of Chinese Library classification and collection layout, most readers cannot judge the specific site of the books by the call number info. Only according to the rack text guidance and call number info to compare the way to find books, can not achieve fast reading to acquire books. To solve this problem, a graphic display and orientation system is designed by using ASP programming tech and SQLServer database. Readers can decide the specific site of books through the info of book call number retrieved by OPAC system, so as to quickly acquire the required books. This article studies a series of theories and knowledge on account of the elevated AA of university library intellective orientation system research, reveals the concept on account of the elevated AA, definition and so on, and the university library intellective orientation system research case disposal. Through the actual video image effect analysis, on account of the elevated AA of university library intellective orientation system research, test results show that on account of the elevated AA of university library intellective orientation system research in the university library intellective orientation system in the book service productivity, cost reduction ratio, practicality and parameter optimization manifestation reached 83.01%, 91.01%, 92.65%, 98.98%.

Lei Cao, Quan Yuan
aMLP-ReID: A Vision MLP Architecture Mixed Linear Attention for Person Reid

The Vision Transformer architecture based on Self Attention has been found performing well in feature extracting compared with the CNNs, but there were simply few studies on downstream detecting tasks. The person re-identification task lies on judging whether there is a specific person by extracting image features. There is inevitable loss when convolution kernels are operated with pooling and downsampling with traditional methods based on convolutional network. Therefore, we considered replacing Multihead Attention in Vision Transformer mechanism with a MAL layer based on Vision MLP. The attention mechanism aggregates spatial information. Specifically, the constructed MAL layer explored the MLP structure fitting spatial information. Based on the MLP structure, aMLP-reid mixed linear attention with which was proposed for person re-identification. The improvement was obvious compared with the CNNs on several popular datasets after plenty of experiments. The experiments also demonstrated the effectiveness of Vision MLP architecture for image matching tasks.

Guangyu Lei, Jingsheng Lei
Financial Data Analysis Methods Research Based on Artificial Intelligence

In the era of big data, with the reduction of unit value density of data, it is more meaningful to fully mine the value contained in data resources than to expand the scale of data. Artificial intelligence based on data, algorithms and computing power has more advantages in data value mining than traditional data analysis method. Based on this, this paper takes financial data as the research object. On the basis of analyzing the urgency of financial data value mining, the characteristics of financial data and analyzing the limitations of traditional financial data analysis method, a financial data analysis framework based on artificial intelligence is constructed. In the constructed analysis framework, big data platform is the center of data collection and store. Computing power and algorithm based on artificial intelligence is the main analysis tools. Data analysis results present in different forms is the basis for decision making.

Weishuang Xu
Visual Communication Optimization System Based on Image Processing Technology

In the rapidly developing digital information age, the progress of science and technology, and the rapid development of the Internet, when people's eyes turn from the paper to the screen, the original passive, linear, and one-way way of obtaining information is broken. The intervention of new media forms provides more information presentation methods and means for visual communication design, bringing people a visual, audible, sensible, tactile and movable information world, and interacts with traditional media role, and promote the change of our design thinking and method. The main purpose of this paper is to optimize the visual communication design system based on image processing technology. This paper mainly analyzes the principle of visual communication, proposes image processing algorithms, and conducts related experiments. Research shows that the image processing algorithm proposed in this paper is faster than both traditional and deep learning algorithms, only 0.008, 0.009, and 0.010 s, showing that the algorithm in this paper runs faster than other methods in most cases.

Yang Hong, Peng Xu, Nanyi Wang
Economic and Trade Cooperation (EATC) Based on Data Fusion Algorithm on High-Quality Industrial Development

In recent years, the model of China's overseas EATC zone has been recognized by the governments of developing countries. The governments of developing countries are aware that the model of China's overseas EATC zone can drive the local private economy, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and is conducive to high-quality industrial development. Proposed the intention to jointly build a local industrial cooperation zone with China. Based on the data fusion algorithm, this paper studies and analyzes the impact of EATC on the high-quality development of industry, puts forward the data fusion technology, discusses and analyzes the internal force analysis of the basic development conditions, basic principles and strategic guarantee measures of development projects of the EATC zone, and statistically analyzes the impact of EATC on the high-quality development of industry by using the data fusion algorithm. The statistical results show that the income structure of farmers has changed significantly before and after economic and trade cooperation. Before the economic and trade cooperation, farmers’ income was mainly business income and wage income, accounting for 95.50% of farmers’ family income. After the economic and trade cooperation, farmers’ income structure was obviously dominated by wage income, an increase of 9.3%, which shows that farmers who joined the cooperative transferred their land to the cooperative operation, liberated the labor force and increased their family income; At the same time, 33.33% of the parks have achieved basic profits, and 11.9% of the parks have made considerable profits. In the long run, the parks with high-quality development should present diversified profit models in the park economy, and EATC plays a positive role in promoting the high-quality development of the industry.

Sonexay Phompida, Donghua Yu
AThe Impact of Personalized Recommendation Based on Algorithm Mechanism on New Media Communication

With the advancement of machine algorithms and artificial intelligence technology, the distribution mechanism of media information content has been continuously improved, and the match between content and readers has been greatly improved, and the era of intelligent media is coming. Among them, the content distribution model based on personalized recommendation technology has emerged in the market, which is also the focus of this paper. The main purpose of this paper is to study the impact of personalized recommendation on new media communication based on the algorithm mechanism. This paper mainly analyzes the outstanding characteristics of personalized recommendation news clients, which is to use personalized recommendation technology to collect and analyze user interest characteristics. A user forms an interest graph, and then achieves the purpose of accurate information distribution according to personal preferences. Experiments show that in terms of users’ browsing habits, only 16.53% of them have no fixed browsing habits, and 65.11% of users say that they will preferentially browse the channel content that they are interested in or that the platform automatically pushes.

Lei Guo
The Application and Dissemination Path of Intelligent Algorithm Big Data Analysis in Film and Television Creation

In recent years, with the continuous development of my country's intelligent algorithm BDtechnology level, people's research and exploration in the application of intelligent algorithm BDanalysis has become more and more in-depth. In order to make greater breakthroughs and development in the application of intelligent algorithm BDanalysis in FTC and the research field of dissemination path. Based on the application of intelligent algorithm BDanalysis, this paper explores the application and propagation path of intelligent algorithm BDanalysis in film and television creation (FTC) from a new perspective. This paper briefly introduces the application of current intelligent algorithm BDanalysis in FTC and the application and development trend of communication path research. Under the influence of intelligent algorithm big data, new artistic creation methods and means have emerged in FTC. In the process of film and television production, script creation, image processing, film and television editing and other links have been intelligently applied, which saves creation costs and shortens creation. Time also improves the quality of the work. The final result of the research shows that when the number of FTCs under the analysis of the intelligent algorithm bag date (BD) is 73, the dissemination efficiency of its FTC is 85.3%. In the application of BDanalysis using intelligent algorithms, the dissemination efficiency of FTC works in advance is not affected by the number of works, and the dissemination efficiency has always been maintained at an average level of 85%, which is relatively stable.

Zhen Long, Zeng Fan
Digital Technology Drives the Transformation and Upgrading of Platform Corporate Social Responsibility Governance System

In recent years, with the rapid development of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud computing, big data and industrial Internet, the “Internet+” platform economy has gradually penetrated into all fields of economy and society. The explosive growth of platform enterprises has also led to the occurrence of social responsibility loss and alienation. Lack of social responsibility, such as online shopping platform, food delivery platform, financial platform, live broadcast platform and search platform, has also caused negative externalities to economic and social development. This paper takes the social responsibility governance logic of platform enterprises as a starting point, and specifically analyzes the governance subject and object, governance mode, governance process and mechanism, and governance objectives. At the same time, the use of grounded theory to explore the connotation of corporate social responsibility management system platform, put forward from the platform enterprise legal liability management, review platform enterprise governance quality responsibility management, platform, platform, enterprise conduct liability management, platform, enterprise innovation management, ecological construction platform enterprise responsibility management six dimensions push platform transformation and upgrading of the corporate governance system.

Jie Shi, Wenbin Liu
Hybrid Teaching Model of Internet Marketing Gold Course: Based on Chaoxing Information Technology

With the development of modern education informatization, and the arrival of the global COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, online education has developed in a blowout manner. Online education mainly refers to a new type of education1 that integrates study activities and teaching activities through modern information machine technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence devices. At present, online and offline hybrid teaching has become the main teaching method. The Internet Marketing course hosted by the author of this paper (hereinafter referred to as author) was established as a first-class undergraduate course in Guangdong Province in 2020 (i.e. gold course). This paper uses Internet Marketing as an example to analyze the characteristics, curriculum design, platform construction, and interactive hybrid teaching process of Chaoxing Fanya Learning Platform.

Jinliang Wang, Ying Li
Deep Learning for FM-Based Recommendation: A Systematic Study on DeepFm and Its Application

As one of the classic topics in artificial intelligence, the recommender system aims to use historical data to make intelligent data recommendations for users to meet their specific needs. Lately, with the maturity of deep learning-related technology, the introduction of deep learning into recommender systems to improve their performance has gradually become a hot research topic. A representative work is called DeepFm, which can capture both low- and high-order feature interactions as traditional FM models and deep learning networks (DNNs), and thus can improve efficiency and correctness. Although numerous research works around DeepFm have been carried out in recent years, there is a lack of systematic research to allow researchers to grasp the general development of related research. Therefore, we focus on the relevant literature with high citation rates in recent years and provide a comprehensive description of the DeepFm technology, highlighting DeepFm-related research and its improvement. In addition, the modeling principles, methods, advantages, limitations, and suggestions of these studies are discussed in detail from different perspectives. We also discuss the main features of these studies and sort out future development directions.

Zhiheng Zhu
Application-Oriented Undergraduate College Teachers’ Teaching Evaluation System Based on Network Platform

Applied undergraduate colleges and universities (CAU) are in the process of education and teaching reform. Teachers’ teaching methods also adopt different methods according to different majors, different courses, and different teaching objects. Application-oriented undergraduate colleges focus on cultivating students’ practical ability. The proportion of practical courses occupies an important proportion in the entire teaching process, and is closely related to students’ future development and employment. Most of the teaching evaluation systems currently used are mainly for students to teach teachers’ teaching conditions, and then feedback the scoring results to teachers, which is only a single teaching quality information release. There are still some drawbacks in this way, such as the low degree of reference of the teaching evaluation results, the poor operation channel of the system when multiple users log in, and many other problems. The teaching evaluation (TE) system based on the network platform (NP) in this paper realizes online teaching evaluation through network technology. The system combines the actual characteristics of application-oriented undergraduate colleges, and formulates a teaching evaluation system that conforms to various majors. It can timely and accurately carry out teaching quality monitoring and teaching quality management.

Yingyue Hu
Smart Sports (SS) Service Big Data Platform (BDP) Based on Java

With the rapid development of “smart city”, technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and mobile Internet make people’s life more convenient, work more efficient, the improvement of material living standards and the rapid development of economy. It makes people’s demands for health more and more obvious. The emergence of “SS” makes it more convenient and diverse to meet people’s needs for sports fitness and leisure and entertainment. Based on this, this paper explores and analyzes the construction of SS service BDP based on Java, briefly introduces the concept of SS, discusses the design of SS system based on Java and the construction of SS service BDP, investigates the motivation of sports students in a university to download sports app, and tests the data collection rate of Java SS service BDP and traditional BDP, Data accuracy and data monitoring capability level. The test results show that compared with the traditional BDP, the data acquisition accuracy of the SS service BDP based on Java proposed in this paper is higher, reaching 89.78%, and the acquisition rate is also higher than the traditional BDP, while the accuracy of the traditional BDP is slightly inferior, only 78.12%, and the acquisition rate is also low. It can be seen that the SS service BDP based on Java proposed in this paper is of great significance for SS data collection and the future development of SS.

Xinying Liu
The Impact Mechanism of Blockchain Technology on Financial Risk

The three stages of the development of block technology are blockchain 1.0 – the application of digital currency; Blockchain 2.0 – Smart contracts, smart assets; Blockchain 3.0 – Decentralized trust mechanisms. Nowadays, both foreign and domestic scholars have studied many fields on the application of blockchain technology. General Secretary Xi Jinping gave a specific implementation path at the 18th Group study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee in October 2019, stressing that China’s financial industry should take blockchain technology as an important tool for global financial competition. And the blockchain technology is extended to digital asset transaction, digital economy, digital finance, supply chain finance, inclusive finance, Internet of Things and intelligent manufacturing and other fields. At present, most of the applications of blockchain are carried out around the financial industry. It is particularly important to realize a safe and controllable transition and ensure the stability of the overall financial system during the large-scale application of blockchain technology. In order to solve the problems of how to achieve a safe and controllable transition and how to ensure the stability of the overall financial system in the process of large-scale application of blockchain technology mentioned above, this project will analyze the influence mechanism of blockchain technology on financial risks in detail from the perspectives of public perception, application scenarios and virtual currency bubble.

Jie Mu, Wenbin Liu
Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Monitoring System Based on Blockchain Technology

Carrying out the quality traceability of agricultural products can help government departments to monitor the safety of edible agricultural products in real time to enhance the comprehensive ability of national food safety. The purpose of this paper is to study the quality and safety monitoring system of agricultural products based on blockchain technology. The origin, working principle and application scenarios of blockchain technology are outlined. Innovatively proposed the application of blockchain technology to construct a consortium chain for traceability of agricultural products. After analyzing the respective application scenarios of public chain, alliance chain and private chain, Hyperledger Fabric is selected as the blockchain solution of this system. The system is divided into four modules: enterprise production system, platform management system, supervision system and verification portal. This system has a complete upper-layer application system, which is convenient for enterprises, regulatory authorities and consumers to use. It has more advantages than other blockchain applications in terms of user operability.

Zongchao Cai
3D Modeling in Virtual Simulation Technology

Virtual reality technology is an emerging multi-disciplinary technology. It provides users with a virtual environment similar to reality, so that users feel immersed in the virtual reality environment. The purpose of this paper is to study the application of 3D modeling in virtual simulation technology. It mainly discusses the modeling and simulation technology based on virtual reality, focuses on the analysis of the generation technology of large-scale terrain, and discusses the modeling method, modeling generation method, dynamic interactive scene generation and information query in VRML environment in detail; Models such as roads and construction machinery are superimposed in the virtual scene containing DEM terrain data; the simulation process of road widening engineering in the road construction scene is realized, the query method in the VRML-based construction scene is analyzed, and the road excavation query block, filling blocks, etc. Finally, using VRML and other virtual reality technologies, the overall analysis and realization of the virtual simulation system of highway construction scene are carried out.

Jiangtao Wang, Man Jia, Xiaoxiao Yang, Jingwen Su
Big Data Personalized Recommendation Algorithm Based on Hadoop e-Commerce Platform

With the increasing development of Internet technology, the amount of data is increasing, and recommendation system has become the primary way to help users filter effective information from massive data. In the context of big data, how to apply relevant data to optimize recommendation algorithm has become the focus of current research. This paper mainly studies the big data personalized recommendation algorithm based on Hadoop e-commerce platform. This paper optimizes the object-based system filtering recommendation algorithm and builds a recommendation module using Hadoop platform. Hadoop technology is used to design a real-time recommendation system architecture to improve the real-time performance of the recommendation system. It can be seen from the simulation results in this paper that the hadoop-based recommendation algorithm is superior to the traditional recommendation algorithm in terms of accuracy, recall rate and F-score.

Lujun Lv, Qingyi Chen
Architecture of Pension Service Platform on Account of Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis

Intelligent home care service platform is an intelligent platform formed by pension + Internet + machine learning to provide pension services for the elderly. Aging is an important problem in society. This problem needs a new intelligent system to help solve. At present, scholars have proposed a set of machine learning algorithm and big data technology to establish a set of intelligent service system for the elderly. This paper introduces the research on the architecture of the pension service platform on account of machine learning and big data analysis, and explains the relevant research and theories on the architecture of the pension service platform. The test shows that the architecture research of pension service platform on account of machine learning and big data analysis has high performance in the architecture research of pension service platform.

Lujun Lv, Qingyi Chen
Construction of Data Mining System of E-Commerce Platform Under Smart City Pension Model

In recent years, with the rapid development of my country’s e-commerce market, the prosperity and development of e-commerce has prompted a sharp increase in EP (EP) users, and the amount of data generated by these users has shown an exponential growth trend. How to mine a large amount of user data under the EP and obtain useful information for the development of the EP is a top priority at present. Based on the relevant application research of the smart city pension model, this paper builds the data mining system of the current EP under the current smart city pension model to meet the needs of the current EP data mining system. This paper finds that the EP industry urgently needs precision marketing to improve its own service capabilities. Since EPs have huge advantages in collecting customer data, it is a common practice in the current e-commerce industry to use big data technology to guide the construction of data mining systems. The final result of the research shows that when the number of people who push platform 4 is 62, its data push accuracy is 96.1%. When the number of pushers on Platform 5 is 73, the accuracy of its data push is 94.3%. The experimental results show that the data push accuracy of the data mining system of the EP under the smart city pension model will not change with the change of the number of people, and its level is stable and maintained at a high level of 95%, indicating that it is feasible.

Danni Shi, Qingyi Chen
K-means Clustering Algorithm in Dormitory Allocation of College Students

Campus dormitory contradiction has long been the focus of comprehensive concern and social attention. The survey shows that most students have experienced dormitory contradiction. Tragic incidents have also occurred one after another due to the intensification of contradictions in the dormitory.Therefore, it has always been the focus among students, schools and society of creating a harmonious dormitory atmosphere and reducing dormitory contradictions.The survey team explored the real needs of students through questionnaire survey, and put forward the dormitory allocation method based on big data and students’ heterogeneity, which can effectively alleviate the contradiction in dormitories. It is of great benefit to students’ study, rest and life.

Dan Shen, Yao Dai
The Application of Computer Technology in English Writing Teaching

With the rapid development of China’s economy, people pay more attention to students’ English ability, prompting the school to constantly innovate English writing teaching methods, using computer technology can effectively improve the problems in English teaching, and make students’ oral English ability significantly improved.Therefore, this article briefly explains the importance of using computer technology, the shortcomings of traditional English writing teaching methods, the principles that should be followed, and the application of this technology in English writing teaching, such as creating a real learning situation, optimizing the way of practice and review, etc., and hope to be helpful to school English teaching in China.

Jing Liu
Exploration of Administrative Management Informatization

The article takes big data technology as the starting point and discusses around the administrative management related work. First of all, the characteristics of big data technology, for example, data variety, followed by the characteristics of administrative information, including information system to be improved, lack of big data information management facilities, finally based on the existing problems, according to the cause of the corresponding solution strategy, mainly establish and sound information system, strengthen infrastructure construction, etc. We hope to inspire the relevant personnel and provide a theoretical basis for the orderly promotion of administrative work in the future.

Ying Li
Implementation on Spark Based Self-service Drug Purchase Platform for Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Aiming at the current shortage of medical resources, Spark parallel computing framework, OID identification, cloud computing and other technologies were used to build Spark based self-service drug purchase platform for disease diagnosis and treatment. To launch shared drug unpacking retail service, online APP mutual aid alliance and personalized service of shared service, combined with offline physical cabinet shared drug unpacking retail area, reduce drug waste while meeting user needs, and promote a green and healthy development system.

Aohua Zhang, Jie Dong, Yuan Qi, Sirui Wu
Tourism Big Data System Based on SSM

With the development and maturity of Internet and big data technology, tourism informatization has become a hot social and public issue. Today, tourism has become a form of mass consumption. A complete and personalized tourism big data system based on SSM in this paper, is designed and developed to avoid unplanned and blind travel of tourists and the current situation that the application requirements can’t being satisfied with current systems. It can realize the functions of tourists’ travel routes, online booking and registration, facilitate the travel of tourists, provide reference for tourism industry development in the era of big data and promote the development of tourism industry informatization.

Jiao Han
Science and Technology History Resource Management System Based on ASP.NET

In the information age, human beings have entered a period of knowledge economy, and computer technology has gradually penetrated into people's lives. With the integration of new media and traditional media such as Internet information technology and network platform. Human beings pay more and more attention to the exploitation and utilization of information resources. Under the background of information age, people from all walks of life have gradually realized that historical information system is a very important and necessary key link in the construction process of the future world science and technology history and scientific knowledge application system. Therefore, this paper based on ASP.NET, the history of science and technology resource management system design. First of all, this paper introduces the definition, characteristics and role of the history of science and technology resources, and then studies the concept of ASP.NET and the application of related technologies, and design the history of science and technology resource management system module, at the same time, using the simulation test method, the performance of the system was experimentally investigated. Finally, the experimental results show that each function module of the system can run normally, and the response time is short, the speed is fast, and the accuracy of searching information is high. This shows that the system can meet the needs of users.

Min Liu
Informatization of Digital Media Film and Television Creative Language Under Internet Technology

In China to vigorously implement the strategy of “Internet + “ of the new era, the Internet got rapid development, but also the effective fusion with all walks of life, which to a great extent, promote the rapid development of digital media technology, how to further optimize and improve the Internet technology, film and television creative language information, should carry out in-depth research. This paper mainly studies the informatization of creative language of digital media film and television under Internet technology, analyzes the development of digital media under Internet technology, and deeply discusses the influence of Internet technology on the informatization of creative language of digital media film and television. This paper adopts the methods of questionnaire survey and data analysis to study the role of digital media art in the development of creative film and television language under IT technology, so that people can better understand the influence of modern IT on contemporary creative film and television language. At the same time, in the process, more people can understand it. According to the survey results, the majority of respondents believe that the application of digital media in the language of creative film and television is feasible, and the number of film and television personnel supporting this work is relatively large.

Qifeng Chao
Study on the Preparation of C4 Alkenes by Ethanol Coupling Based on Bootstrap Method

The manufacture of C4 olefins via ethanol coupling was investigated in this work [1]. The Bootstrap method of statistics was used to obtain the accurate relationship between the ethanol conversion and C4 olefins selectivity and temperature and time. First, analyze the relevant data [8], where the amount of data is too small and discrete individuals. In order to better fit ethanol conversion and C4 olefins selectivity at linear temperatures, Bootstrap method was used for statistics and self-iterative method system was used to make the fitting data closer to the real data. A visual analysis of the fitted large data set was performed to obtain the relationship between the ethanol conversion rate and temperature and the relationship between the selectivity of C4 olefins and temperature in each catalyst type. And verify the results to check the goodness of fit of the equation. When T = 350℃, the change of C4 olefins selectivity within $$\mathit{min}\in [\mathrm{20,273}]$$ min ∈ [ 20 , 273 ] was investigated [3]. By resampling, the resulting discrete data approximates the linear variation in the response. A large number of data are fitted into a continuous curve, and the relationship between C4 olefins selectivity and time can be known after analysis [4]. That is, the conversion rate of ethanol decreased significantly with time, from 43.5% in 20 min to 29.9% in 273 min. However, the selectivity of ethylene, C4 olefins, methyl benzaldehyde and methylbenzyl alcohol hardly changed over time [12].

Zhendong Yan, Liqiang Yan, Jiajie Ying, Jiang Guo, Hangfeng Yu
Ionospheric TEC Prediction of Leshan Based on Deep Learning

The total electron content in the ionosphere is the most essential parameter in the process of ionosphere studying. From the theoretical aspect, the changing in TEC could be the important data for the study of ionosphere morphology, describing the structure of ionosphere; while from the practical side, measurements of TEC provide opportunities to solve real-life problems, such as correction of ionospheric delay for increasing accuracy of global positioning and the development of regional model of TEC. Based on the needs, nowadays, various techniques have been used to model the ionospheric TEC for prediction. In present days, the accuracy of ionospheric TEC prediction based on deep learning could still be improved by further studies.

Jie Wu, Long Chen, Kaiyun Zheng
Design Optimization of Concrete Frame Structure Based on Genetic Algorithm

China’s construction industry has achieved comprehensive development because of its strong national economic foundation. At the same time, it has also made outstanding contributions to the further development of China’s national economy and urbanization. In order to better solve the complex problems in traditional structural design, genetic algorithms have been widely used. In this paper, based on the genetic algorithm coded by Matlab, some prefabricated components of the actual prefabricated frame concrete construction project are optimized to realize the safety of component structure, the cost economy of component construction materials, the versatility of component and the safety of component transportation and hoisting. To provide the corresponding reference for the optimized design of the building structure in the future.

Yan Zhang, Xiaoya Huang, Limei Wang
Design of Drama Film and Television Performance Work Display Platform Based on VRML Technology

Great changes have taken place in all aspects of social life, from concept to form. It plays an important role in shaping and disseminating the national image in drama, film and television works, and puts forward the optimization strategy of shaping and disseminating the national image. Virtual display is one of the applications. This paper mainly studies the design of the display platform of drama, film and television performances based on VRML technology.

Yan Zhang
Application Analysis of Big Data Technology in Vocational Education Informatization

The scale of China’s vocational training system has been recognized internationally, but on the whole, there is still a certain gap with developed countries. China’s vocational training is still facing a series of problems in the development process, such as uneven distribution of teaching resources, insufficient management system and further improvement of education quality. With the introduction of computer, The big data era has opened up new ways to learn new knowledge and new opportunities for China’s vocational education. Therefore, only when big data is fully combined with vocational training can it play an important role in vocational education innovation. Because most of our vocational schools are backward in technology, vocational schools related to the data age must actively change the traditional educational thinking mode, educational evaluation system and regulation mechanism to adapt to the development of the new era. Only in this way can vocational training be oriented to informatization and personalization, and the trained talents can provide better services for the country and society.

Jianqi Song
Application of GLR Algorithm in Syntactic Analysis of English Long and Difficult Sentences

English reading teaching can help students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and cultivate students’ comprehensive language ability, which plays an important role in senior high school English teaching. The effective identification and analysis of their complex structures are directly related to the quality of English-Chinese translation. Based on this, the syntactic analysis technology of English long and difficult sentences is studied, and a long and difficult sentence splitting strategy based on GLR algorithm is proposed. The long and difficult sentences are divided into fragments at different levels, and analyze the simple phrases in each fragment, so as to extract the main structure of the sentence and pave the way for the generation of translation; At the same time, the wrong splitting is corrected, which effectively improves the rationality of syntactic analysis. The experimental results show that the strategy is reasonable in the segmentation of long and difficult sentences.

Yanyan Deng
Design and Implementation of Graduate Education Data Management System Based on B/S Structure

The computer age and the progress of network information technology, campus digitization has become an inevitable trend in the development of various work in Colleges and universities. Since entering the 21st century, information management has entered the university campus at an unprecedented speed. This information management makes the traditional large amount of data management faster, more convenient and more humanized. In addition, it also promotes the university management to enter the international and personalized information network. More and more universities have set up their own websites. Through the website information management, it can not only improve the work efficiency, but also bring all kinds of convenience. All kinds of data management and statistics are completed by computers, freeing the staff from the complex data management and statistics. According to the actual needs of the unit, the graduate management information system can effectively meet the needs of student information management in terms of function, and can also provide relevant information resources for office informatization, so as to truly realize the sharing of effective data resources. The implementation of the system will greatly improve the level of office automation of the system, so as to avoid duplication, simplification and mechanization of work, and fundamentally improve work efficiency.

Ziyi Guo, Qiong Zhang
Design of Computer-Aided Grading System for College English Translation Examination in Artificial Intelligence System

Translation examination has always been regarded as a kind of examination which needs much manpower and intelligence input. Traditionally, the translation examination in College English is evaluated manually. Based on the characteristics of large number of College English test participants and heavy workload of teachers, this paper starts with the research on the existing achievements of automatic evaluation of machine translation, This paper discusses the possibility of automatic evaluation of College English translation test by computer with the help of human and related implementation methods. The research object of this paper is to evaluate the translation part of the final examination conducted by the English teaching and Research Office of Peking University in undergraduate college English teaching, aiming at the problems such as the heavy workload of marking papers and the decline of accuracy due to fatigue. According to the characteristics of College English test, this paper proposes to use relevant software, tools and algorithms to realize the network and automatic scoring of College English translation test on the basis of existing research.

Xueliang Shi
Application of Cloud Computing in Ceramic Art Design

With the rapid development of culture and technology, especially computer graphics, it has promoted the rapid development of design field. The combination of computer and art creates computer art. Cloud computing is a tool, and art is the connotation of design. The combination of cloud computing aided design and ceramic art design widens a new space for ceramic art design, and makes the culture in the field of traditional art more quickly and directly applied and absorbed. Cloud computing technology aided design has been more and more used and recognized in ceramic art design. Its powerful function, simplicity and convenience reflect its advantages in ceramic art design.

Xindi Li
Research on the Evaluation of Business English Teaching Model Under the Background of Big Data

Frequent set mining is a key step of association rule mining. This greatly determines the effectiveness of making relevant rules. In this paper, we introduce a rule extraction algorithm in E-commerce English, and introduce relevant rules using an improved search algorithm in identifying frequent users and page interest modes, which provides a basis for the personalized recommendation system model. This proves the application of the improved association rule algorithm in E-commerce English.

Yang Liu
Construction of Higher Vocational English Resource Database Based on Computer

The construction of English Resource Bank in higher vocational colleges is a process of providing sufficient and appropriate resources for students’ academic growth. Students have access to high-quality resources that enable them to improve their language skills. This helps them develop an independent learning attitude and build confidence in dealing with new situations. This is an effective way to cultivate communication skills and improve critical thinking ability. Based on the brief introduction of English learning and its characteristics and referring to other studies, this paper summarizes the general process of English learning resource database design. At the same time, taking this process as the framework, this paper analyzes the needs of Higher Vocational English learning resources, and makes an in-depth and detailed analysis and Discussion on the customer design of Higher Vocational English learning resource database.

Zhihui Lu
Analysis of College Students’ Public Physical Education Teaching and Evaluation Based on Decision Tree Algorithm

Traditional national sports is an excellent cultural heritage in China, with the national, sports and heritage. Under the modern education system, some colleges and universities begin to strengthen the importance of traditional national sports and carry out the national sports with regional characteristics. This paper introduces how to rationalize the data of the practical teaching process, analyze the relevant data of the teaching evaluation of the national sports course, find out the problems and reasons in the teaching process, and then take the corresponding teaching strategies to improve the teaching quality.

Yunxia Ma
Research on Spoken English Speech Recognition Technology Based on MATLAB

This research paper provides you with some of the most important information about this topic. The main objective of this research paper is to provide you with an in-depth knowledge about what Research on spoken English speech recognition technology based on MATLAB is all about. We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to understand the importance of Research on spoken English speech recognition technology based on MATLAB and how it can help you achieve your academic goals. Based on the online evaluation algorithm and the interactive system, this paper develops the grammar evaluation software, combined with C-SVC and v-svc for data analysis, to improve and promote the oral English evaluation. Finally, the implementation of the interactive system proposed by the algorithm shows that the system has accurate search and comprehensive content, which is conducive to the evaluation of oral English and has strong practicability.

Yanfang Mu, Dengyun Wang, Yihong Zhao
Design and Application of Online Chemical Experiment Safety Examination System

Through the construction and application of chemical experiment safety online examination system, students can use the school network to understand and learn the experimental safety knowledge in the early stage of the experimental course at any time, and carry out the online examination of experimental safety knowledge on the basis of completing the learning task, so as to obtain the certificate of entering the chemical laboratory for experimental course practice. The results not only strengthen the standardized management of the chemical laboratory, but also enhance the students’ safety awareness and the ability to deal with laboratory safety accidents, so that the experimental teaching work of the basic chemical experiment teaching center can be carried out more safely and orderly.

Yiping Wang, Wei Li
The Way of Integrating the Thought of Mathematical Modeling into Mathematics Teaching in Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

The concept of mathematical modeling refers to abstracting the actual problems or situations in life, establishing basic mathematical models, and using mathematical models to solve practical problems, strategies and consciousness. With the development of teaching concept in China, the idea of modeling has been introduced into the process and universities, and has been unanimously recognized by the majority of teachers and students. However, practical research shows that some teachers have adopted comprehensive teaching methods in mathematics teaching in applied universities. We carry out in-depth exploration in this regard, hoping to play a positive reference role.

Yanhong Wu
Curriculum System Construction of Application Major in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Big Data Technology

The society has a huge demand for big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing jobs, so it is urgent to cultivate a new generation of information technology talents. On this basis, this paper discusses the student training curriculum system focusing on computer and data application, introduces the “berufsbank f ü R berufszentrum project praxis” training curriculum system, and innovates and transforms the training curriculum system into big data. This requires constantly improving the quality of talent training.

Yeqing Xiao
Analysis of Highway Engineering Cost Estimation Based on Genetic Neural Network

In this paper, the characteristic factors are extracted as parameters from the factors affecting highway cost. Based on historical data, a rapid estimation model of highway cost is established by genetic neural network. The model optimizes the neural network structure and its learning algorithm through genetic algorithm, and finds a neural network model suitable for cost estimation in a short time, which greatly shortens the time required for manual modeling and improves the performance of the model for cost estimation. Finally, an example is given to verify the excellent effect of genetic neural network model in highway engineering cost estimation.

Jing Ju
Development Trend of Film and Television Art Based on Big Data

World media called 2014 the “first year of big data” in the Internet field because “big data” in the Internet field was applied to various industries this year. Big data has also had a great impact on human society, business activities and media. The term “big data” means that a large amount of information is being collected, stored and analyzed in real time. This is a new phenomenon, accompanied by the rapid growth of computing power and storage capacity. The resulting growth in available data is changing the way we live and the way we work, study and do business. Big data can be divided into two categories: structured big data (structured or semi-structured) and unstructured big data (unstructured or semi-unstructured). Structured big data refers to structured information such as databases and spreadsheets.

ChunLiang Wang
The Influence of VR Technology on Film Creation and Its Development Direction

The creation of film is the combination of art and technology The emergence of modern computer technology has promoted the development of film creation. This way of expression complements the emotional needs of the real world and the sleep space in film creation. At present, the investment related to virtual reality technology and film industry is concentrated in the market. However, due to the unique personality of VR film, it is necessary for the industry to explore a development road different from traditional films on the story content, production technology and exhibition platform.

ChunLiang Wang
Regional Sharing Model of Information Education Resources in Rural Schools Based on Cloud Computing

As an integral part of educational rectification, plays an important role in the all-round development of quality education and the construction of educational modernization. Improving rural education informatization is the basis for improving the level of education informatization, an important symbol of the comprehensive modernization of education, and an important means to promote the balanced development of compulsory education. Its essence is to make education information, and the most important thing is to make education become human information. At the same time, there are many difficulties in the development of rural education and traditional forms of education. Cloud computing has not only changed people’s online lifestyle, but also had a profound impact on the basic education of the whole region. Change the current situation of uneven distribution of basic education resources in this region, and promote the transformation of basic education services and the sharing of basic education resources in this region.

Gao Peng, Manni Wu, Chengdong Lin, Xuewei Shi, Na He, Weipeng Sun
Nonlinear Combination Forecasting Method and Empirical Analysis of Enterprise Financial Crisis

This paper focuses on the nonlinear combination prediction method and demonstration. The definition of enterprise financial crisis. Different scholars have different views on the definition of enterprise financial crisis, but it can be divided into two categories: one is the definition of enterprise financial crisis from the legal level; The other is the definition given by researchers themselves. Through analysis, it is considered that inventory is the main reason for the positive and negative effects of the two financial ratio indicators on the financial crisis. Finally, the paper establishes the five financial ratio index discrimination system model of enterprise financial crisis.

Dan Hou
Research on Energy Storage Control Technology and Optimization of State Grid Based on Computer Control System

This paper studies the state grid energy storage control technology and Optimization Research Based on computer control system. The computer control technology test-bed is widely used in Electromechanical, automation and other control related majors, and can also meet the research of system and state grid energy storage control technology. The energy storage device can balance the energy in the microgrid, so as to ensure the normal operation of the microgrid. For example, during the operation of State Grid, the energy fluctuation of micro power supply needs energy storage device to stabilize; When the microgrid operates alone, micro power sources such as photovoltaic power generation or wind power generation need energy storage devices as their reference voltage source.

Zhenning Fan
Research on Intelligent Charging Strategy of Large-Scale Electric Vehicle Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

In this research, an intelligent charging strategy of large-scale electric vehicle based on adaptive genetic algorithm is proposed. The proposed method can charge the battery with a minimum amount of energy consumption by considering the characteristics and behavior of each type of battery. This approach can reduce the cost of electricity used to charge batteries during long-distance travel. The solution model of intelligent charging control strategy for large electric vehicle is established. The proposed intelligent charging control strategy consists of three sub-control strategies, namely the charge rate control strategy, the battery temperature control strategy and the power management strategy. In order to achieve a better performance in terms of energy efficiency and environmental protection, it is necessary to combine these three sub-control strategies together into one overall intelligent charging control scheme. This paper presents an integrated intelligent charging control scheme based on fuzzy logic controller (FLC) and neural network (NN). The FLC can be used as a simple way to implement the fuzzy logic function with limited computational resources.

Ruohan Wang, Xilin Zou, Jing Li, Yunlong Chen, Xuexia Wu
Market Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage Traditional Handicrafts Based on Computer Technology

Traditional handicrafts are not only the fruits of labor and wisdom of the people, but also an important part of China's intangible cultural heritage. However, with the acceleration of economic globalization and modernization and the double attack of foreign culture and high and new technology, traditional handicrafts are facing an unprecedented survival crisis. In recent years, intangible cultural heritage traditional handicrafts have been trying to tap the methods and potential commercial value suitable for today's social soil, and the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage is related to cultural identity, so it is urgent to protect and inherit. However, the inheritance process of intangible cultural heritage also encountered many practical obstacles, which need to be solved urgently. This paper first traditional crafts, explains the positive role of non genetic handicraft as the carrier of cultural memory on the social impetuous mentality, and then discusses how to improve its own problems to adapt to the current soil and nourish the current social public, so as to promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage traditional crafts.

Ting Wang, Haibin Tang, Minna Wu
Cloud Data Integrity Verification Algorithm of Accounting Informatization in Sharing Mode

In order to ensure the security of accounting information in general financial model, a data integrity verification algorithm based on cloud computing is proposed. Firstly, the exchange coefficient data information system based on cloud computing is analyzed, which provides the overall system structure and network topology for cloud data storage. In addition, the existing single user data verification algorithm is improved, and the multi-user parallel verification algorithm is applied to realize accounting computerization, so as to reduce the verification times. The experimental results show that the parallel verification algorithm used by many users ensures the integrity and consistency of data files.

Ya Gao
Analysis on the Role of Big Data and Cloud Computing in the Construction of Economic Management Database

Big data and cloud computing are the two most popular keywords in information technology in recent years. Database construction is closely related to the revolution and development of data technology. At the beginning of this year, I had a discussion with my friend about how to build an economic management database. He suggested that we should use big data and cloud computing technologies to build it. I was quite surprised at first, but after thinking about it for some time, I finally realized that he was right. The reason is that the construction of such a database will be very cost-effective and efficient if we adopt big data and cloud computing technologies. In fact, these two types of technologies are not only suitable for building an economic management database but also can help us solve many other problems in the context of economics. Here are three examples.

Chang Yu
Research on Three-Dimensional Modeling and Algorithm of Torus in Packaging Structure Design

In recent years, computer vision and virtual reality have developed rapidly, and 3D modeling has gradually become an important topic in computer graphics research. With the application of 3D modeling in many occasions, the demand for real-time modeling is gradually emerging. Therefore, the practical application poses a greater challenge to the computational complexity and robustness of 3D modeling This paper mainly discusses the key technology and innovative research of three-dimensional modeling based on torus in packaging structure design.

Zongyu Ma
Detection Method of Fine Cracks on Ceramic Tile Surface Based on Image Segmentation

Therefore, quality inspection has become a crucial step for ceramic tile manufacturers. At present, most ceramic tile manufacturers still adopt the manual detection method for the detection of ceramic tile surface quality, but this method has the problems of low detection efficiency and high cost, which can not meet the development needs of the current factory. The detection technology adopted in this paper is based on digital image processing and combined with machine vision to detect the surface defects of ceramic tiles. As a novel detection technology, this method has been widely used in the surface quality detection of glass, ceramic tile, steel ball, wood and fabric, which industrial detection. Taking the defects of ceramic tile surface as the research object and the defect detection algorithm of ceramic tile surface as the core, this paper studies the technical algorithm of ceramic tile surface quality detection for the purpose of accurately identifying and classifying different types of defects on ceramic tile surface.

Fang Luo, Zhiliang Zhang
Virtual Idol: Can the Digital Exist Bring Marketing Effectiveness and How? An Empirical Study Based on SEM

Virtual idol is a computer-generated media celebrity, this digital exist is becoming a new type of marketing tool and virtual idol marketing has also become an emerging social phenomenon. However, the related academic research is far behind the practice. This study verified that virtual idol can influence audience’s brand attitude and purchase intention through the mediating effect of para-social interaction. By verifying the marketing effectiveness and revealing the underlying operational mechanism of virtual idol marketing, the result of this study can provide theoretical support for virtual idol marketing practice and guidance for virtual idol design and operation.

Yunzhu Yu, Simon CM Kwong
Explore the Significance and Effect of Modern Video Technology in Japanese Teaching

The article takes the significance and role of modern video technology in Japanese teaching as the research object. First, it briefly analyzes the significance of applying modern video technology in Japanese teaching, and then discusses the role of modern video technology in Japanese teaching. It also analyzes the applicability of different types of video techniques in Japanese teaching. Finally, some important points for the application of different types of video technology in Japanese teaching are put forward, hoping to provide a certain reference for related research.

Xiuxia Cui, Yukari Nagai
Application of Online Learning Under Cloud Computing in School Enterprise Cooperation Mode

Accesses resources anytime and anywhere, and charges users according to user consumption. In the virtual resource pool, users can easily and quickly access resources without management and only need to communicate occasionally. In the past, users could not access resources. E-learning or online learning is not only the development trend of modern learning forms, but also the development trend of modern distance learning methods. This is because students are busy with daily learning, learning pressure is great, and the traditional education mode is popular. In contrast, the traditional teaching platform lacks enough flexibility, less interaction between teachers and students, lack of performance control means, and lack of the ability of network in-depth teaching. This paper studies the application of online teaching in the cooperation of higher education institutions.

Chaoyi Wang
The Construction of Autonomous Learning Resources of Tourism English Under the Network Environment

The existing network teaching resources have a low degree of intelligent navigation, do not focus on knowledge points according to the existing learning content, can not be modified according to the actual situation of learners, and can not meet the needs of network autonomous learning. Gao Bei should focus on building autonomous learning resources such as tourism English network interactive communication platform, extracurricular learning network, excellent course learning websites of domestic and foreign universities, In view of the current situation of College Students’ Online Autonomous Learning and the demand for tourism English teaching resources, this study puts forward the idea of dividing tourism English teaching content according to knowledge points, gives the knowledge point construction model and student characteristic model, analyzes the relevant modules, and gives the implementation method of the relevant functional modules. In the process of organizing tourism English teaching resources, only by combining theory and technology can the developed resources better meet the needs of students’ autonomous learning.

Liu Yan
Enterprise Intelligent Accounting System Structure and Intelligent Accounting Algorithm

This paper studies the structure of enterprise intelligent accounting system and intelligent accounting algorithm The structure of intelligent accounting system is the core of intelligent accounting algorithm Intelligent accounting algorithm can be divided into two parts: input data processing and output data processing The system includes enterprise management information system and enterprise resource planning system. The structure of intelligent accounting system is a set of rules and algorithms, which can automatically detect, classify and process transactions. Intelligent accounting algorithm is a kind of software based on artificial intelligence, which can provide high efficiency in detecting, classifying and processing transactions. Transaction detection includes: (1) transaction type identification; (2) Identification of transaction amount; (3) Transaction time identification; (4) Source/destination identification. Transaction classification includes: account classification; Customer classification.

Zehao Wang, Yi He, Hao Jiang, Chen Yu
Research on Sentence Group Division and Its Judgment Rules in Natural Language Processing

In natural language processing, especially in information retrieval and machine translation systems based on grammar and semantic rules, the processing of sentence groups is particularly important. It is an important leap step from understanding isolated word and sentence meaning to understanding the central content of the whole text. As a key step in sentence group understanding, sentence group recognition is particularly important. Starting from the structural characteristics of sentence groups, this paper divides the internal semantic combination of sentence groups, which is suitable for computer processing. According to the research results of “concept space representation of HNC language”, the relevant rules for identifying sentence groups with the above characteristics are formulated. Experiments show that the segmentation method has high sentence group coverage, and the segmentation rules have high accuracy.

Qunfang Bai
Optimization Design and Simulation of Construction Cost Model

The traditional construction cost model has large errors in processing data. In order to solve the problems of poor calculation resistance, the construction cost model is optimized mainly by structural optimization and algorithm improvement. A reasonable control calculation is proposed, that is, the optimized structure is used to undertake multiple layers, so as to reduce the impact of external conditions on the calculation, The construction cost model algorithm is optimized on the basis of, and the investment estimation, design, revision and construction drawing budget estimation are unified, and the final accounts are realized by using the multi-dimensional theoretical calculation formula, so as to improve the data processing capacity and accuracy.

Jinbao Cao
The Application of Information Technology in Classified Training and Layered Teaching of Marketing Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges Under the Integration of Industry and Education

Vocational education emphasizes five links Specialization is related to specialty, professional responsibilities, professional course contents are linked to professional standards, courses are linked to production plans, academic qualifications are linked to professional qualifications, and vocational and technical education is linked to lifelong learning. With the development of modern science and technology and the progress of society, the market demand for talents is increasing. In order to adapt to social development and meet the market demand for talents, the direction of talent training must adapt to the market demand. The highest marketing major is to cultivate the professional talents needed for marketing in the activities of socialist market economy. However, there are many problems in the training of marketing professionals in Colleges and universities. Taking marketing specialization as an example, this paper analyzes the current situation and problems of production training mode, in order to establish a talent training mode to meet the requirements of the market, introduce this mode into vocational education and greatly improve the quality of talent training in Colleges and universities.

Mingfa Chen
Application of Mobile Learning App in College English ESP Hybrid Teaching in Application-Oriented Universities

The application of mobile learning app in College English ESP mixed teaching provides students with opportunities for learning, learning and practice. These applications are used for different purposes, such as improving academic performance, improving language skills and making it easier to communicate with others. It is also used as a tool to make their courses more interactive and attractive. Application oriented universities are those that attach great importance to the application of knowledge and skills. This is because their goal is to provide students with practical experience in the field of study they choose. Students will be asked to apply what they have learned from lectures, tutorials, seminars or seminars to gain real-world experience. The main goal of these universities is to get students employed after graduation. Should mobile learning applications be used for College English ESP blended teaching?

Ruoqing Chen
System Design of Agricultural Economic Management Mode in China Under Data Mining Technology

Agriculture is the foundation of China’s national economic development Under the new social background, the introduction of information technology into agricultural production and economic management is becoming an inevitable trend of agricultural development. This paper first analyzes the impact of data mining technology on China’s agricultural development, then finds out the problems existing in the application of data mining technology in agricultural economic management, and finally discusses the new way of agricultural economic management information.

Xianjun Chen
Big Data Analysis and Prediction of College Employment Based on Machine Learning

This information can include any number of different information, such as demographics (such as age, gender), academic achievement (such as GPA) and even social status media. Big data analysis is the process of extracting information from a large amount of data. The main purpose of this process is to predict future results based on past trends and patterns. Help predict future results by analyzing past trends and patterns. Different technologies can be used for big data analysis, such as regression, classification, clustering, etc. The output of these methods is used as the input of machine learning algorithms, which help to predict future results based on historical data.

Yong Chen
Exploration of Youth Social Work Model Driven by Artificial Intelligence

As the engine of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence is drawing an unprecedented picture of the world. At present, artificial intelligence has been more and more widely used in military, industrial manufacturing, public security, production and life services and many other fields, and gradually plays its unique advantages and role in the field of intervention and service innovation for all kinds of special groups. In the field of social work, artificial intelligence is also quietly coming. While it has an impact on the original service theories and methods, it is reshaping the new social work system. The exploration of youth social work model driven by artificial intelligence is a new method explored by social workers. This method can be used to explore the nature and causes of problems in this field and develop solutions to these problems. The main purpose of this study is to establish a system to help young people find their own way of life and provide them with more opportunities to know themselves and their environment.

Zhaoman Chen
Educational Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Construction of Cross-Border E-commerce Platform

The formulation of unified initiatives and policies and the improvement of people’s living standards will contribute to the comprehensive development of cross-border e-trade in the context of global economic integration. Based on modern information technologies such as big data, e-commerce platforms at the transnational level integrate social resources and provide technical support and information services for suppliers and consumers in the era of rapid development of international trade, Provide low-cost and efficient business activities and eliminate many disadvantages of traditional cross-border trade. Combined with international e-commerce logistics and artificial intelligence technology, this paper studies the technology of extracting data based on neural network, promotes the “last kilometer” logistics system in the form of multinational e-commerce enterprises, and establishes foreign inventory management system. Thus, it establishes the basis of digital multinational e-commerce logistics supply management, realizes the real-time logistics information, provides efficient and affordable information services, and improves shopping satisfaction.

Zhongming Chen
Research on the Integration of Business and Finance Based on the Background of Bulk Trade Risk Management and Control in Cloud Computing Environment

In the new economic era, the three major management functions, supply chain management, marketing management and financial management, are the key functions for enterprises to maximize value, supporting the daily operations of enterprises. The integration of finance and business has increasingly become an indispensable requirement in corporate management. Which provides strong technical support for industry finance integration. As a group controlled enterprise, YL group needs to make timely use of the powerful computing function of cloud computing in order to meet the financial requirements of group control, timely provide financial data and business data, provide effective decision support for enterprise operation and management, and achieve the management goal of “business operation drives financial development, and financial development supports business operation”, Promote the construction of industry finance integration system at the level of YL group.

Xiujuan Zhang, Yong Wei
Evaluation Model and Algorithm of Physical Education Teaching in Colleges and Universities

The evaluation method of college physical education is very simple Teachers must evaluate students’ academic performance in each class Score calculation system or other evaluation forms can be used to complete this task. Teachers must know how to use this information to improve students’ behavior and have confidence in their abilities. (2) Based on previous research, teachers should know which activities are most effective for all age groups, gender, ability, etc. D, And the defects and application of evaluation methods. In college physical education, sports evaluation model and algorithm are the evaluation process of teachers The evaluation process is based on performance indicators, student performance indicators, objective evaluation of teachers’ academic performance and other standards. D。 . In addition to these measures, there is also a system for assessing the effectiveness of education, as well as the quality and premonition of curriculum development.

Fan Lei
3D Fashion Design Method Driven by Sketch and Data

The sketch and data-driven 3D fashion design method studied in this paper focuses on the design method of 3D fashion, which has become a hot topic in recent years. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between sketch and data, and to explore the impact of 3D sketch drawing methods on the pattern making process. This study also aims to verify whether there are any differences in pattern making ability between 2D sketch and 3D sketch.

Fu Cheng
Construction of Educational Neuroscience Information Database by Computer Technology

This study points out that educational neuroscience information data is a kind of big data, and puts forward the concept of educational neuroscience information big database based on the current situation of educational neuroscience information big data. While expounding the characteristics and functions of educational neuroscience information big database, this paper discusses the architecture model, construction methods and methods of educational neuroscience information big database, and further analyzes the impact of the big database on educational neuroscience information, hoping to provide reference for the development of educational neuroscience information and play a role in the development of physical education.

Yang Gao, Yun Liu
The Integration and Construction of Information Education and Teaching Resources Based on Regional Cloud

This paper studies the integration and construction of information-based education and teaching resources based on regional cloud. In the era of big data, the integration of regional education resources has shown a new development trend. Moreover, if we can further integrate the education resources of colleges and universities, we can deliver high-quality talents with the flavor of the times to the society. With the deepening of school information construction, facing the new requirements of global talent training and the promotion needs of the whole process education mode. On the basis of understanding the connotation of information education and teaching resources and integration, this paper constructs the integration construction mode of information education and teaching resources in Colleges and universities, puts forward the implementation guarantee of integration construction, and effectively integrates the digital resources of the whole specialty on the cloud platform. Then, the cloud platform is used to carry out classroom teaching reforms such as flipped classroom and micro class, which has been proved to have a good effect through practice.

Na He, Sha He, Mincong Shen, Peng Gao
Micro Course Model in College English Reform Based on Ant Colony Algorithm

At present, the State encourages the wide application of digital teaching resources in teaching practice, so micro course, as a new educational resource, in educational practice. For college students, College English is a public basic compulsory course at the undergraduate stage. College English micro curriculum model based on ant colony algorithm is a learning technology that uses the behavior of ants to learn complex tasks. It has been used by researchers and educators for many years, but it has not been welcomed by teachers until recently. The idea behind this approach is based on how ants work together as a team. To do this, they follow simple rules or algorithms that are very easy for them to understand and follow. This enables them to complete tasks efficiently without wasting time or energy and doing things inefficiently.

Xiaorong Hu
Education Quality Evaluation Method Based on CIPP Theory

Quality evaluation is not only a necessary guarantee for the effectiveness of higher education, but also an important task for the further promotion of higher education. At present, there are some problems in the quality evaluation of education, such as loose indicators, superficial content and single standards, which restrict the guiding role of quality evaluation in education. Through the deconstruction and analysis of the characteristics of higher education, based on the relevant theoretical research, establish a scientific, complete and suitable evaluation index system, and build a generally applicable higher education quality evaluation system, in order to solve the hot and difficult problem of education quality evaluation in the field of educational theoretical research and practical exploration. Compared with western countries, the evaluation of higher education quality in China started late and developed slowly. In order to enrich the research content of education quality, CIPP model is introduced into education quality evaluation. The CIPP model is used to deconstruct and analyze the education quality, and the evaluation theoretical model is constructed. Based on the constructed evaluation theoretical model, established by following the principles of the combination of process evaluation index and result evaluation index, classroom teaching evaluation index and practical teaching evaluation index, objective evaluation index and subjective evaluation index.

Huang Kui
Design and Implementation of Key Modules of English Teaching System Based on J2EE

Which is a modular English teaching method. It provides a framework for developing and maintaining an effective learning environment, supports students’ academic and language development, and enables them to learn effectively in a variety of environments. The system consists of language acquisition, reading, writing, listening and speaking, grammar and vocabulary modules. Each module has its own set of exercises designed to improve students’ skills in various fields. Based on J2EE standard, it is designed to build enterprise wide distributed system. The main goal of the platform is to provide developers with a set of tools that can be used to develop large-scale, robust and scalable software applications.

Xiaotian Jian
Evaluation of College English Teaching Quality Based on Artificial Intelligence Optimization Network

Which is a technology to help you optimize your website. This will help you increase the number of visitors to your website and improve the conversion rate. There are many ways to do this, but this is a very useful, effective and simple method. College English teaching quality evaluation is a process of evaluating the effect of College English teaching. It also describes the methods used to measure this effectiveness and provides suggestions for improvement. What is evaluation? Assessment is a method to determine how well students learn in a course or project. Assessments can be based on student assignments, teacher feedback, observations, or other evidence in the course or plan. There are many different types of assessments; Some are for testing.

Lihui Jiang
The Value of Network Platform in the Practice of Art Education in Colleges and Universities

Practical teaching in Colleges and universities is gradually networked. Compared with traditional practical teaching, it has the advantages of diversified forms and contents, convenient use, low cost, and students can quickly access a large number of shared data. Network platform is an important part of art teaching in Colleges and universities. However, for a long time, due to the influence of objective reasons such as teaching conditions or subjective reasons such as art teaching ideas, network platform teaching is marginalized or even forgotten in art teaching in Colleges and universities. The scientific and reasonable application of network platform teaching in art teaching in Colleges and universities can not only greatly improve students’ knife organization ability and basic modeling ability, but also accumulate more materials for art teaching. Therefore, network platform teaching has high value in art teaching in Colleges and universities. This paper analyzes the importance and current situation of network platform teaching in college art teaching, and discusses the value and function of network platform teaching in college art teaching. It improves the convenience and efficiency of learning, mobilizes the enthusiasm of students, improves the teaching quality, and gives full play to its role in the teaching reform of colleges and universities.

Wenjia Jiang
The Design of Network Practical Teaching System for the Cultivation of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Automobile Professionals

Under the Internet environment, knowledge and technology are constantly updated. Due to the restrictions of textbook selection and teaching resources, the renewal of campus education is relatively slow. The knowledge system and technical skills learned by students on campus are relatively backward than those of enterprises. The teaching system of automobile professional training is a method of teaching students by experienced teachers. These teachers are well-trained and qualified teachers who can teach students in this field. They master different technologies, methods and tools to help them teach students effectively. The Internet environment provides us with a new opportunity to build a network platform. Using network resources to lead students to learn the latest and post matching knowledge and skills has become one of the most convenient ways. Taking automobile related professional courses as an example, this paper looks for the best way to use the network to improve students’ learning experience and academic performance. This research will also help teachers create new teaching methods and enable students to study more effectively with less energy and time.

Li Fan
Exploration on the Ideological and Political Integration Path of Computer Course Teaching

This paper discusses the ways of Ideological and political integration in computer course teaching Computer course teaching is a specialty of applying computer in the teaching process It includes computer and computer programming, computer science and various network development. Computer course teachers usually work in schools or colleges, but some people may work in private enterprises or enterprises. What does the computer course teacher need? In view of the particularity of CAI, this paper studies the methods and ways to find effective integration points, focusing on integrating the ideological and political level into the teaching activities of CAI. This includes knowledge transfer and value orientation, and creating a cultural atmosphere in the “three schools”. According to the characteristics of the curriculum, they can learn the specific ideological and political elements of different courses. Attach importance to teachers’ quality education and ideological and political education Improve the teaching management system of Ideological and political education and establish an effective curriculum evaluation system. Pay attention to practical measures and give full play to the second-class joint force.

Fang Li
Construction of Intelligent Dynamic Updating System of Organizational Behavior Course Based on Classification and Evaluation Algorithm

Organizational behavior is a basic course for management majors. In view of the static characteristics of resources in the intellectualization of organizational behavior course and the inability to obtain Internet information in real time To solve the problem of dynamic resources, this paper puts forward the system construction scheme of intelligent dynamic update of Organizational Behavior Course Based on classification and evaluation algorithm, analyzes and designs the overall system architecture and resource dynamic collection module, document automatic classification module and evaluation and feedback module, and adopts the integrated classification algorithm based on word frequency and weight value for the core document classification module, Finally, experiments verify that the system and algorithm are correct and efficient.

Jia Li, Wenwen Jiang, Yingying Hou, Lihong Qu
The Platform Design of College English Teaching System Under Network Teaching

Network has become a part of the daily life of contemporary college students. It is necessary and useful to use network resources to develop college English network teaching platform. The platform design of College English teaching system under network teaching is a scientific teaching method. It aims to improve the quality of College Students’ language skills, which is very important for further learning and professional development. The main purpose of this research is to design a network-based system, which can be used in different types of colleges and universities to improve the teaching process. The proposed system will help teachers meet the needs of students, provide them with customized materials and assessment tools, and give them the opportunity to promote their ideas through forums.

Panke Li
Quality Evaluation Model of Automatic Machine Translation Based on Deep Learning Algorithm

The quality evaluation model of automatic machine translation based on deep learning algorithm is a method to evaluate the quality of machine translation by using deep neural network. The main purpose of this method is to measure the accuracy and precision in terms of human-machine translation. The following are some advantages: It can be used for evaluating various kinds of translations, such as English-Chinese or Chinese-English; It can also be used for evaluating other languages with different characteristics; It can be applied to any language pairs, including monolingual and bilingual ones; It will not only provide an accurate measurement but also help us understand how well our system works. At the same time, because the evaluation index itself can be quantified, the model can be applied to the automatic evaluation standard of machine translation system to improve the evaluation accuracy and help continuously improve the translation quality of machine translation.

Pin Li
Chinese and Japanese Intelligent Translation Education of Computer Algorithm Data

The Chinese and Japanese intelligent translation education of computer algorithm data is the research of the Chinese and Japanese intelligent translation education of computer algorithm data. The Chinese and Japanese intelligent translation education of computer algorithm data is a field that studies the Chinese and Japanese intelligent translation education of computer algorithm data, which includes: The method for teaching the Chinese and Japanese intelligent translation education of computer algorithm data to students; The methods for teaching the Chinese and Japanese intelligent translation education of computer algorithm data in schools; Teaching materials on the China-Japan Intelligent Translation Education Project (CJITEP) website; Therefore, there is an increasing demand for automatic machine translation in specific vertical fields. Obtain Chinese and Japanese bilingual examples related to computer algorithms through web crawlers, generate word vectors containing context information based on word2vec algorithm, embed word vectors into Google’s open source GNMT model, train Chinese and Japanese translation model, and realize simple translation software based on the training model.

Ya Li
Research and Design of Computer Scoring for College Students’ English Translation

There have been relatively mature research results in the field of machine translation and automatic composition scoring, but the research in the field of manual translation scoring is not deep enough. In the composition scoring of the same subject, the multiple linear regression method is used to establish the equation between text features and scores. However, the relationship between the text features selected in human translation scoring is more complex. If the method in composition scoring is used to build the model, it can not achieve the best effect. In this context, this paper attempts to build a Chinese-English manual translation scoring model, and on this basis, build a college students’ translation scoring system.

Xiaohan Li
Improvement of Simulated Annealing Algorithm and Its Application in Water Environment Engineering

“Water environment science”, as a branch of “Water Science”, is a scientific knowledge system that studies the change laws of water origin, existence, distribution and circular movement and uses these laws to serve mankind. At the end of the 20th century, water environment science has become one of the topics of great concern to human beings, and the calculation optimization method is often encountered in the practice of water environment engineering. With the development of high and new technology, emerging technology and marginal disciplines, it provides a new way for the research of optimization methods, artificial neural network Modern heuristic algorithms such as genetic algorithm have shown good application characteristics in this regard, effectively improved the performance of the algorithm, and effectively promoted the research progress of water science. Therefore, this paper is based on the improvement of simulated annealing algorithm and its application in water environment engineering.

Liu Yunzhu
Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Contemporary Soft Decoration Design

People are physically and mentally exhausted in the face of different life and work pressures; In order to alleviate this pressure, soft decoration is used to add more vitality to the indoor space, so as to pursue the artistic conception of home attachment and attracting people, and integrate emotional design into the concept of soft decoration design. The design concept of “light decoration, heavy decoration” is gradually recognized by modern people. However, in the face of a wide range of soft decorations in the market, how will people choose to integrate them into a space and bring them a relaxed and happy mood? This paper is based on the application of virtual reality technology in contemporary soft decoration design.

Ma Junfeng, Song Yanmei
Physical Exercise Management Information System of Private Colleges Based on Cloud Computing

The traditional management information system can not meet the cross regional and multi-user collaborative working mode in modern society due to the inherent limitations of its single machine working mode. The system architecture under this multi-user cooperative working mode is very complex, the system data is extremely huge, and the demand for hardware is very high, which makes the contradiction between performance demand and hardware environment cost prominent. This paper designs the physical exercise management information system of Higher Vocational Colleges Based on cloud computing, designs the system structure, diversified functions, system database, web platform and software code, and realizes the optimization of physical exercise management information system. The system can help users download various types of sports related knowledge and information through the web platform, provide the data information collection and statistical rate during physical exercise, and automatically classify and transmit data, give full play to the role of summary and integration, so as to retrieve physical exercise information in real time. This system has good application benefits and is worthy of vigorous promotion and application.

Ranwu Nong
Improving the Education of Computer-Aided Translation Technology Based on Artificial Intelligence

This paper describes the process of improving computer-aided translation technology based on artificial intelligence. The first step is to design a system that can recognize and classify text, which is called “text classification”. The second step is to develop a method for translating sentences into other language, which is called “sentence translation”. By using these two steps as independent modules, we can improve them separately or combine them together in various ways. In this paper, we describe how to improve both of these steps by combining them together and show the results obtained by applying our method to real-world problems.

Yueying Shen
Evaluation of English Teaching Quality Based on Artificial Intelligence Optimization

The application of artificial intelligence in teaching quality evaluation is an indispensable part. Therefore, student English curriculum evaluation is an important part of College English teaching reform. This paper analyzes the current situation, participation and expectation of students’ utilization of teaching resources. This paper analyzes an intelligent algorithm related to the optimization of teaching quality, and focuses on a well applied genetic algorithm. Genetic algorithm is used to optimize ant parameters, such as typical path optimization model, which verifies the effectiveness of parameter optimization. Objective to establish a quality evaluation model for students’ English curriculum, improve students’ English learning ability and level, improve the English information platform, and provide constructive suggestions for large-scale educational reform in Colleges and universities.

Xia Sheng
Damage Identification of Two-Stage Beam Structure Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

In the process of using the engineering structure in complex environment, due to the influence of various factors, it will inevitably produce different degrees of damage, cracking or aging, which will bury hidden dangers and endanger the safety of the structure itself, the safety of human life and the loss of property. Therefore, damage identification of structures has important practical significance to reduce losses. In this paper, an improved particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed for damage identification of two-stage beam structure. Then use isopso to determine the best point to use multiple standards.

Guolin Song, Yun Zhu
College English Flipped Classroom Teaching Practice of Mobile App Program in Application-Oriented Colleges and Universities

“Subverting the classroom” model should not only follow the cognitive law of students, but also subvert and subvert the traditional teaching process of the classroom. Change the classroom teaching method with problem orientation, teacher leadership, student orientation and mixed teaching method as the main teaching means, and focus on cultivating students’ procedural knowledge and critical thinking. At present, China has conducted a lot of research on the specific practical ways to change the teaching model, but under this model, the frequency of students’ participation in College Classroom English learning is low. The results show that students’ participation in the classroom is one of the main factors restricting the teaching effect. The lack of research in this area seriously restricts the further improvement of College English teaching quality under the “inverter classroom” mode. With the application of Internet technology in teaching, teaching methods are more diversified and teaching resources are more diversified.In the flipped classroom of Higher Vocational English teaching, the use of mobile app program can provide a platform for the use of network resources, improve teaching efficiency and attract students’ interest. In addition, a large number of network resources, various network ports and the popularity of mobile devices provide external environment support for the use of APP programs. This paper first introduces the characteristics of flipped classroom and mobile app program, and then puts forward some application measures of APP in teaching.

Yuning Song
Construction of Multimodal Vocational English Corpus Based on Functional Software

The purpose of this paper is to provide a multi-modal interface for the construction of Vocational English corpus. Multimodal interfaces are not new, but they are mainly used for visual interfaces and in some cases only partially used for other types of applications. The construction principle is the same as that of Oxford English corpus. The purpose of this project is to create a database containing all possible combinations of words and phrases in any given text, regardless of their type or style. Expand Workplace English teaching resources, observe the corpus, select materials and teach based on the corpus. And students complete Workplace English learning tasks, so as to truly realize the goal of Higher Vocational English teaching reform.

Ping Tan
Revenue Optimization of High Speed Railway Based on Passenger Behavior Analysis

With the continuous construction and operation of high-speed railway passenger dedicated line, more and more passengers choose high-speed railway. Facing the competition of aviation and highway, how to improve the service capacity and railway revenue under the existing transportation capacity is an important issue for the operation managers. Therefore, combined with the current situation of China’s high-speed railway, this paper analyzes the feasibility and limitations of revenue management theory in high-speed railway, and puts forward a revenue optimization framework based on passenger behavior analysis. Focusing on passenger behavior analysis and revenue optimization, this paper studies the behavior characteristics and market segmentation of high-speed railway passengers from the perspective of passenger behavior analysis, so as to provide scientific and reasonable decision-making reference for railway passenger transport department.

Jiao Tang
Application Research on Feature Extraction of Liver Image Based on Neural Network

Feature extraction is the key link in the process of image description, classification and analysis. Based on cognitive theory and perceptual experience, given a texture image, no matter how the texture image is transformed, rotated, scaled, affine, or even distorted, the image obtained should be the same texture from the perspective of human observation. Correspondingly, the extracted texture features should also be unchanged. Therefore, invariant texture feature extraction is an indispensable part in practical application and theoretical analysis. From the perspective of texture feature extraction, this paper studies the feature extraction and application of texture image by using the characteristics of PCNN. The icmnn model is improved by adding the connection intensity factor to couple the image structure information and weaken the gray information, so as to extract the image structure information and make the scrambling evaluation result consistent with the visual evaluation. Because the improved algorithm extracts the structure information of the image indirectly, in order to further extract the structure information directly, the image is processed by bit decomposition method, and the direct structure information is extracted by icmnn.

Huijin Wang, Yechun Zeng, Hongxia Liu
Language Learning and Cross-Cultural Function Based on Mobile Digital Platform

From the perspective of linguistics and cross-cultural communication, this paper analyzes three theoretical problems about confusion and anxiety in cross-cultural communication and language learning, namely pragmatic reasoning, cultural hypothesis, and the degree of confusion and anxiety. With the increasing use of digital mobile platform, more and more teachers begin to pay attention to applying the highly interactive course app based on this platform to the actual teaching process. Therefore, cross-cultural communicators and language learners must constantly expand language and cultural knowledge, enhance signal sensitivity and desire for communication and learning, and improve their intercultural adaptation skills. Language teachers should also pay enough attention to confusion and anxiety, and help students control and reduce confusion and anxiety when necessary.

Liping Wang
Reform of Business Administration Teaching Mode Based on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is another subversive technology that has a far-reaching impact on the teaching mode of business administration after big data, Mu class and virtual reality. The essence of blockchain technology is a new information organization structure. Its core technologies include decentralization, distributed ledger, smart contract, hash algorithm, digital signature and timestamp. It has the advantages of reliability, credibility, security and efficiency. At present, there are some problems in the teaching mode of business administration, such as scattered teaching resources, conflict of training subjects and single teaching evaluation method. The application of blockchain technology helps to promote the reform and innovation of business administration teaching in terms of educational resource supply, multi-agent collaborative education and learning achievement evaluation, so as to create a more open, efficient and safe business administration teaching system.

Qin Xiao
Design of Intelligent Education Platform for College Students Based on Intelligent Virtual Technology

With the development of information technology into the cloud era, there are many hidden dangers in China's educational information construction: the educational information systems of educational units such as schools and educational institutions are usually small, independent and heterogeneous systems, which are difficult to cope with the high concurrent access of a large number of users and the blowout growth of data volume. What's more, various information resources are relatively scattered, Forming an information island is not conducive to the distribution and sharing of educational resources. In addition, different environments and expansion difficulties also increase the burden of operation and maintenance. Aiming at the field of education, this paper uses intelligent virtual technology to design and implement a large-scale, flexibly configurable and expanded intelligent education platform, which is characterized by high efficiency and stability, massive data sharing, and multi-party cooperation among learners, educators, education managers and service resources. The intelligent education platform based on intelligent virtual technology is deployed in a highly available and load balanced server cluster environment. Through the large-scale computing and storage cluster managed by Hadoop as the data storage center, it provides support for the expansion of rich and diverse educational resources, education and teaching, education management, education evaluation and other educational service applications, All services are delivered to the education Cloud Service Center for unified access and management.

Li Xue, Xiaofan Cheng
Research and Implementation of Film Recommendation System Based on Deep Learning

This paper studies the research and implementation of film recommendation system based on deep learning. Deep learning is a technology that uses artificial neural network to learn and classify data patterns. It has been widely used in image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, machine translation and so on. The deep learning model uses back propagation algorithm to learn from a large amount of data. As more and more training data are available for model learning, this technology will continue to improve over time. It is widely used in many industries, such as finance, transportation and health care. In this blog post, we will study how to apply deep learning to film recommendation system by considering various factors (such as user demographics, type preference).

Chunjiao Yang
Application of Data Mining Technology Based on Weka in Student Management

Data mining is a process of extracting knowledge from data. Data mining technology is used to discover large data set model and predict future events according to the model. The most common applications in data mining include prediction, diagnosis, pattern recognition and recommendation systems. This paper studies how to combine data mining technology with management technology to mine useful information hidden in massive data. According to the current situation of management, this paper introduces the relevant knowledge of data mining, analyzes and compares the relevant contents of data mining technology in detail, and decides to apply the decision tree method and rough set theory to the student analysis system. According to the actual situation of current management, this paper expounds the functions, current situation and shortcomings of current management, introduces the decision tree algorithm and rough set theory in detail, and expounds its role in management in detail.

Shijiao Yi
Application of BIM Technology in Construction Engineering Management

BIM Technology is a method to model the physical structure of buildings, which can be used to create 3D models and plans. In addition, it can be used to create animation and visualization effects. BIM Technology is developed using the latest software tools available on the market today. It basically consists of two parts: BIM modeling, which involves creating a model that can represent all aspects of the building, including its structural components, mechanical systems, electrical components, etc. These models are then used to create various types of drawings, such as floor plans and elevations.

Xiudi Yu
Design and Research on International Market Demand Model of Construction Machinery Based on Data Mining Technology

With the gradual recognition of China’s construction machinery in the international market, more and more construction machinery manufacturing enterprises regard entering the international construction machinery market as one of the important contents of enterprise marketing. In 2004, China exported 1.852 billion US dollars of construction machinery main engines to 164 countries, an increase of 76.6% over 2003. There are 888 kinds of products, but there are still some problems. International trade is accompanied by risks. With China's construction machinery participating in the competition in the international market, construction machinery enterprises are facing an increasingly multilateral and complex trade environment, and the competition in the world is becoming increasingly fierce. Opening up the international construction machinery market has played an important role in product quality, product reliability and marketing strategy. Therefore, this paper studies the design of international market demand model of construction machinery based on data mining technology.

Zhang Jing
The New Model of International Trade Settlement Based on Blockchain Technology

Payment and settlement is an important link in international trade. With the continuous increase of trade volume, the lagging settlement methods have exposed more and more problems, such as low settlement efficiency, high settlement cost and high settlement risk, which have become an important factor restricting the development of trade. The current international trade settlement system is very expensive and slow. It takes a long time to complete the transaction, possibly as long as two weeks. In addition, there are many intermediaries involved in this process. The cost of this system is too high for small businesses and individual traders who do not have enough funds to pay all the expenses. In recent years, the development of blockchain technology has become the focus of financial innovation. Blockchain settlement solutions have begun to receive the attention and exploration of financial institutions. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, non tampering, transparent transaction information and simple process, which can well solve the problems in traditional settlement methods. In the future, with the maturity of technology and the improvement of regulatory system, blockchain settlement will bring new breakthroughs to the development of international trade.

Qinghua Zhang
Motion Control of Driverless New Energy Vehicle Based on Vehicle Networking Technology

In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, vehicles are gradually moving towards our life from “manned” to “driverless”. However, there is still a long way to go to realize driverless vehicles in the real sense. This paper studies one of the key areas of driverless vehicles, that is, driverless vehicle motion control, and takes driverless vehicles with front wheel steering as the research object, According to the vehicle longitudinal dynamics model, transverse dynamics model and transverse longitudinal comprehensive dynamics model, the longitudinal, transverse and transverse longitudinal comprehensive controllers are designed respectively, and the actual motion control of driverless vehicle is simulated step by step. In this project, we will develop a vehicle networking technology that can be applied to driverless new energy vehicles. The main purpose of this study is to provide an effective communication system for driverless new energy vehicles by using existing wireless technologies, such as WiFi and Bluetooth. It will also enable driverless cars to operate in a variety of environments, including bad weather, night driving and traffic congestion.

Yi Zhang, Jie Sun
Analysis and Research in English Teaching Based on Association Rule Algorithm

Big data analysis is an important part of English Teaching in higher vocational colleges. Because of its huge database, complex theoretical knowledge and wide simulation range, it is difficult to carry out and implement The teaching research and scientific research of Higher Vocational and technical education have always been weak, and the English teaching methods are still relatively lagging behind. English multimedia teaching is basically the broadcasting of voice lessons and PPT electronic manuscripts, ignoring the valuable resource of network data analysis. Carry out the teaching and learning interaction of the course on this network data platform, gradually optimize the interactive environment through multiple rounds of action reflection in the teaching process, learn the methods of theoretical analysis, and master the ability to use professional knowledge.

Xu Zheng
Film Recommendation System with Reinforcement Learning

The main purpose of the project is to develop a recommendation system based on deep learning, which can be used in the film industry. The main components of the system are: deep learning modeling and training, deep learning classification and prediction, and deep learning for collaborative filtering. The basic idea behind deep learning is to train neural networks by using a large amount of data (such as images) as input. Neural network consists of many layers. Each layer obtains input from the previous layer and generates output from the next layer. The first few layers are called convolution graphs or feature maps because they contain movie information about specific features, such as Co.

Yi Zhou
Application of Data Mining Technology and Association Programming Algorithm in Network Marketing Strategy

The application of relevance programming algorithm in network marketing strategy is the process of identifying and cultivating a group of individuals with similar interests, goals or needs. This process involves identifying potential customers through various methods, such as potential customers, direct mail, telemarketing and other forms of communication. Once they are identified, it is important to determine whether they will be interested in your product or service. If so, you must develop a sales presentation to persuade them to buy your product.

Junyi Lu
Intelligent Governance Innovation of Municipal Social Governance Based on Big Data and AI Algorithm

As an important part of national governance, social governance is closely related to the expectations of the people and is also highly concerned by the administrators. Urban social governance innovation based on big data and artificial intelligence algorithm is a process of applying artificial intelligence technology to improve organizational efficiency, management efficiency and decision-making level. It is the combination of various technologies used for urban development, environmental protection and urban safety management. This can be achieved by using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, which can collect a large amount of data from different sources such as mobile phones.

Huanhuan Du
The Promotion of College Students’ Personalized Reading Based on Data Mining Technology

This study is based on data mining technology to promote college students’ personalized reading. The purpose of this study is to understand the role of data mining technology in promoting college students’ personalized reading and its effect. This study will also be used to study whether there are other effective methods to promote personalized reading in addition to using data mining technology.

Lei Gao
Service Quality Evaluation System of Cross-Border B2B E-Commerce Websites

Compared with the Transnational E-commerce of independent product supply channels, the platform Transnational E-commerce has always been at a disadvantage in product quality control and anti-counterfeiting. In terms of customer service, it is difficult for platform-based Transnational E-commerce to monitor the customer service quality of retailers, and consumers are also dissatisfied with the service attitude of merchants. Due to the nonstandard operation of transnational retailers on the platform, it is difficult to implement unreasonable 7-day return rules such as Transnational E-commerce. On this basis, we will establish a service quality evaluation system for Transnational E-commerce retailers, guide the Transnational E-commerce retailers of the platform to carry out transnational e-commerce business, and promote the Transnational E-commerce service enterprises to continuously improve the service quality. Establish a scientific and rigorous service management system to further guide the standardized development of Transnational E-commerce.

Guowei Han
Design of Aerobics Difficulty Automatic Scoring System Based on Action Recognition Algorithm

In order to improve the accuracy of Aerobics scoring and reduce the influence of human subjective evaluation, an automatic scoring system of Aerobics difficulty based on action recognition algorithm is designed. Aerobics design is an action recognition system, which uses a set of algorithms to identify the actions performed by users, and then automatically score. The data acquisition layer of the system uses Kinect to collect the body feeling information of Aerobics athletes and output the action image of Aerobics athletes; Transmitting the obtained aerobics action image to the data processing layer using serial communication protocol; The data processing layer uses the action recognition algorithm based on maximum correlation minimum redundancy to recognize aerobics actions and transmit them to the application layer; The application layer automatically evaluates the difficulty of Aerobics according to the scoring standard of Aerobics difficulty. The scoring system is based on the motion recognition algorithm developed by Dr. Oleg Karpov, who won the IEEE neural network Pioneer Award in 2017 for his work in this field.

Qiaohong He
Application of Deep Learning Hierarchical Perception Technology in 3D Fashion Design

Deep learning layered perception technology is the most important part of 3D fashion design, which can be used to create 3D models. Deep learning algorithms will help designers find out what clothes and accessories are suitable for their customers. It will also help them make more accurate decisions in designing clothing and accessories through the use of data analysis. 3D fashion design is a new trend in the field of industrial design. 3D fashion design has the following advantages: 1 High quality and low cost; 2. Mass production, suitable for mass production; 3. It can be used to produce all kinds of clothing and accessories, so it has great application prospects in clothing industry, footwear industry and other industries that need high-quality products.

Qi Hu, Baohua Li
Design and Research of Business Administration Information System in E-Commerce Era

In the era of e-commerce, it is necessary to provide a system that can effectively manage information and keep up with the rapid development of information technology. In order to do this, we need to use various methods, such as analysis and design. Research method is a way for us to find out what problems exist in the business environment. It will help us put forward new ideas on how to deal with these problems. The design and development of enterprise information system should meet the needs of customers in today’s era. In order to design and develop an effective business information system, it is necessary to consider the following questions: 1) what are the customer’s requirements? 2) How do we provide services that meet customer needs.

Rui Hu
Tourism Route Planning of Cultural Heritage Scenic Spots Based on Genetic Simulation Ant Colony Algorithm

In recent years, with the development of economy, tourism accounts for an important part of the global economic pattern. The state has gradually rated some scenic spots with a large number of tourists and profound cultural heritage as 5A scenic spots. Since 2007, 279 tourist attractions have been rated as 5A scenic spots in China, including 13 in Henan Province. However, due to the late evaluation of individual scenic spots and the poor local traffic conditions, the number of tourists in scenic spots is small, and the tourism cost and maintenance are relatively high, which has a certain impact on the national economy and local economic level. In order to activate some depressed scenic spots and reduce the economic losses caused by tourism congestion, it is necessary to adjust and plan the tourism route model of 5A scenic spots. Based on the research of famous scholars at home and abroad on the traveling salesman (TSP) problem, this paper establishes the shortest path model that meets the constraints. At the same time, genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm are used to optimize the scheme respectively to obtain the shortest path programming model that meets the conditions. Finally, each tourism route map and the total tourism distance are given.

Huang Jin
Research on the Application of Decision Tree in Mobile Marketing

In data mining technology, decision tree algorithm is a very popular classification and prediction algorithm. Decision tree algorithm is a case-based inductive learning algorithm, which infers a classification rule represented by tree structure through the learning of training set. Decision tree algorithm has become one of the most widely used technologies in data mining because of its excellent data classification efficiency and intuitive and easy to understand display results. Based on the research of decision tree data mining technology, this paper analyzes and mines the user data based on mobile group customers. Mobile group customer potential false mining system is a visual mining platform proposed by China Mobile in order to implement the fine management of group customers and improve the overall level of group customer marketing service. Its core is the classifier based on decision tree ID3 algorithm.

Yulian Lai
Fashion Clothing Image Segmentation Method Based on Deep Learning

Fashion clothing image segmentation method based on deep learning is a new technology, which can help extract fashion clothing from any image. Fashion clothing is very important in our life, so we hope to get more information about it. Therefore, this method is very helpful to us. In this process, we don't need to deal with many things, because it is automatically completed by the computer system and the correct steps are taken in the work.

Baohua Li, Qi Hu
Big Data Precision Marketing Based on Recommendation Algorithm

According to mining technology, it can effectively deal with the management and utilization of a large amount of data information, and obtain relevant knowledge. Due to the complexity and importance of the insurance industry, the development of insurance data information has important academic value and broad application prospects. As an effective means of analyzing and processing data, data mining technology has become more and more mature and has been applied to some fields and departments. Based on the analysis, design, research and implementation of insurance marketing data mining system, this paper mainly discusses the research of data mining technology based on insurance marketing data warehouse.

Li Li, Zhenzhen Wang
Intelligent Medical English Translation Method Based on Improved Attention Mechanism Model

Note that the research on the improved intelligent translation method of medical English based on mechanical device model is a translation system to improve the quality and understanding of medical English. This is helpful to improve the translation quality of medical literature and the accuracy of machine translation.The main objective behind this study is to develop an intelligent method to translate medical documents into other languages by using statistical techniques.

Luo Xi
Evaluation Algorithm of International Trade Target Suppliers Based on ELECTRE - IV

ELECTRE is a new algorithm for international trade target suppliers. It can be used in all types of countries and regions, including developing countries. The main feature of ELECTRE is that it can be used without any understanding of the domestic economy, which means that it does not need any specific data on a country's development level or structure. The basic idea behind the algorithm is to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze the current state of economic activities.

Bing Wang, Hou Zhang
Fan Culture Communication Mechanism Based on Interactive Ritual Chain Theory

This study is based on the interactive ritual chain theory, which is the theoretical model of interaction. This paper mainly studies the communication mechanism of fan culture and its application in the study of fan behavior on social networking sites (SNS). The interactive ritual chain theory was first proposed by Chen (2004), and then further developed by Lee et al. (2009) in their research on online communities. In this paper, we combine these two theories. Through the research, we find that the interaction process of IP drama fans is: communicate through network communication, and connect because of the common concern about IP drama, so as to establish each other's fan identity. In the process of fan interaction, fans exchange information and emotion, and constantly strengthen the interaction effect. The establishment of fans’ power structure includes the establishment of its access mechanism and power core. As an external force, the operator of IP drama will have a certain impact on the power ceremony of fans. In different interaction stages, the interaction degree of IP drama fans is different, generally including information exchange, emotional exchange and collective jubilation. The effects of IP drama fans’ group interaction include: the accumulation of emotional energy, the stimulation of group belonging, the formation of identity and the establishment of group unity.

Jialing Wang
Fast Realistic 3D Face Modeling Algorithm for Film and Television Animation

This is a project aimed at creating a facial modeling algorithm that can be used to make 3D animated movies and TV programs. The main goal of the project is to develop a fast, realistic and accurate method to create facial expressions. The research will focus on three important aspects: (1) realistic facial expression generation; (2) Facial feature extraction; And (3) face flush/rigging. The proposed algorithm will be based on the following principles. A multi-scale method with multiple levels of detail from rough to fine will enable us to capture.

Jingshuang Wang
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Tourism System Based on Dijkstra Algorithm

This paper studies the design and implementation of Intelligent Tourism System Based on Dijkstra algorithm. Intelligent Tourism System (ITS) is a system that can manage complex systems such as tourism and transportation. Its consists of various components: management system (MS), which provides users with information about destinations; Decision support system to enable managers to make decisions based on information provided by the Management Committee; Information management system (IMS) for managing data collected from different sources.

Xifang Wang
Application of Decision Tree Algorithm in Table Tennis Competition

With the continuous development of information technology and the continuous expansion of data scale in various industries, data mining technology is becoming more and more mature and developing in the direction of field application. Data mining is a technology to extract non trivial, secret, unknown value and potential information from large-scale data. With the continuous development of sports informatization, a large number of data have been accumulated in the field of sports. The application of data mining in the field of sports, especially in the data analysis of antagonistic competitive sports, will become a trend. The application of decision tree algorithm in table tennis competition is to predict the best player in each position, and then select the best player in each position. The main purpose of this method is to determine who can win the game by predicting the performance of players, not only at the beginning of the game, but also in the whole process of the game. This method can also be used in many other sports.

You Wang
Research and Application of an Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing Algorithm for Metal Materials

The research and application of ultrasonic nondestructive testing algorithm for metal materials is the process of obtaining material information by ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT). Ultrasonic nondestructive testing uses sound waves to detect defects in metals, ceramics, composites, wood and other materials. The main purpose of this technology is to determine whether there are defects in metal and non-metallic materials (such as steel, aluminum, copper alloy, etc.)

Chaocong Yang
Deep Data Mining Method of Multimedia Film and Television Based on Neural Network

The deep data mining method of multimedia film and television based on neural network is a new technology for extracting useful information from multimedia film and television. Deep learning neural network technology has been used to extract useful information from multimedia movies or TV programs (such as audio, video, images, etc.). It can be applied to image recognition, speech recognition, text analysis and other fields. The deep data mining method of multimedia film and television based on neural network is artificial intelligence. Multimedia film and television deep data mining is a process of extracting meaningful information from a large number of unstructured data (such as images, audio and video clips, text documents, etc.). Deep learning technology is used to extract patterns from these large amounts of data. The extracted patterns can be used for a variety of purposes, including: Classification - classifying objects according to their features (e.g., face) or attributes (e.g., gender).

Chunjiao Yang
Application of Event Semantic Model Analysis in Machine Translation

The application of event semantic model analysis in machine translation is a process of using semantic based methods to improve the quality of machine translation. The main idea is that the human brain can automatically understand and interpret a sentence, but it cannot do so for the text. Therefore, we need to find out how to translate words into concepts (semantic features) that are similar or related to each other, and then use these concepts as the input of translated sentences.

Hongzheng Yang
Microblog Marketing of Tourism Enterprises Based on LDA Algorithm

This paper studies the microblog marketing of tourism enterprises based on LDA Algorithm. In this study, we will use LDA Algorithm to conduct microblog marketing of tourism enterprises based on the data of Xiamen and Shanghai. The results show that there are significant differences in tourist characteristics and industrial structure between the two cities. Based on these findings, it is possible to develop a new microblog marketing model to achieve better results.

Qiling Yuan
Analysis of Enterprise Accounting Informatization Risk and Prevention Under Data Mining Technology

This paper aims to analyze the risk and prevention of enterprise accounting informatization under data mining technology. It focuses on the analysis of enterprise business processes, information systems and management. This paper analyzes the risks of information security, privacy protection and data quality brought by enterprise accounting informatization; Propose solutions to these risks; It also discusses how enterprises can prevent them from happening.

Yaoyao Yuan
Data Source Related Minimum Set Coverage Localization Differential Privacy Protection Algorithm

With the progress of data mining technology and a large number of data sharing, through the mining of information from multiple data sources, the risk of privacy disclosure caused by the data associated with sensitive data has greatly increased. This paper studies the problem of privacy disclosure in multiple data sources. Based on the existing privacy protection mechanism and combined with the set coverage problem, a new privacy protection mechanism sc-dp is proposed, and the availability of the algorithm is proved by experiments. The data source related minimum set covering location differential privacy protection algorithm is a data source related minimum set covering location differential privacy protection algorithm, which can be used to protect users’ sensitive information. The minimum set coverage location differential privacy protection algorithm related to data source is based on statistical technology, which uses maximum entropy as an important part of this technology. The output of this technique will be a binary string, one of which will indicate whether each input variable matches.

Jing Zhang
Automatic Detection Algorithm and Simulation of Building Engineering Structural Components Based on BIM

At present, the design process of fabricated structure is from overall analysis to component disassembly and review. Since the rigid connection of joints is considered in the overall analysis process, ensuring the safety performance of split members and design joints is the key point for the safety of the main structure, so it is necessary to recheck the split members and joints. The traditional method of component parameter extraction and checking needs a lot of energy_ It seriously affects the efficiency of component review. Building information modeling (BIM) is an engineering data model based on three-dimensional digital technology and integrating all relevant information of the project. Through the development of BIM based model component review plug-in, it can realize the rapid extraction and review of the design parameters of components required to be reviewed in the design of fabricated structure, and improve the review efficiency of components in the design of fabricated structure. The research of automatic detection algorithm is to detect structural members automatically. The simulation of building engineering structural components based on BIM is to simulate the behavior of building engineering structural components in virtual environment.

Jingyuan Zhao
Research Status and Hot Spot Analysis of Rural Revitalization Based on CiteSpace

Taking the periodical database documents of China National Knowledge Network (CNKI) in the field of Rural Revitalization from 2007 to 2019 as the research object, this paper uses CiteSpace software to statistically analyze the number of papers, research institutions, authors and keywords in this field, summarize the distribution law and trend of high-yield authors and research fields, and draw the visual map of author cooperation circle and institutional cooperation in this field. The LLR algorithm (log likelihood ratio) is used to cluster and analyze the research hotspots such as rural governance, rural tourism, urban-rural integration, targeted poverty alleviation and beautiful countryside. Through the secondary co-occurrence analysis with rural revitalization, a series of knowledge maps of research hotspots are drawn to explore the development trend of the frontier field of Rural Revitalization.

Kangxian Yang
Establishment of Financial Accounting Information Disclosure Model in the Era of Cloud Computing

The era of cloud computing is an era of information technology (it) everywhere. The IT industry has changed from centralized to open and distributed systems, and more than 50% of global business transactions are processed by Internet-based systems. In this new environment, accounting professionals face many challenges, such as data security, privacy protection, quality control and auditability. In addition to these traditional problems, there are also some new problems in this era, such as the responsibility of cloud computing service providers for financial reporting fraud or other illegal acts of their service users. The main purpose of establishing financial accounting information disclosure model is to help enterprises and organizations share their financial data with each other in a more convenient way. This will also enable them to make better decisions based on data obtained from others. What are the benefits of using cloud computing? The main benefit of using cloud computing is that it allows companies and organizations to save time and money by not having to maintain their own servers or computers.

Jing Zeng
Ecological Impact Analysis and Environmental Protection of Small Open Pit Mining Based on Data Mining Technology

From the earliest hours of mining history, mineral market participants have been trying to meet the demand for minerals. In order to continue to meet current and future needs, the number of mines has increased and will continue to increase. Although the increase in the number of mines is beneficial to national development, it is achieved through environmental impact, which makes people today believe that mines are harmful rather than beneficial. Both open-pit and underground mining methods will affect the environment, but the impact of open-pit mining (especially related to dust emission) is greater than that of underground mining. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to know the dust emission sources that can help effectively control dust. In the face of massive environmental data, data mining can analyze a large number of environmental data to find previously unknown and useful potential information for decision-making.

Zhongxiang Zhao
Development and Design of English Micro Reading Website for Network Technology Specialty

English reading has always been a difficult problem for most Chinese Internet industry practitioners and professional students. Aiming at this problem, this paper explores how to use information technology to assist the majority of network technology practitioners and professional students to quickly and effectively improve their professional English reading ability, so that readers can easily and happily carry out reading training and gradually and solidly improve their professional English reading ability. Through the work of several stages such as demand analysis, algorithm research, system design and coding, the algorithm design and system architecture design are carried out around the three core problems of English new word statistics and analysis, intelligent collection of reading materials and the application of Ebbinghaus memory curve theory in English reading, and the web system is developed with the help of Ruby on rails development framework, With the help of mobile Internet and smart phone technology, we can improve the usability of web system and improve the reading efficiency of readers’ professional English.

Deng Li
Data Technology Analysis System Promotes the Development of Rural E-commerce and Logistics Industry

Develop data technology analysis system to promote the development of rural e-commerce and logistics industry. The application of data technology analysis system is as follows: 1. The data technology analysis system can provide comprehensive information of various factors related to the supply chain, including market demand, product quality, production process and other factors affecting the supply chain; 2. Help enterprises improve their competitiveness in reducing costs and improving efficiency; 3. Provide enterprises with more accurate customer demand information to better meet customer needs.

Xiaocong Du
Design and Implementation of College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation System Based on Multi-dimensional Dynamic Model

The design and implementation of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship incubation system based on multi-dimensional dynamic model is a process involving the selection, formulation, implementation and evaluation of innovation strategy. The goal of this approach is to develop an innovative solution to solve problems in the organization or industry. Any organization or company can use this method because it has proved effective in many cases. The main purpose of this method is to provide more opportunities for students interested in Entrepreneurship so that they can realize their ideas through the use of technology, marketing strategies and other available resources.

Hua Gao
The Evolution of Labor Relations in Human Resources Development Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

The research on the evolution of labor relations in human resource development based on improved genetic algorithm aims to better understand the relationship between labor relations and human resource development. This research will be completed using genetic algorithm, which is an evolutionary technology that can effectively solve complex problems. This study will use the concept of “evolutionary algorithm” to provide a new solution for improving labor relations in human resource development. It will also help us understand how to improve our current practice in human resources development through this method. Enterprise labor relations are all cooperative and conflicting relations between employers and employees in the process of labor. It is influenced by certain social economy, technology, policy, legal system and social and cultural background. It is a specific field of enterprise human resource management.

Ying Guo, Xinyi Zheng
Analysis of College English Teaching Under the Network Teaching Platform

With the development of information technology and the increasing renewal and popularization of computer and global network technology in the 21st century, great changes have taken place in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation in the process of College English learning. A single traditional teaching method can no longer meet the needs of students and society. The network has become a part of the daily life of contemporary college students. With the continuous improvement of the network teaching system, To some extent, it accelerates the transformation from traditional teaching mode to network mode. It is necessary and useful to use network resources to develop college English network teaching platform. College English teaching should make full use of multimedia and network technology, improve the single classroom teaching mode dominated by teachers, and gradually turn into a new teaching mode combining traditional teaching and network teaching. Many versions of College English online teaching platforms have been developed in China, and have been applied in many colleges and universities in China. Students can use the network to study independently. The network English teaching system provides a specific operation platform for students to learn English. This paper analyzes college English teaching based on network teaching platform.

He Yan
Application of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on GA in Psychological Measurement

The is the process of evaluating and quantifying the degree of consistency between two or more sets by using fuzzy set theory. It is a way to evaluate the quality of any data. For example, it can be used as a tool to quantify the degree of similarity, difference, overlap, etc. of two or more sets. Method to evaluate the reliability and effectiveness of psychological measurement. FCE uses fuzzy logic to evaluate the measurement process, which means that it can be used in all types of applications, such as research, clinical practice and education. The main idea behind FCE is to use fuzzy sets instead of traditional statistical methods to evaluate reliability and effectiveness, because they are more suitable for complex situations involving many factors. In other words, fuzzy sets can handle more variables than ordinary measures without losing their explicit characteristics.

Hong Juan
Mining Technology Mining Potential Customers of E-Commerce

Facing the changes of China’s economy and finance, it presents a new development trend, the operation and management is undergoing profound changes, and the business model is more diversified. Customers are the cornerstone of business development. Practice shows that whoever has customers will have the market and future. Without a stable core customer group, business development will be difficult. With the impact of product homogenization and financial disintermediation, the development pressure of the industry is great, the reform task is arduous, and the prominent problem of slow benefit growth is faced. In the context of social networks, the development of data mining is becoming more and more mature, but its application in China’s business starts late. After years of information system construction, a large amount of data has been accumulated, and the great value contained in the data is far from being fully reflected. Therefore, it is necessary to further study the application of data mining in customer acquisition, effectively explore potential customers and promote business development.

Yunwen Li
Algorithm of Painting Style Transformation Based on Depth Neural Network

With the enrichment of material life, people’s demand for spiritual and cultural life is becoming stronger and stronger. As an important part of spiritual culture, artistic creation and entertainment consumption have also received more and more attention. The painting style conversion algorithm based on depth neural network is a technology that uses depth information to convert an image into another image. The algorithm is suitable for images with high contrast and sharp edges. It is also suitable for images with low contrast and blurred edges, but compared with other algorithms, it takes more time to complete this process. The painting style conversion algorithm based on depth neural network is a technology that uses depth information to convert an image into another image. The algorithm is suitable for images with high contrast and sharp edges. It is also suitable for images with low contrast and blurred edges. This algorithm is used to convert the sample image into a new image of Xin’an painting style.

Haibing Li, Qian Jia
Dynamic Response Analysis of Long-Span Space Truss Structure

In recent years, space grid structure has been widely used in the roofs of large public buildings such as exhibition halls, steel plants, train platforms and so on, and has gradually become the mainstream trend because of its good mechanical performance, large overall stiffness and beautiful shape. The construction period of long-span spatial structure is long, and it is a changing process. The geometric shape, stiffness, load and constraint of the grid structure in each construction stage are different. Therefore, the mechanical properties of the grid structure in the construction process are different from that after completion, and even more complex. Especially in the construction process, the stability of the grid structure is poor. Once it encounters the action of dynamic wind load, it is very easy to have safety accidents. According to statistics, it is found that the safety accident rate of space structure in the construction process is as high as 59.5%. Therefore, the mechanical characteristics and stability of long-span space truss structure in its construction process is an important research topic.

Li Xiu
Student Management Online Education Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Based on artificial intelligence technology, an online education platform for ideological and political education with high error correction rate is established, and the effectiveness of the platform is experimentally analyzed. Based on artificial intelligence technology, the platform can provide a variety of educational resources and services according to the needs of students. Students can get all kinds of information from the Internet, including textbooks and other materials. They also have the opportunity to interact with teachers through video conferences or webinars. For example, if you want to learn programming languages such as c#, Java or python, you can ask your teacher directly through interaction. If you need help writing papers for school assignments or exams, you can use this platform to communicate with teachers online. The results showed that 98% of the students were interested in it. On the 20th day, the average score of cognitive ability of students who first came into contact with ideological and political education was 68. According to the research, it provides new ideas for the high error correction thought of network education platform and strengthening moral cultivation.

Yuqian Li, Hui Zhu
Rural Tourism Feature Division Method Based on Hierarchical Cluster Analysis

As an active part of geography, tourism geography mainly studies the relationship between people's tourism activities and geographical environment. It belongs to an important branch of human geography. At the same time, it is also an interdisciplinary subject, especially with physical geography Science, economic geography, tourism science, agronomy, ecology and psychology are closely related and permeate each other. At present, the research of tourism geography mostly focuses on the tourism resources of tourism destinations, and the research on Tourism channels and tourists lags behind. This paper studies the classification method of rural tourism characteristics based on hierarchical cluster analysis, divides the data into different clusters, and then analyzes it according to the number of variables in each cluster. Divide the data into different clusters, and then analyze the relationship between all variables in a specific group or category (cluster).

Jian Lin
An Empirical Study on the Correlation Between New Network Index Tools and Stock Returns in the Pharmaceutical Sector

The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between the new network index tool and the revenue of pharmaceutical concept board. The research hypothesis is that there is a positive correlation (positive linear correlation) between the two variables. The original assumption was that there was no significant relationship between the two variables. The study used a survey method that used questionnaires to collect data from different people in organizations or groups involved in certain activities or processes, such as marketing activities. In this case, it was conducted by using a questionnaire form containing 27 questions, which were asked to all employees working in Egyptian pharmaceutical companies, and their answers were analyzed using s statistics.

Chengwei Liu
Virtual Simulation Interaction Design of Yacht Chamber

Research on virtual simulation interactive design of yacht cabin.In recent years, yachts are rapidly entering people’s lives. China has gradually formed various forms of yacht industrial parks, yacht clubs and yacht tourism. However, yacht is a special kind of high-end consumer goods after all, which is unattainable in the eyes of most people, which affects the development of China’s yacht industry and yacht tourism to a great extent. Combined with the current virtual reality technology, aiming at the small number of yacht virtual software on the market, many defects, lack of interactive operation and standardized and accurate virtual driving, this paper develops a yacht virtual experience platform. Users can immerse themselves in the visit and browsing of boat interior and cabin, virtual driving experience, yacht teaching, appreciation of the scenery of wharf and Weishan Lake, and understand yacht first aid and accident handling methods. The front-end experience design applied to yacht development and the driving experience of various yachts in yacht clubs are conducive to the development of yacht industry such as yacht development and design, yacht sales, yacht tourism and so on.

Xiaoli Liu, Zhanyi Qiu, Wenjie Deng
Visual Communication Design of Graphic Symbols in Traditional Festival Consumer Goods

The visual communication of graphic symbols in traditional festival consumer goods is a kind of visual communication that takes the same object as the carrier to transmit a variety of information. Inheriting and carrying forward Chinese traditional festival culture can realize people’s “re Mastery” of the excellent traditional national cultural spirit. In order to comprehensively and deeply spread the cultural atmosphere and spiritual ideas of Chinese traditional festivals to the public, we can spread the cultural elements of traditional festivals in the form of graphic symbols on the packaging of consumer products with the help of visual communication design, which can expand the transmission channels and efficiency of traditional national culture. It conveys information and meaning through the use of symbols, which are represented by physical objects. The main purpose of this visual communication is to give consumers an overall impression of the products or services provided by the company or brand. Therefore, this paper studies the visual communication design of graphic symbols in traditional festival consumer goods.

Liu Yan
The Role of Sketchengine in the Compilation of News English Learning Dictionary

The role of sketchengine in the compilation of news English learning dictionary is to ensure that each word has its own unique sketch. During compilation, sketches are used as references for words. Vocabulary editing is a technology that allows us to create new words by taking existing words and adding them together and making some modifications. It can be done manually or automatically using software tools such as WordNet or wordnik.

Yangxiameng Lu
Research and Development of Basic Platform for Assistant Decision-Making of Maritime Rescue

The research and development of the basic platform for maritime rescue auxiliary decision-making is to create a software system, which will be able to make decisions based on the information from sensors and data. The main objective is to develop a system that can detect potential risks at sea and provide assistance in emergency situations. Under the background of this project, according to the following objectives, research and develop the basic platform of marine rescue auxiliary decision-making: 1 Using the information provided by the automatic detection system and other sensors, a system that can assist the commander in making rescue action decisions during maritime rescue is established. 2. Develop an auxiliary system that can be used as the existing automatic system to make decisions on maritime search and rescue activities according to the data of the automatic detection system, oceanographic parameters, weather conditions, etc. 3 Develop a system that enables commanders to consider all available information.

Xiujun Lu
Design and Implementation of Supply Chain Financial System Based on Blockchain

In the context of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have emerged. It is difficult for such enterprises to obtain loans from banks due to their low credit rating and inability to provide corresponding collateral. For risk and cost considerations, banks are also easy to ignore the financing needs of such enterprises and are only willing to finance small and medium-sized enterprises endorsed by relevant core enterprises. At present, due to the centralized design of the traditional supply chain financial system, the authenticity of transaction information in the system and the security of private information of participating enterprises cannot be guaranteed, resulting in the low willingness of most enterprises to participate. This paper uses the hyperledger fabric blockchain framework to implement a blockchain based supply chain financial system, so that the transaction information of each participating enterprise is recorded in the blockchain ledger, and the authenticity and security of the system information are guaranteed by taking advantage of the decentralized, non tamperable and traceable characteristics of the blockchain.

Ma Nian
Preparation and Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Nanocomposites

Polymer nanocomposites have attracted extensive research interest because of their unique properties, and will become one of the hotspots in the field of material research in the future. It partly overcomes the defects in the performance of single materials and traditional composites, so that the materials have both the advantages of inorganic materials (such as rigidity, high thermal stability and special optical and electromagnetic properties) and the advantages of polymer materials (such as elasticity, dielectric, ductility and processability). Moreover, because inorganic particles are uniformly distributed in the form of nanoparticles in the polymer body, Therefore, this kind of nanocomposites often have some special applications in the fields of mechanics, heat, electricity, optics, nonlinear optics and so on.

Yuchen Ma
Fast Retrieval Method of English Translation Corpus Based on Top-k Query Algorithm

The fast retrieval method of English translation corpus based on Top-k query algorithm is a technology to retrieve the most commonly used words in English translation corpus. The top k query algorithm uses the first k most commonly used words to retrieve all other words in the text, and then returns them to the user. This technique uses it to find out which word in the Chinese translation corpus is more commonly used than other words. The fast retrieval method of English translation corpus is a kind of machine translation, which uses statistical technology to obtain high-quality results at low computational cost. It is the most commonly used method to translate text into another language, and is widely used in many applications, such as automatic speech recognition (ASR) system, web search engine and so on. Compared with other methods, the main advantage of this technology is that it can process very large data sets without significant quality loss. Since then, this method has been widely used and studied by many researchers in various fields such as computer science, linguistics, information retrieval and natural language processing.

Lihui Qin
Intelligent Swimming Voice Teaching Method Based on Bone Conduction

The speech teaching method of intelligent swimming based on bone conduction is a new technology that uses the human ear to transmit the sound directly to the inner ear and bypass the tympanic membrane. Compared with the traditional underwater listening training methods, this can achieve more accurate and accurate underwater listening. The result is a more natural underwater environment that improves communication between you and your partner. Bone conduction is the way sound passes through the bones of the body. For example, when you speak into a microphone, it picks up vibrations in the vocal cords and transmits them to a receiver located overhead. The same principle applies to bone conduction. When you swim with an underwater speaker, it can get the sound from your own voice and transmit it directly to the receiver above your head through bone conduction.

Chen Ren
Bayesian Network Implicit Variable Discovery Algorithm Based on Structural Decomposition and Factor Analysis

Bayesian network implicit variable discovery algorithm based on structural decomposition and factor analysis (bidas) is a new method to find potential variables in Bayesian network. It decomposes the data space, which is an important step to find hidden variables. Bidas algorithm also uses several statistical methods to find the most detailed factors that can be used as input to the learning process. In this paper, we propose an effective method to implement bidas. The method is to apply spectral clustering using a new regularization technique called adaptive regularization parameter (ARCP). Using only one observation, ARCP can effectively select relevant factors from many different factors.

Ying Shi
Virtual Display of Industrial Culture Theme Digital Creative Products Based on Simulation Technology

Traditional industrial culture digital creative product display platform generally has problems of slow loading and weak sense of reality. In order to better enhance the immersion of digital creative product platform, this paper proposes a virtual display platform based on Simulation Technology for digital creative products, and designs the overall framework according to the actual needs. The accuracy values of the virtual display effect of the three groups of digital creative products are higher than 0.95. Most of the accuracy values of the traditional display methods are lower than 0.93, which is significantly less than the data value of the virtual products. The virtual display platform under the simulation technology can present all-round three-dimensional effect on the designed industrial cultural products, and the user experience is better.

Yuanyuan Tan
The Construction of Modern Smart Hospital Medical Management System Based on 5g + Blockchain Information Technology

The research aims to build a modern smart hospital medical management system based on 5g + blockchain information technology. The main purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive solution for the construction of modern smart hospital medical management system based on 5g + blockchain information technology. In order to achieve this goal, we have conducted a detailed analysis and evaluation of existing technologies to find out which can be used as a substitute or supplement to the new technologies being developed. In addition, we also analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each technology in order to select the most appropriate technology.

Kunlin Tong, Hongyan Zhu
of Multimodal English Corpus Based on Functional Software

Multimode nursing English database is established based on audio-visual data, which can reflect the comprehensive application of nursing English. It has great potential in promoting English audio-visual education and research. Compared with text-based nursing English corpus, multi-mode nursing English corpus has advantages in context performance, authenticity and rapidity. Starting from the construction and application theory of multimode nursing English corpus, this paper studies the collection, display content and construction tools of multimode nursing English corpus, analyzes the application value of multimode nursing English corpus, and puts forward application countermeasures combined with educational practice.

Tian Wang, Depeng Yang
Emotional Meaning in the Art Design of Architectural Environment Based on Distributed Collaborative Filtering Algorithm

With the development of modern architectural design, more and more attention is paid to emotional design in the architectural environment. In addition to its own use value, the building itself is also a work of art. It not only meets the needs of people's material life, but also expresses a certain meaning on the spiritual level. The built environment is very closely related to people's daily life, mainly because people's daily life and work are generally in the building, so people are constantly pursuing a good material life while also pursuing a spiritual life. The built environment is a spiritual life. The emotional meaning of architectural environment design is to use the spatial layout, color matching, line symbols, etc. in architectural design to express certain artistic feelings, and to interpret the architectural design concepts of the new era from the perspective of aesthetics and art. It is that buildings have certain functions. At the same time, it is the best way to enhance the humanistic atmosphere of architecture. This article starts with the importance of the emotional meaning of the built environment. Based on the research of distributed collaborative filtering algorithm and the analysis of perceptual language expression of the architectural environment, it mainly explains from the aspects of color matching, image application, line layout, symbol selection, etc. At the same time, starting from the actual situation of my country's architectural environment art design at this stage, a simple analysis of the role of emotional meaning in the architectural environment is carried out, and on this basis, an in-depth study of the emotional meaning of architectural environment art design, hoping to be able to the development of the building plays a certain role in promoting, and also plays a role in the development of my country's overall built environment.

Zhihong Wang
Design and Implementation of Painting Style Rendering System Based on Deep Learning

The art of painting has always been a fan of many ordinary people. Since ancient times, many artists have devoted their lives to painting, and many masters have formed their own unique painting style. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology, especially the rapid development of deep learning technology, we can apply convolution neural network (cnnn) to the “book of songs” to extract and simulate the painting styles of various famous artists. Even ordinary people can explore the mystery of artistic style and create works with master artistic style.This style rendering technique is called style migration. The representation of the image in the computer is composed of pixels, which constitute a two-dimensional matrix. With the proposal of convolution neural network, different filters can be used to extract the features of the image pixel matrix, so as to obtain the painting style texture we want.

Binxi Wu
Research and Implementation of Hotel Information Management System Based on Market Customer Analysis and Calculation

Compared with other industries, the characteristics of the hotel industry itself determine that it is more suitable for the development of informatization. The research and implementation of hotel information management system based on market customer analysis and calculation is the research and development of hotel information management system based on market customer analysis and calculation. Provide a complete set of services for the hotel to meet the needs of customers, such as reservation and room allocation, so as to improve the service quality provided by the hotel. Its main function is to analyze the market demand of the hotel through market customer analysis, so that hotel owners can effectively understand how much they should charge customers at different times. In addition, it also provides a method to calculate the profit margin when selling rooms. Under this trend, the quality management department of a hotel group proposes to build a set of information system platform to realize the unified and effective management and supervision of the software and hardware quality information and service quality of the group and its hotels.

Xie Lu
Application of Audit Early Warning Model of Accounts Receivable and Payable Based on Random Forest Algorithm

With the continuous development of modern information technology, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other technologies are more and more widely used in enterprises, constantly driving the upgrading and reform of enterprise business model and financial management model. The emergence of the financial sharing mode leads the construction, service and maintenance mode of the enterprise’s new information system. Upgrading the existing financial management mode and transforming it into a standardized, integrated and process state can reduce the enterprise’s management cost and improve the enterprise’s financial management efficiency and risk control ability. In the process of contemporary internal audit, pre-warning has received more attention. Combined with the internal control status of the audited unit, this paper analyzes the important factors affecting its daily operation and management, identifies risk points, and gives early warning tips.

Yang Ling
Establishment and Application of Product Structure Data Model for Assembly Process

Product structure data model is the basis of assembly process. It provides a clear understanding of what products are, how they are made and where they come from. The application of this data model helps to ensure that the right product is assembled at the right time in a way that maximizes efficiency and quality. It also makes it easier to trace any problem to its root cause, which can be valuable when trying to solve production or delivery problems. Product structure data model is a structured representation of products and their components. It is used to describe the relationship between parts and their relationship with each other, which is necessary for assembling products. The assembly process involves many steps, such as placing parts in the correct position, connecting them together, etc. these steps can be completed manually or by machine. The product structure data model helps to develop an efficient assembly line because it describes how to assemble different products together using different types of machines and processes.

Shuai Yu
Scientific Significance of Landscape Environmental Art Design Based on the Parametric Design Method

The characteristics of parametric landscape environmental art design mainly include the complexity of the system, multi-objective and dynamic elements. The parametric design method mainly uses digital means to realize the digital control, quantitative analysis and evaluation of the design. For the dynamic elements and system complexity of parametric design, we need to combine multi-objective and multi-level analysis, and use parametric design model to achieve the collaborative design of form and ecology, and realize the overall optimization of landscape environmental art. The process of parametric landscape environment art design includes three stages, namely, association construction, model construction and design. The parametric logic is designed and the model is constructed through practical problems, and the parameters in the model are adjusted to generate the optimal results.

Qi Zhang
Cluster Analysis Audit System of Financial Statements for XBRL

The data of enterprise financial statements with correctness, integrity, legitimacy and fairness have an important impact on the social and economic life of a country. Strengthening the audit of enterprise financial statements is an inevitable requirement for the healthy and orderly development of modern economy. However, in the face of the enterprise financial accounting processing system and electronic data with high electronic level, the traditional manual audit method and audit mode used by auditors in the past can not comprehensively review the massive financial data due to the constraints of audit means, audit time and cost, which poses a severe challenge to the quality and efficiency of the current audit work. Aiming at the development requirements of the popular XBRL Financial statement audit system, this paper studies the XBRL oriented financial statement cluster analysis audit system.

Xiaoman Zhang
Comparison of Two Approximate Algorithms of AHP in Post Evaluation of Water Conservancy Projects

Two approximation algorithms of AHP are: the first approximation is called “fast” algorithm. It approximates the solution of AHP problem by using local search technology, which includes iterating a series of simple operations on each node in the tree. The second approximation is called the “slow” algorithm. It uses a more complex method, which involves solving multiple linear systems at each node in the tree at the same time, and then combining their solutions into the final solutions of all nodes. Comparison is a simple job evaluation method used to determine the relative performance of two or more projects. It involves comparing the costs and benefits of each project and studying their effectiveness in reducing water loss. Compare between two similar projects with the same benefit cost ratio (BCR). This means they have the same amount of benefit per unit cost spent on them. BCR can be calculated by dividing the total revenue by the total cost; If this ratio is greater than 1, it means that the benefits involved outweigh the costs.

Zhang Xiaoyan
Optimal Control Technology of Electric Vehicle Traction System Based on Active Disturbance Rejection Algorithm

What is the research on the optimal control technology of electric vehicle traction system based on active disturbance rejection algorithm? The main objective of the project is to develop a new model for controlling the powertrain and transmission of electric vehicles. The model shall be able to handle various operating conditions, such as different driving modes, changing loads and changing speeds. It should also be able to always provide good performance under any conditions. In order to achieve these goals, we will use advanced mathematical technology, including optimization theory, neural network and fuzzy logic. In addition, we will use Ma simulation real-time control system to design the optimal controller of electric vehicle traction system; Secondly, it will be implemented in real time using Matlab / Simulink and simscape.

Saijun Zhong
Application of Machine Learning Algorithm in Financial Market Risk Prediction

The application of machine learning algorithm in financial market risk prediction is a technology that uses data sets to predict future results. The main goal of this method is to find patterns and trends in the data set that can be used to predict future events. In the financial market, every transaction has the risk of loss. This risk can be quantified by various parameters, such as volatility, correlation, etc. The most important parameter is price change or volatility, which is called volatility or risk premium. Market participants have been looking for ways to predict and profit from these risks. Machine learning algorithm has been used to predict the future price in this field with high accuracy and efficiency. It helps traders find the best trading strategy and help them get the maximum profit from their investment without any loss. Machine learning algorithms are used in the financial industry because they have proven to be accurate and effective tools for predicting past events and future events. This type of analysis is now very popular because it enables us to make better decisions based on historical and statistical data.

Houhong Zhou
Research on the Innovative Path of College Students’ Quality Training and Management in the Era of Big Data and Integrated Media

The integration of media and big data expands the access to students’ information resources and supports students’ Ideological and political education. To further improve the efficiency of Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities, this paper analyzes the practical and theoretical basis of the integration of Ideological and political education and modern media into colleges and universities, and it creates an algorithm. “The innovative way of integrating big data and ideological and political education into colleges and universities, as well as students’ satisfaction with this course, can effectively improve their understanding of the basic principles of socialism and improve the ideological and political level of college students.

Hui Zhu, Yuqian Li
Security Evaluation of Power Communication System Based on SSE-CMM

SSE-CMM is a method to measure the practical ability of safety engineering. Its goal is to develop safety engineering into a set of meaningful, mature and reliable disciplines. In this paper, the system security engineering capability maturity model (sse-cm) is introduced into the research of security evaluation of power communication network, and the model is appropriately tailored according to the actual situation of power communication network, so as to enhance its applicability and operability. The preliminary work of this research is to be familiar with SSE-CMM and relevant standards, formulate safety assessment form and complete other necessary preparations: complete questionnaire survey, fill in assessment form, collect data and evidence in the on-site stage; The later work is to develop the scoring process, generate the evaluation report and analyze the algorithm. The probability distribution table of system failure risk obtained by example analysis reveals the objective inaccuracy in the process of risk prediction.

Hongzhang Xiong, Xiaokun Yang
Power Grid Measurement Asset Information Management System Based on Life Cycle

Electric power is a strategic energy related to the lifeblood of national economic and social development. In recent years, due to the increasing investment in power grid, power grid construction is in the stage of rapid development. In the huge investment in power projects, power equipment assets account for a considerable proportion. At the same time, a large number of power transmission and transformation equipment put into operation in the early stage of the network are aging, the reliability is decreasing year by year, the maintenance is frequent, the maintenance cost is increasing, and the technical transformation is widely carried out. Therefore, starting from the overall goal of the system, this paper plans the whole process of planning and design, procurement and construction, operation and maintenance, technical transformation and scrapping of kaozhong power grid construction, pursues the lowest life cycle cost of equipment and realizes the optimization of the system on the premise of safety and efficiency, which will have a far-reaching impact on the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets.

Yanqin Wang, Fenghua Zhou, Jiahong Wang, Dejia Zeng, Jiahao Gao, Nan An
Construction of Teaching Qualification Evaluation Index System of Private Undergraduate Colleges and Universities Based on DEL-AHP

Since the reform and opening up, with the improvement of the market economic system and the deepening reform of the higher education system, China's higher undergraduate education has achieved leapfrog development, and private undergraduate colleges and universities have also entered a new era of rapid development. Therefore, the government's teaching quality control and evaluation of private undergraduate colleges and universities has become the focus of the public and scholars. Taking 9 private undergraduate colleges and universities in Shaanxi Province as an example, this paper analyzes the development status of private undergraduate colleges and universities, compares and analyzes the existing teaching qualification evaluation system of ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities with the reality of teaching development of private undergraduate colleges and universities from the definition of relevant concepts and theoretical basis of undergraduate teaching qualification evaluation, Summed up the problems of undergraduate teaching qualification evaluation system. Finally, standardize the implementation process of teaching qualification evaluation in private undergraduate colleges and universities, and advocate diversified evaluation mode.

Wenjie Lu
The Innovative System of Physical Training in Physical Education Based on Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm

As a special group of schools, students are the future and hope of the country. The health level of students has a great relationship with the country, nation, family and individuals. Nowadays, the content of physical education in schools is boring, and the practice means and methods still remain in the traditional physical education teaching means and methods. At the same time, the stage of “sensitive period” is not fully utilized when organizing the teaching content, so that students have no interest in physical education, The physical fitness index of students shows a downward trend. In this case, it must attract the attention of most people. Through the review of various literature, we know that there are many factors that lead to the decline of students’ physical quality level, so how to find a means and method to improve students’ physical quality level has attracted the attention of scholars from all walks of life. Therefore, this paper studies the innovative system of physical training in physical education teaching based on fuzzy clustering algorithm.

Chenkun Zhang
Application of Computer Virtual Simulation in Electronic Information Engineering

The classroom teaching of electronic information engineering technology is the base where students have just come into contact with electronic information technology and learn its basic knowledge. Therefore, the classroom teaching quality of electronic information engineering technology has a great impact on students’ learning motivation and learning efficiency of electronic information engineering technology knowledge. Taking the teaching of electronic information engineering technology as the main object, this paper discusses and analyzes the new teaching mode of virtual simulation technology in the teaching of electronic information engineering technology, expounds the importance of virtual simulation technology in the teaching of electronic information engineering technology, and puts forward some main related applications.

Botao Fei
Application of Decision Tree and Bayesian Classification Algorithm in Visual Communication Design

The application of decision tree and Bayesian classification algorithm in visual communication design is to find the best solution or model for a given problem. The decision tree is used to classify the project into one of the predefined classes according to the characteristics of the project. It helps to find out which function has the maximum, minimum or average value among all other functions. The output of this model can be used as the input of Bayesian classifier so that it can provide a good prediction of future values based on past data. The application in visual communication design is the process of using decision tree to help you decide which elements should be included in the design. The decision tree is used to determine whether the user can complete an action (such as clicking an element) without encountering any problems.

Jing Bai
Traffic Congestion Identification and Prediction of Algorithm Collusion Translation Nested Grid Model in the Era of Big Data

This is a research on traffic congestion identification and algorithm collusion prediction in the era of big data. We propose a new traffic congestion prediction model, which considers big data and predicts future traffic congestion by considering the past history and current situation, so as to reduce or eliminate the impact of collusion between algorithms. The model can be used in real-time systems, such as intelligent transportation system, intelligent transportation system and so on.

Qiu Ran
Research on Fault Technology of Electromechanical System Based on EMD Algorithm

The research of electromechanical system fault technology based on EMD algorithm is a new research field in engineering field. In this study, we try to find out how to use EMD algorithm to design electromechanical system and how to analyze the fault condition of the electromechanical system. The main purpose of this research is to develop a design and analysis method of electromechanical system fault condition by using EMD algorithm.

Guangxia Fan, Ying Li
Application of Artificial Intelligence in Post-film Product Placement Advertising

Artificial Intelligence used in Post-Film product placement advertising is different from traditional product placement advertising, it can automatically put advertisements after the completion of video production through artificial intelligence, without affecting the content and perception of the video. It is a subliminal perception technology. Through case analysis, This paper makes a preliminary study on the forms of post-product placement advertising by applying artificial intelligence, and puts forward some forms such as automatic matching of virtual scenes, increase or decrease of props, product placement advertising out of nothing, and intelligent tracking of endorsement stars.

Juan Luo, Jing Zhao
Body Sensation and Materiality During Communicative Interaction in Isolated Field: A Systematic Review

The COVID-19 pandemic has made isolation more and more common, becoming an effective measure to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and has also led scholars to focus on individuals in special situations. How do people use media to communicate with the outside world under the extreme state of isolation? And in this process, what kind of interaction between human body sensation and the materiality of the environment is the focus of this paper. Through the method of literature analysis, the relevant data are sorted out. This paper argues that, materiality is the starting point of all media. Both the existing media use and the virtual digital space have material figures. Body sensation plays an important role in the interaction between man and his field. Interactive and media jointly generate a new media field, and update the existing media use behavior.

Jing Zhao, Juan Luo
Domestic Big Data and Emergency Management Research

Big data is currently changing the world, and data collection and analysis are important means to improve emergency management functions. To study the development trend of emergency management in China based on the big data environment. This study analyzes the annual number of papers and the number of 148 core journal papers related to this topic published on CNKI (China Knowledge Network) from 2013 to 2021. Scientific quantitative analysis of source journals, institutional distribution, author partnerships, and hot keywords. The research results are clustered and analyzed through VOSviewer visualization. At present, the topic is researched around four core themes: 1. Big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence in emergency management technology research; 2. Big data in Public emergencies such as the application research of epidemic prevention health codes in the new crown epidemic; 3. Research on emergency intelligence of big data in public emergencies. 4. Research on big data decision-making in emergency intelligence. Based on the current research status, relevant suggestions are made for the development of big data and emergency management in my country, and more scientific and technological talents should be introduced in the field of emergency management, and emergency management researchers in new liberal arts and new engineering will be cultivated; the field of emergency management under the background of the era of big data Carry out more cross-disciplinary and cross-field cooperation, carry out more disciplinary exchanges and team exchanges; layout a more comprehensive social and government emergency management data analysis network.

Di Wang, Zhichao Xu
Research on the Status Quo of Fintech in China

Financial technology, or digital innovation in finance, is expected to increase access to financial services and promote innovation in financial services for a more inclusive and sustainable future. In the 14th Five-Year Plan, it was pointed out that Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao should be taken as the centers to build an international science and technology innovation center, vigorously develop green financial technology, take advantage of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area's geographical advantages, deepen cooperation between Hong Kong and Macao and the mainland, and provide a strong guarantee for the belt and road initiative. The purpose of this paper is to take Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as the center and explore how it can become the leading edge of China's financial science and technology and deepen the inclusive modern financial system under the advantages of scientific innovation cases, geographical location and business studies.

Zhixuan Xiong, Zhichao Xu, Fengyuan Mai, Hongfen Wei
The Research on COVID-19 and Online Education: Based on Co-occurrence Analysis by Bibliometrics

Under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, how to deal with the epidemic and the challenges and solutions faced by large-scale online education in the global education system is a topic and hot spot the general concern in current education research. Through bibliometrics, this paper provides a literature review from the perspective of online education at home and abroad, analyzes the related literature published at home and abroad from 2019 to 2022, combines the methods of authors’ cooperation network analysis and keyword clustering analysis, and draws a scientific atlas with VOSviewer to comprehensively sort out the current research status in this field. And provide it to researchers. At present, the research in this field can be summarized into six research clustering viewpoints: people-oriented online education, information-based online education, mixed and diversified online education, empowering new ecology of online education, implementation and application of online education, online education and emotion.

Hongfen Wei, Zhichao Xu, Zhihao Gao, Fengyuan Mai
Analysis on Literature Productivity and Hot Topic Evolution of Vocational Education Research in China

In order to more comprehensively and clearly present the near future of the research and development of vocational education in my country. Through the statistical and visual analysis of the vocational education research literature included in the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) database from 1998 to 2022, the characteristics of literature productivity, research hotspots and evolution stages in the field of vocational education research in my country are summarized. The results of the study show that the popularity of vocational education is gradually decreasing. Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions have become the backbone of vocational education research. Vocational education research has gone through three stages: start-innovation-integration. Policies such as supply-side reform and integration of production and education will become the focus of continuous attention in the field of vocational education.

Hangyu Chen, Qingchuan Zhang, Ge You, Fengyuan Mai
Bibliometric Analysis of Chinese and Foreign Public Opinion Under the COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of research related to online public opinion has grown significantly around the world. By analyzing the research hotspots and current situation of Chinese and foreign scholars during the pandemic, it is helpful to scientifically predict the development of news and public opinion scientifically and propose optimization strategies. This paper draws data from relevant literature published in China and other countries from 2020 to 2022 through bibliometrics, combined with time series analysis, co-occurrence analysis, and other methods to deeply explore the evolution of global public opinion hotspots under the pandemic. The result is presented in a map supported by VOSviewer, which allows a direct, horizontal comparison. It is found that there were obvious differences in the research focuses and research methods related to public opinion between China and the international communities in the early stage of the outbreak, while the research topics in the later period seem to have converged.

Fengyuan Mai, Zhichao Xu, Hongfen Wei, Xianglin Gao
Construction of Chinese Healthy Eating Knowledge Graph

With the rapid development of the domestic catering industry, people are gradually concerned about the health problems that come with it. Traditional diet recommendation can help users alleviate the information overload problem, but there are problems such as data sparsity and recommendation results are less accurate. The new auxiliary new type of rich entity semantic association contained in the diet knowledge graph can mitigate the disadvantages of cold start; at same time, the related information in the healthy diet graph is applied to the recommendation system through knowledge representation to recommend suitable dishes for users. This paper will research the design and construction of Chinese dietary knowledge graphs from data sources, knowledge graph data acquisition, knowledge graph data fusion, knowledge graph storage five levels to build a complete knowledge map of Chinese healthy eating, laying a solid foundation for subsequent research.

Zhicong Liu, Long Su, Jun Ye, Longjuan Wang
Model Similarity-Based Defense Scheme Against Backdoor Attacks on Federated Learning

Federated learning is a deep learning model that helps thousands of participants train data without compromising their local data. For example, multiple smartphones can jointly learn and train the predicted value of a word under the keyboard without revealing what the user typed. However, federated learning is still fragile, and due to a large number of participating clients, it is impossible to guarantee that participants will engage in malicious behavior in the training process. Malicious actors will embed backdoors in their data, malicious clients will converge and show good accuracy in their primary task, and in a particular task, the attacker will embed backdoor input in a specific way that the attacker wants. Normally, the parameters sent by the abnormal client are completely different from those sent by the normal client. This paper proposes a new method to filter dishonest participants. The scheme mainly looks for the similarity between each client, identifies benign clients and abnormal clients by looking for the largest cluster, and then ignores the abnormal local model when the global model is updated.

Long Su, Jun Ye, Longjuan Wang
An Improved Lightweight Cryptography Based on One-Time Pad for IoT Devices

In the era of the Internet of Things, collisions between the increasing number of IoT devices and associate security issues become more and more intense. Due to the limited resources, applying standard encryption cryptography on IoT devices is not effective and feasible. This article proposes an improved One-Time Pad encryption scheme to overcome this dilemma. By rearranging the message into matrix form to conveniently introduce the parity check bits generating method in three-dimensional parity check and then combined with the indicator matrix sent by the server instead of the master key, a novel key generating scheme is put forward. And to further reduce the data storage, novel encryption and decryption process are proposed. The indicator matrix generated by the server also increases the security level by controlling the linear transformation of the plaintext while complying with the conditions of a security One-Time-Pad. Compared with another lightweight cryptography utilizing One-Time Pad, this scheme shows better performance on data storage, data transmission, and security level.

Zewen Yang, Jun Ye
School-Enterprise Co-construction Laboratory Scheme Based on AHP-TOPSIS

School-enterprise co-construction of laboratories is a key link in promoting new engineering construction. However, at present, the cooperation is not long-term, and cannot meet the requirements of training new engineering talents. In response to the above problems, we shifted the research perspective from the development strategy to the cooperation preparatory stage and proposed a set of school-enterprise co-construction laboratory schemes based on AHP-TOPSIS. Based on the actual situation, carry out school-enterprise evaluation and provide schools with a scientific and effective selection plan for cooperative enterprises. It provides a set of realistic and effective solutions for school-enterprise assessment and cooperative enterprise selection.

Zhenchen Wang, Zeping Tang, Jiaqi Qi, Jun Ye
Program Source Code Vulnerability Mining Scheme Based on Abstract Syntax Tree

With the continuous growth of the number and scale of computing software, the occurrence rate of vulnerabilities in program source code has also greatly increased, which is not a good phenomenon for the entire computer open source environment, and also makes vulnerability mining an important research direction. Traditional vulnerability mining relies on security researchers to manually analyze programs or find vulnerabilities based on predefined rules, which can't effectively cope with the rapidly increasing amount of software. At present, there are some methods that combine machine learning or deep learning technology for automatic vulnerability mining. However, these methods only detect the program source code at function level or code block level to predict whether a given program has vulnerabilities, which makes the results of vulnerability mining difficult to be explained and utilized, and also leads to low accuracy and high false alarm rate. On the other hand, the current program processing method does not have a particularly perfect processing solution for the program source code, which leads to a large amount of data redundancy and additional computational overhead. For example, treat it as a textual language, or treat it as a graph of program properties extracted by dynamic analysis. In order to solve the many shortcomings of the current work, this scheme proposes a deep learning-based vulnerability mining model scheme to achieve interpretable fine-grained vulnerability mining.

Zhangming Lin, Zhen Guo
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