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Frontiers in Energy

Issue 2/2022

Content (13 Articles)


Renewable synthetic fuel: turning carbon dioxide back into fuel

Zhen Huang, Lei Zhu, Ang Li, Zhan Gao

Review Article

A comprehensive review and analysis of solar forecasting techniques

Pardeep Singla, Manoj Duhan, Sumit Saroha

Review Article

Crop residues: applications of lignocellulosic biomass in the context of a biorefinery

Maria Carolina Andrade, Caio de Oliveira Gorgulho Silva, Leonora Rios de Souza Moreira, Edivaldo Ximenes Ferreira Filho

Research Article

Thermo-economic analysis of a direct supercritical CO2 electric power generation system using geothermal heat

Xingchao Wang, Chunjian Pan, Carlos E. Romero, Zongliang Qiao, Arindam Banerjee, Carlos Rubio-Maya, Lehua Pan

Research Article

Experimental and kinetic study on laminar flame speeds of ammonia/syngas/air at a high temperature and elevated pressure

Geyuan Yin, Chaojun Wang, Meng Zhou, Yajie Zhou, Erjiang Hu, Zuohua Huang

Research Article

An assessment of surrogate fuel using Bayesian multiple kernel learning model in sight of sooting tendency

Lei Zhu, Zhan Gao, Xiaogang Cheng, Fei Ren, Zhen Huang

Research Article

Nanostructure and reactivity of soot from biofuel 2,5-dimethylfuran pyrolysis with CO2 additions

Lijie Zhang, Kaixuan Yang, Rui Zhao, Mingfei Chen, Yaoyao Ying, Dong Liu

Research Article

Accounting greenhouse gas emissions of food consumption between urban and rural residents in China: a whole production perspective

Yanfeng Xu, Yong Geng, Ziyan Gao, Shijiang Xiao, Chenyi Zhang, Mufan Zhuang

Research Article

Modeling, simulation, and prediction of global energy indices: a differential approach

Stephen Ndubuisi Nnamchi, Onyinyechi Adanma Nnamchi, Janice Desire Busingye, Maxwell Azubuike Ijomah, Philip Ikechi Obasi