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Frontiers in Energy

Issue 3/2023

Content (10 Articles)

News & Highlights

Promoting hydrogen industry with high-capacity Mg-based solid-state hydrogen storage materials and systems

Li Ren, Yinghui Li, Xi Lin, Wenjiang Ding, Jianxin Zou

Review Article

A review on technologies with electricity generation potentials using liquified natural gas regasification cold energy

Muhammad Tauseef Nasir, Mirae Kim, Jaehwa Lee, Seungho Kim, Kyung Chun Kim

Review Article

Reduction potential of the energy penalty for CO2 capture in CCS

Yawen Zheng, Lin Gao, Song He, Hongguang Jin

Review Article

China’s policy framework for carbon capture, utilization and storage: Review, analysis, and outlook

Qiao Ma, Shan Wang, Yan Fu, Wenlong Zhou, Mingwei Shi, Xueting Peng, Haodong Lv, Weichen Zhao, Xian Zhang

Research Article

CO2, N2, and CO2/N2 mixed gas injection for enhanced shale gas recovery and CO2 geological storage

Jianfa Wu, Haoran Hu, Cheng Chang, Deliang Zhang, Jian Zhang, Shengxian Zhao, Bo Wang, Qiushi Zhang, Yiming Chen, Fanhua Zeng

Retracted Article

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Distributed energy management for networked microgrids in a three-phase unbalanced distribution network

Guodong Liu, Thomas B. Ollis, Maximiliano F. Ferrari, Aditya Sundararajan, Yang Chen, Mohammed M. Olama, Kevin Tomsovic