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09-11-2018 | Research Article

Construction of yolk–shell Fe3O4@C nanocubes for highly stable and efficient lithium-ion storage

The yolk-shell Fe3O4@C nanocubes were successfully synthesized through carbothermic reduction process from carbon-coated α-Fe2O3 precursor. The results show that the yolk-shell Fe3O4@C nanocubes are uniformly coated with a thin carbon layer, and a …

25-10-2018 | Research Article

Surface characteristics of regenerative Fe-KOH/LSB catalysts for low-temperature catalytic hydrolysis of carbon disulfide and research of the surface regeneration mechanism

In the present study, a series of regeneration conditions and the regeneration mechanism of modified lake sediment biochar (Fe-KOH/LSB) catalysts for low-temperature catalytic hydrolysis of carbon disulfide (CS2) were investigated. The results …

24-10-2018 | Research Article

Electrospun titania fibers by incorporating graphene/Ag hybrids for the improved visible-light photocatalysis

A novel graphene/Ag nanoparticles (NPs) hybrid (prepared by a physical method (PM)) was incorporated into electrospun TiO2 fibers to improve visible-light-driven photocatalytic properties. The experimental study revealed that the graphene/Ag NPs …

13-10-2018 | Research Article

Nitrogen ion irradiation effect on enhancing photocatalytic performance of CdTe/ZnO heterostructures

To deal with the increasingly deteriorating environment problems, more and more harsh requirements are put forward for photocatalysis application. Building semiconductor heterostructures has been proven to be an efficient way to enhance …

19-09-2018 | Research Article

MoS2/CoS2 composites composed of CoS2 octahedrons and MoS2 nano-flowers for supercapacitor electrode materials

In pursuing excellent supercapacitor electrodes, we designed a series of MoS2/CoS2 composites consisting of flower-liked MoS2 and octahedron-shaped CoS2 through a facile one-step hydrothermal method and investigated the electrochemical performance …

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