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Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering

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25-07-2018 | Research Article

An application of game theory in distributed collaborative decision making

In a distributed product realization environment, new paradigms and accompanying software systems are necessary to support the collaborative work of geographically dispersed engineering teams from different disciplines who have different …

19-07-2018 | Review Article Open Access

Recent development on innovation design of reconfigurable mechanisms in China

Reconfigurable mechanisms can deliberately reconfigure themselves by rearranging the connectivity of components to meet the different requirements of tasks. Metamorphic and origami-derived mechanisms are two kinds of typical reconfigurable …

19-07-2018 | Research Article

An exploratory study for predicting component reliability with new load conditions

Reliability is important to design innovation. A new product should be not only innovative, but also reliable. For many existing components used in the new product, their reliability will change because the applied loads are different from the …

12-07-2018 | Research Article

An improved artificial bee colony algorithm with MaxTF heuristic rule for two-sided assembly line balancing problem

Two-sided assembly line is usually used for the assembly of large products such as cars, buses, and trucks. With the development of technical progress, the assembly line needs to be reconfigured and the cycle time of the line should be optimized …

09-07-2018 | Research Article Open Access

Uncertainty propagation analysis by an extended sparse grid technique

In this paper, an uncertainty propagation analysis method is developed based on an extended sparse grid technique and maximum entropy principle, aiming at improving the solving accuracy of the high-order moments and hence the fitting accuracy of …

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Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering is an international peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China. The journal seeks to provide a forum for a broad blend of high-quality academic papers in order to promote rapid communication and exchange between researchers, scientists, and engineers in the field of mechanical engineering. The journal publishes original research articles, review articles and feature articles.

The journal covers all major branches of mechanical engineering including (not limited to): machines and mechanisms, gears and transmissions, mechanical system dynamics, mechanical structures and stress analysis, tribology and surface technology, mechanical design and bionics, machining processes and technologies, manufacturing automation, precision engineering, mechatronics and embedded systems, micro/nano manufacturing and systems, robotics, sensing, MEMS, and green manufacturing.

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