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16-01-2019 | Research Article Open Access

Robust topology optimization of multi-material lattice structures under material and load uncertainties

Enabled by advancements in multi-material additive manufacturing, lightweight lattice structures consisting of networks of periodic unit cells have gained popularity due to their extraordinary performance and wide array of functions. This work …

12-01-2019 | Research Article

Connected morphable components-based multiscale topology optimization

The advances of manufacturing techniques, such as additive manufacturing, have provided unprecedented opportunities for producing multiscale structures with intricate latticed/cellular material microstructures to meet the increasing demands for …

12-01-2019 | Research Article Open Access

A regularization scheme for explicit level-set XFEM topology optimization

Regularization of the level-set (LS) field is a critical part of LS-based topology optimization (TO) approaches. Traditionally this is achieved by advancing the LS field through the solution of a Hamilton-Jacobi equation combined with a …

08-01-2019 | Research Article

Nonlinear dynamics of a wind turbine tower

The recent proliferation of wind turbines has revealed problems in their vulnerability under different site conditions, as evidenced by recent collapses of wind towers after severe actions. Analyses of structures subjected to variable actions can …

21-12-2018 | Research Article

Finite element modeling of counter-roller spinning for large-sized aluminum alloy cylindrical parts

Counter-roller spinning (CRS), where the mandrel is replaced by rollers, is an effective means of manufacturing large-sized, thin-walled, cylindrical parts with more than 2500 mm diameter. CRS is very complex because of multi-axis rotation …

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