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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering

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30-10-2018 | Research Article

The defect-length effect in corrosion detection with magnetic method for bridge cables

Quantitative evaluation of the steel corrosion in cables is significant for the safe operation of cable-supported bridges. The magnetic flux (MF) examination shows great potential to detect the corrosion defect, or loss of metallic cross-sectional …

17-09-2018 | Research Article

Impact analysis of compressor rotor blades of an aircraft engine

Frequent failures due to foreign particle impacts are observed in compressor blades of the interceptor fighter MIG-23 aircraft engines in the Ethiopian air force, supplied by the Dejen Aviation Industry. In this paper, we made an attempt to …

07-09-2018 | Research Article

Determination of shear strength of steel fiber RC beams: application of data-intelligence models

Accurate prediction of shear strength of structural engineering components can yield a magnificent information modeling and predesign process. This paper aims to determine the shear strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete beams using the …

06-09-2018 | Research Article

Predicting the response of continuous RC deep beams under varying levels of differential settlement

This paper investigates the effect of differential support settlement on shear strength and behavior of continuous reinforced concrete (RC) deep beams. A total of twenty three-dimensional nonlinear finite element models were developed taking into …

05-09-2018 | Research Article

The role of geometrical features in the architecturalstructural interaction: Some case studies of the Iranian ancient architecture

This research aims to enhance the interaction between a structure and its architectural form. Having a qualitative approach, the present work discovers some successfully used geometrical features of the Iranian ancient architecture in terms of the …

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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering is an international journal that publishes original research papers, review articles and case studies related to civil and structural engineering. Topics include but are not limited to the latest developments in building and bridge structures, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering, coastal engineering, and transport engineering. Case studies that demonstrate the successful applications of cutting-edge research technologies are welcome. The journal also promotes and publishes interdisciplinary research and applications connecting civil engineering and other disciplines, such as bio-, info-, nano- and social sciences and technology. Manuscripts submitted for publication will be subject to a stringent peer review.

Originally established in 2007 as Frontiers of Architecture and Civil Engineering in China, the journal was renamed Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering in 2011.The journal is supported by the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

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